The Operative: Fires of Revolution (Scifi WIP) (Updated 10/31/2021)

(Thank you Sampl15 for suggesting the names UEG and ACC!)
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Keep in mind this IS a WIP.The link to playtest is down below!


Hundreds of years into the future, Mankind finally found itself among the stars. As much as it would of been nice to say that they began colonizing space as a unified race, that was something that was too good to be true.

The Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies was not something that all the world powers would respect forever. The United States as they were called and their allies established the first space colony on the Moon, and after them followed their rivals, countries such as China and Russia. Soon they too established their own colonies on Mars.

Then the race to claim other planets began, tensions continued to rise between all the nations as space began to dwindle on these colonies. Then the Jump Drive was invented, it came about from a collaboration between scientists from the United States, Germany and Russia.
It opened up the possibility to travel to other solar systems and planets far beyond other conventional ways of travel. Acting quickly, these three nations formed the USSF The United Space Security Front creating the first Warships with these Jump Drives, the first of many. Using these heavily armed and large Battleships the USSF took control of all the other nations
colonies, declaring it was for their own good.

However, British and Chinese soldiers on Earth managed to hijack one of the warships, gathering colonists and Military leaders from these two nations the Warship made a Jump into the unknown regions of space vanishing.
It didnt take long for the USSF to topple the remaining powers on earth bringing it under their complete control, however, they still remembered their rivals that had escaped and prepared in case they ever ran into them again…
It is now the imperial year 123 and the USSF now exists presently as The UEG or United Earth Goverment, ruled over by the current Emperor, Alexander Cartigan. Its domain reaches out across the galaxy, it has terraformed many planets to look more like Earth Jungles, Forests, Deserts and Mountains. Each planet providing various resources for the UEG. Many technological advances were made putting the Empire into a golden age. The UEG remained unopposed until two years after Cartigan’s rule began, Imperial scouts ran into a world already colonized, but not by the UEG…

The British and Chinese Colonists had found themselves a new home, using the Warships supplies and Technology they survived and thrived, turning into their own Galactic power.
They called themselves the ACC, or The Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth. They too had been preparing for years to meet their old enemy, having built enormous fleets, consisting of Destroyers, Battleships, Carriers and support craft. Both sides soon found themselves in the most bloody and devastating war in Mankinds history The Great Terran Civil War. Realizing the great threat the ACC posed to the UEG secretly began a super soldier project.

Utilizing Dark matter and genetic manipulation they managed to create perfect soldiers from Orphans found throughout the UEG, giving them enhanced reflexes, Super Strength and even drastically slowing the ageing process. However, the success rate was extremely low, only 10% of subjects survived the process.

Out of one hundred and Sixty subjects of the “First Generation” only you and fourteen others survived. The rest died.
You didn’t though, you all had only one simple directive. Ensure the Emperor’s will is accomplished, no matter the cost.
Using your abilities, you and your comrades soon found yourselves on the front lines of battle. From commanding great starships among the stars to commanding squads of men on the ground. You all were known simple as Operatives.

Then operation Golden Fields happened, the UEG and Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth both had found themselves in a stalemate, until the ACC began Operation Golden Fields. The operations goal? Crush the UEG’s third fleet circling planet C44 or “Paradise” as it was called by locals, and take over the planets shipyards and fuel processing plants on the planets surface.

Despite the UEG hearing about the attack beforehand the operation began rather successfully, the space battle only lasted four hours before the Earth Goverment’s fleet surrendered and the planetary invasion went smoothly, with most of the ACC’s troops landing without much resistance. However, there were reasons for that.
You and twelve other operatives were already on the planet helping the local Governors forces prepare defenses. When IT happened. Out of the Twelve, only three of you survived. And out of the Billions of people on the planet including ACC and Goverment troops. Only a mere three thousand total survived.

