The Onryō of Osaka. [WIP] (Act Two fully released 31/1/2024. 136k Words.) [Supernatural Vigilante | