The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 10/31/2021)

At least for me, the save slots are still all broken (the “Error: Bad Slot - Has smPlugin been included?” error), sorry for bringing it up again if you meant you’re still having trouble with it


@WeisseWoelfin thanks for letting me know, I’ll try and get that fixed plus work in a skip feature to let people test newer stuff right away


Is my operator senses tingling again I think they are yay

So for the next upcoming update I have three goals,

1. Introduce the main antagonist of this story.
2. Redo some early parts of the story mostly light brush ups including building up characters like Jacob who I think deserve more attention in my writing. Plus freshen up the description of the story here and the forum as it’s a bit out of date.
2.5 you might find romance routes finally open up in the newest chapter coming.

And finally 3. Fix the dang save system and add a skip to newer parts of the story button!


Hey ,a little late to the party but welcome back :grin: and if I understood correctly. Congratulations on your marriage and getting settled in :tada:.

I am so hyped that you are back 5qbl5h


From my testing the save system seems to finally be working.

Congratz on the marriage, and welcome back❤

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Adding another thing to the next update
I will Be completely reworking Ari’s dialogue and introduction to expand a little on your relationship/history to them, don’t worry it won’t delay the upcoming update at all, merely expand what might be worth taking a look at during your next play through a after.


@spytim I got a quick question is six supposed to be announced as a she during the fight in the past against the two operators? I was just testing out some different paths and it threw me throw me off. :sweat_smile:

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It refers to them as a she?
No that’s a mistake on my part lol
Thanks for letting me know, it’s a small thing but yeah that would throw a lot of readers off

Here’s the section fac14eb04cb2342db8324f672ff729d6

Thanks, if you see any more like that please let me know!
@Hexing I found a couple of errors like that and fixed them. should be gone when next update hits

There was one choice that said “I am not my brother”, which was before you set the gender of your sibling, and that left me quite confused as to whether or not it was referring to the same person.

Yeah that is out of order then. I’ll fix that Thank you!


@spytim it’s good to see you’re still alive, been keeping an eye on this since 2017 and picture my surprise when this popped up on my feed!

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@0ccasionalNewb aww that’s awesome! Sorry it’s taken me so long :3

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Don’t worry about it, at least you haven’t created an amazing world and then abandoned it with NO explanation like some authors. cough, cough the Choice of Rebels author cough, cough.

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@0ccasionalNewb the author for choice of rebels has not abandoned it and is in fact still working on the second game and fairly active from what I’ve seen.


Yes, @0ccasionalNewb if I remember correctly he is still working on it but life is very busy. He is looking forward to his retirement (if I remember correctly) and said he would be ramping up the work then. The book is plotted. But since it is such a big project it will take some time to write. Remember he is most likely writing the equivalent of multiple books with every installment.


Oh, well, sorry then, for all my looking for info on a second book I couldn’t find anything. Thanks for telling me @Isi_Talks, @Valixon.