You yourself were wounded on that day, losing your right arm in the process. However, again you survived. You awoke to find two of your fellow operatives had rescued you and through the carnage gotten you to safety. Now you return back to the field for the first time in over a year. But now, there is no war to fight. at least right now.
After the Event following Operation Golden Fields the UEG and ACC signed a peace treaty, still reeling from shock at the loss of both their forces. Now a combined fleet from both sides makes sure nothing enters or leaves “Paradise”… However, since many Lords and Governors now are struggling to keep control of the outlying UEG Systems and planets, its now up to Operatives to help them keep order.
It has taken you a year to fully recover from the incident on planet C-44, your body is fully healed. Your mind however has yet to be seen, you dont remember much from that fateful day, nightmares plague you at night. Seeking clarity you searched all the UEG archives but you are unable to find any reports or documentation of your units actions during or after the battle. For all the Galactic community cares, you were never there…

You are now returned to active duty, not yet broken by fate. As an Operative all actions when in the field are considered sanctioned by the Emperor. You are his enforcer’s. His Peacekeepers.
Though very soon you may find yourselves once again back on the front lines of a Galactic War… Will you be returned to the monster of war you and all Operatives were destined to be? Will you perhaps carve a new path? That is up to you.
Good hunting, Operative.


WIP list and bios

Title: Designate Six

Rank: Specialist

Early Biography: Classified

**Awards:**Imperial Commendation Medal, [Redacted]

Notable actions: Classified

Designate Six (artwork done by the talented @RagingMunkey)

Name: Elia “Rose” Anderson

Rank: Admiral

Current Age: 49
Born: Imperial Year 167

Early Biography: Born on planet C-15 “New Serbia” to two retired captains of the early incarnations of the UEG fleet. Schooled in the art of space warfare and tactics at the best military schools in the UEG she quickly rose through the rank gaining command of her own ship at the age of 28, the light Jay cruiser “Empreza” in Imperial year 195 and soon afterwards got her first taste of full ship to ship combat.

The Saphire star (2) “First battle of Novia Scotia” “Battle of Lancaster”

Hero of Earth (1) “For actions during the Revolt that ensured the safety of our beloved Emperor”

Notable actions:
Imperial year 196 at the “First battle of Nova Scotia” she destroyed two Hail class ACC destroyers using the wreck of a fellow ship to cover her ships damaged sides as she traded fire with the two quick destroyers which were overwhelmed by cannon fire from the Cruiser.

Imperial year 199 at the “Battle of Lancaster” she rammed her ship into the Super Dreadnaught “Oceiana’s” engines crippling it and allowing the UEG fleet to capture it, 95% of her crew were killed and the Empreza was scuttled hours later.

Imperial year 205 recently promoted Rear Admiral Anderson in the newly comissioned Ceasar class Heavy Battleship “Empreza” named after her old ship. Along with four other vessels comprising the rear guard of UEG fleet Three, engaged two fleets at once allowing the Third and First fleets to capture the ACC comerce world of “Jaswolla” only losing one ship the remaining ships were able to withdraw damaging two enemy vessels enough that they had to be scuttled.

Imperial year 210 Vice Admiral Anderson assisted Operatives 001 002 and 0048 with recapturing the hijacked UEG station from Redacted during the Revolt. In the aftermath all station inhabitants were killed and all attackers were executed with permission from UEG high command. She was promoted to Admiral for these actions.

She presently still commands her flagship.

Name: Liana Swarovski

Rank: Not on file

Current Age: 26 Born: Imperial Year 190

Early Biography: Liana was born on C2 to a loving family. She had two older siblings a sister and a brother who both enrolled before her fifth birthday in the UEG Air Corps. Both of them were deployed on many missions during the Great Terran Civil War, her sister earning herself status as an ace towards the later years. Young Liana became enthralled with her siblings stories of the great warriors of UEG Operatives who led them into battle many times.

