The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 12/17/2018)



Yeah…if the ship goes down, there is not much an Operative can do :slight_smile:


Setting a goal to release at least the first half of the big update this upcoming friday!
(That goal could change with circumstance)
Operatives! Destroy these traitors, erase their name from the books of history and turns their bones to dust! (or you know. do something else :P)


Won’t there be option for mercy ? :slight_smile:

I mean …you know, secretly place them in a shelter and spread some space dust all over the place to trick Emperor into believing they are all dust now ? :smile:


Yep lol there will be many options


Will there be a option to cuddle them to death?


3 simple choices and one crazy branching choice but every single choice here leads to very different things.


Which option will lead to Liana ? :wink: spoil me now so that i will choose that option in-game :blush:


Also check out the character list in the original post


Nicely done … that make me wondering, should you make a spinoff , telling the story of a Hero/Heroine from ACC ? :wink:


As fun as that would be im not sure when I would ever get to it haha


@Eric_knight Though I do have some characters stored away somewhere that could fill that role… :wink:


Really ??? potential love interest too ? :stuck_out_tongue:
hope Liana doesn’t kill me first :grin:


Bahhh…I have one love interest goal for this story…and she will hopefully not ded…


By the way, i am re-watching the cinematic of Star-Craft … i can see our MC can be similar to Jim Reynor, but i don’t think Liana is Sarah Kerrigan since Liana is pro-emperor … could it be possible that you had plan a love interest similar to Kerrigan ? :thinking: She had to be someone from our past though :slight_smile:


Minor update went out, just fixes a few choices and messes with minor flavortext. Also messed with the main post a bit… Ill let yall figure out what I did <3 :wink:

granted yall can just cheat and use the edit history thing :stuck_out_tongue:


…Ari? Checks all the mark. Anti-emperor and is from our past.


I would think so… Wondering what special power will Ari have now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

and about Liana, i just remember a similarity of her in Star Craft … November Annabella “Nova” Terra :heart_eyes:
and she check the mark too…Nova is a ghost who serve Terran Dominion , who knows ? Perhaps Liana is a ghost who had been put to monitor us as well ? :wink:


Inbound update tonight
A bit late XD


Oh that’s awesome …buddy !!! :grin:

Well… i had been looking for a romance theme for your operative, since i was comparing the characters to those of StarCraff II , i manage to find the youtube dedication to Jim Raynor and Sarah Kerrigan which apply the song Star Sky… personally i think it was very well done, and hopefully we can get those love line in your story too :wink:


Update Owo wow! Need to see and wonder what’s it’s about :yum: