The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Supposingly the Nationality are vague after the war ?

Now is only the UEG and ACC :slight_smile:


Correct! Most nations have integrated with each other within each empire, holdouts do exist but they are the minority and considered dangerous to state allegiance. If that makes sense.


Just curious. Have you thought about using current Royal Houses from countries in the story?

They may have sworn loyalty to the emperor, as they might expect to remain kings/dukes/princes or whatever, and gain some land after the colonization.

PD: I knew that UK couldn’t resist Chinese tea. That may be the reason of their alliance.


that makes sense, their loyalty might be in question after the second generation operatives turned rouge


I would very much love if the working of the UEG and the ACC governments and military forces is somewhat like the anime “the legend of the galactic heroes”


It’s uh… inspired by it :neutral_face::sweat_smile:
With my own twists and changes of course lol


I thought about it. Couldn’t settle on how to implement it though. :confused:


An idea can be, as you have used a governor in the first planet, a second politician might be name “(name) of the House Léopold, Duke of Brabant‎ and Count of {planet}” or something like that.

Do as you think, I know you will do a great job (looking forward to spreading justice)!


Hey! I watched the anime as well, did you know they made a rerun of it? I also get the feeling that part of you’re game is slightly influenced by Warhemmer 40k, unless I’m mistaken


Warhammer, Starcraft, Star Wars and Star Trek all had some sort of influence in one way or another.


cough cough

Ninja update


I picked liana and this haopened.


When attacking the modified J3 Loader all the options don’t work


Rats, my tests ran fine… alright bug hunting time yay! :sweat_smile::sob:


I think it would be helpful to testers if there was a save system added that way if errors pop up they don’t have to restart from the beginning.


There’s also an error when I decide to go berserk on the rebels that ends the game


Should be fixed, yeah I was planning on adding the save system alongside the friday update. (fixed from my flight yay lol)


Yes pls we would pretty much appriciate it :slight_smile:


Yeah… I know it took me long enough :joy::wink:


@Crow Save system should be working, (did it also from the plane yay lol )

Also this sneaky update is part 1 of 2
The second part will be out Friday