The Onryō of Osaka. [WIP] (Act Two fully released 31/1/2024. 136k Words.) [Supernatural Vigilante | Japanese Mythology]

Does the game accommodate pursuing two skills at the same time? After selecting perception as my natural skill at the beginning, I invested fully in ‘targeting’ though still wasn’t able to throw the dagger accurately from behind. Should I have stuck to one skill only?

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I thought about how to answer this for a good while, and it made me realise something about how the mechanics work. While the strength bonus is significant, it is naught but a mere elevated starting point. If you use your rewind power wisely, your weakest starting stat can easily become higher than your strength stat, for example.

In all honesty, success is decided by pure stats. If the stat that is being tested is not higher than the defined number, you will fail. The threshold for failure/success varies depending on chosen difficulty, but the premise is the exact same.

It all comes back to why I made the mechanics for the rewind system work the way it does. I always enjoy failure in stories, despite how weird that may sound, and death is the ultimate failure. But, as you might expect, death is the end in 99% of stories. The dead are dead, and that’s that. Full stop. This is my motivation behind allowing you to experience death but still continue the story. That is why the rewind mechanic works the way it does.

You are not punished for dying, but rewarded. It is incentivised to die repeatedly in each section, because even if you die, the stat that was being tested will increase. I fully encourage abusing the rewind system to boost your stats, as that is the point behind it’s existence.

If you fail, keep dying until you succeed. That is the main mechanic.


Hiya all! So, it is coming up on the year anniversary of me first posting that crappy, bug-ridden demo on this forum, and to mark that, I wanted to write another side story.

But, as usual, I am anxiety ridden and indecisive, so I decided that I’d let all of you choose which character you wanted to see a side story about. The one I’ve already done was about Watanabe, so it will have to be about any other character. This poll has also been posted on the tumblr page, so I will combine results and see what we end up with X

So, which character would you want the next side story to be about?

  • Makoto
  • Kit
  • Ryoji/Ryuko Sasaki
  • Masa Matsuzaki
  • Midori Yasukawa
  • Kokona Karimoto
  • Kaito Busujima
  • Toshiko Busujima
  • Akari Hanabusa
  • Tsukasa Kamiyama
  • Another character, (please tell me)
  • Results
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So, the poll has served it’s purpose at this point, and I think it’s obvious at this point that Kit has won. But since Makoto is in a close second, and the dynamic between those two is one of my favourite things to write, I decided on a buddy-cop esque adventure starring Kit and Makoto.


Ahem. I mean, I hope you are all as hyped to read this as I am to write it <3


So, it took a bit longer than expected, due to some personal issues that I won’t elaborate on because I doubt anyone cares, but I have completed the side story starring Kit and Makoto.

It’s a total 10,000 words featuring our favourite pyromaniac fox and otaku hacker!

Read it here.

The link will also be in the main topic post.

Have a great day! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Dear Author. You just made me happy for the rest of the week. I was not expecting this so soon!


Aww thanks!

It’s enough for me to know that people like it, let alone making their entire week, ehe.

But if anything, i feel like it was a bit delayed. I had a self imposed deadline of march 16th, cause that would’ve marked a year since the first demo went live, and i thought that would’ve been neat. But that was more of a personal deadline that i never announced, so either way, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ok, so someone on Tumblr messaged me with a minor complaint about the side story. They didn’t like the whole numbering system for the Kitsunes, and disliked that none of them had names. I thought I’d put out an explanation.

So, the lore for the Kitsunes in the story is basically identical to actual Japanese mythology. The only thing that I have added is the numbers. (They do have names in actual mythology. One famous example is Tamamo-no-Mae. Fate players will be well familiar with her.)

The reason I did this, is because I liked the idea of players naming Kit themselves, and this was the only real explanation that I could come up with for it. I will admit, that as I began introducing more Kitsunes, and especially while writing the side story, that the system began irking me a bit. Trust me, try writing a story without any names, and it gets dull fast.

But again, I am too deep in at this point, as I want to keep the player being able to name Kit. But, I also wanted to ask what you all thought. So here’s a poll:

What should I do about the Kitsune numbering system?

  • Keep as is. (Player names Kit. Kitsunes have numbers.)
  • Choose a damn name for Kit you lazy author
  • Figure out some other explanation for the player being able to name Kit (if you choose this please tell me any ideas you have cause I genuinely can’t think of any other reason to explain it))
  • Something else/another idea (again, please tell me)
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I’m fine for any of those options honestly

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Just finished my first run last night. Gotta say, ya have quite the unique IF here. I need to pat that fox head more. I like how everything is based on stats, but the stats can simply be abused thanks to what we are and what we can do.

I’m beyond ready for more. Great work!

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Thank you! Glad you’ve enjoyed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Relatable. Don’t think I could ever put in enough, lol

And I’m glad you like the mechanics. In a way, it mirrors real life, which was not intentional when designing but this result was what I was going for. You are bound by these stats, but you can also abuse them to your heart’s content thanks to your new abilities.

Again, thank you!


Hi, I just finished the game a little while ago. Here are the stats you asked for, great story by the way.

Deaths: 1

Targeting: 11

Dexterity: 12

Strength: 32

Persuasion: 8

Agility: 11

Perception: 15


Hiya fellow death enthusiasts!

Leila no that sounds weird do it again

Hiya guys!

Dropping in for a random update with two questions.

First, I had been considering adding the side stories into the main game, in a way that they can be read at any time once you unlock them at a certain point. Likely from the stats menu. I do this because there is a specific line of dialog in the Makoto and Kit side story that I am really proud of and want to show off.

Secondly, I’m about halfway through writing the first part of Act 3, so I wanted to ask; would you prefer me to stick to the schedule I have maintained up til now, that is release 3 big updates per Act. Or would you prefer me to wait until the entire Act is complete, as in, the first part, the rewind section, and the part afterwards. I honestly don’t mind either approach so I wanted to know what you all thought.

polls below.

Should I add the side stories to the stats screen?
  • Yes
  • No
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What update schedule would you prefer?
  • 3 updates per Act (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  • 1 update per Act (All 3 parts at once)
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That’s all, have a great day!


I will now be able to work on this more frequently.

Ah, freedom.

I am now finished with university, and I will live blissfully in ignorance until the results come back, ehe. If you weren’t aware, I have not been able to work on this much for the past few months due to exams.

But as I now plan to take the next year off, only working part-time, I have a lot more time for writing. I will expect there will be a lot more frequent updates from me over the course of the next year.

But as for now, as I’ve just finished the exams, I’m going to spend the day sleeping. X


i love the concept so much