The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Thank you! :smiley: I will go through and correct those mistakes when I can.
Hopefully you enjoyed the reading despite my writing lol


It’s mostly capitalization, contractions and possessives. It seems pretty fine otherwise. Anyway still looking through it.

You can’t help but smile with pride as you pick up the ancient weapon, inscribed with characters whose meaning have been long lost in a pretty gold. The blade has been replaced with a man made metal, but forged using the same techniques from the days of the Samurai. Folding the steel over its self over and over again until the blade is strong and ready to be used. The back of the ship opens, a ramp pulling down. Light floods the compartment. The cool air rushes in. It’s late afternoon here, the sun is just beginning to set behind the large forests that surround the town.

Ahhh yes, glorious nippon steel.



Going to add a little more text and choices to several branches of the talk with Ari or the rival the original variations I believe @Nightgazer pointed out but I thought up some more variation (and going to build on the existing ones) in the middle of the night during a bad dream lol

Oh my nightmares how they are a source of inspiration <3


I’ll take two of those delicious katanas please :heart_eyes:

Nightmares fuel a great many things both good and ill. It is what we do with those demons in our minds that tells if it is truly for our benifit we must suffer through them.


Finished the last of the first drafts for all the flashback sequences. Yay!


Loved the story so far. The MC is a BADASS.


Thank you! If you have any suggestions or things you would like to see don’t hesitate to say!


Wow, nice story. I love it!
By now, my MC is just a crazy assassin who finds its job quite enjoyable and funny.

I just notice when you speak the second time with Ari
“I am not my brother.”
Not sure you can consider yourself as a brother (unless you have double personality) (also, do not know if it works for both genders since it can be “You are not my brother”, or “I am not your brother”).

Looking for more!


It depends on your choice … my MC is the nicest person in the galaxy :wink: Well, Liana request me to play the good guy while she being the bad during interrogation :slight_smile:


I would love to have some more dialogue with the Marines. I imagine a scenario where my operative would be trying to make a joke to put the men at ease but it doing the exact opposite


Update inbound this next Friday!


Emperors royal guard

Royal Imperial Guardsmen are divided in several levels of command

Beginning with the grand overseer at the top it goes down to his three personally chosen overseers who in turn choose four trusted lieutenants each.

Those Lieutenants then choose three capable, trained and trusted former soldiers to serve as the Emperors main guard. Total is forty eight.

Finally an additional one hundred and forty four are recruited from various branches of the military from the best of the best.

In total two hundred and twelve people guard the Inside of the Emperors residence.

After the initial events of the revolt the original guard force was reduced to under half…

No operatives serve as guards.


Could you give us a description of them ?


All in good time. :smirk: muhahaha


I know that comparing them to the custodes is a longshot, but a man can dream…

just look at all that sexiness..



Oh they get their day in the spotlight. Two of my favorite scenes I’ve written involve them.


@spytim wait, so we get to fight them? I don’t see that going well for the MC


As the hopefully more regular updates roll out I hope to provide plenty of more development and insight into the inner workings of the UEG and the ACC governments and military forces


Smiles, cry, and laughs, all in the same breath


Lol yeah…

also the stories background went through several changes.