On Imperial year 205 on the day of her fifteenth birthday she enrolled to C2’s military academy seeking to join the marines. Graduating with full honors on 208 she was greeted by the regretful news that her brother was killed in a refueling accident which destroyed the carrier he was stationed on.

Her first true encounter with an Operative came during the battle for The Cassandra Belt a large set of asteroids turned listening posts had been attacked by an ACC fleet followed by boarding actions on the first post. Landing with her company to assist the defenses Liana and a squad of marines were pinned down for 9 hours in a continuous firefight before being relieved by the arrival of Operative 007

Awards: Imperial Heart of Courage along with several campaign medals.

More biographies to come!

(The MC will travel to various worlds as this “Enforcer” however, you can handle the various situations with very different tactics. Brute force, Diplomacy, trickery or other means. Choose what battle armor you will take into combat. Will you go in as a walking tank? A horrifying monster? Or perhaps a more, stealthy approach… Also you will meet many different characters, some of whom may show back up later on… for better or for worse. (yes romance will be in this story.) How your character feels about the various situations will be up to you as the player and i hope to have many different branches leading to differing situations depending on your choices.)

Playtest link:
(Notice stats are placeholders atm.)

Update Log

Update log
5/3/17 : fixed bug causing game to crash when choosing hair color, split up paragraphs for prologue to make it easier to read.
5/10/17 : Fixed a few mispells and bugs. Also added in part of another route, added a character section to the stat screen. (not finished but its a start haha, please give your opinions on that)
6/22/2017 : Fixed a few bugs, added some more scenes to both big routes and added a new variable which will come into play in the future.
9/1/2017 :Closed off a few paths to polish them and also fix some issues.
10/3/2017: Opened up a couple of new choices early on. Also added the first part of the “Cathedral battle” update. One out of three.
11/20/2017 Two out of three routes done for the “Cathedral battle” updates will be once a week now.
11/21/2017 Had to remove two scenes and edit another.
11/22/2017 Reopenned a couple things… Also redid the stat screen to start leaning towards what i want the finished version to sort of look like. And finally added some changed to choosing your military background, also the choices give a heads up as to what stats you will start higher then others.
12/1/2017: almost completely done with the cathedral battle!
1/13/2018: An interesting scene leading up to the interrogation scenes!
1/15/2018: lightly adjusted the intro scene for Ari to add just a few more details.
3/9/2018: Interrogation scenes mostly done along with some added flavortext.
Current Work: Working on our first introduction to “The Hawk” and his/her rebel forces!


Operative 001

Further reading

The great war between the United Earth Government and the Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth has been raging for eleven years now. You are a captain in the UEG Navy, your duty is to our beloved Emperor, do your duty. (Spinoff title to the Operative) (Note this is just a side project that has not nearly had as much thought put into it as The Operative, so no promises on quality but your thoughts or critiques are still welcomed! <3)
Short playtest:

Discord link Operative HQ


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Politics will likely change in the future, enemies become allies, allies become enemies. Its happened before, so I dont find it too far fetched that alliances would change in the far future. I think my most far fetched thing was North Korea even making it into space XD lol


That is extremely far fetched. Like, far fetched enough that it completely takes me out of the experience.

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Gotcha, lol good point! :slight_smile:

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Hmmm, i might just change the country XD


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Currently you are more or less just an enforcer. However, there are… ways to gain power for yourself. :wink:


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Sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to see where you go from this.

It sounds really cool, I have a few suggestions though. The NC should be called the ACC (Anglo-Chinese Commonwealth). You could call the Empire the UEG (United Earth Government). That’s all for right now. I can’t wait to see the demo!


Wow, good names! I think ill use them if thats alright with you. Thank you! :slight_smile:


No problem, that’s what we’re here for after all. :smile:


Well, it is in the future,why would’nt we?Or maybe something even better! Robotic gun arm anyone? Nah,how would it fire? Maybe the fingers could fire bullets and the palm fire some sort of heavy ordinance.Maybe Mr. spytim would give the option to customize our arm?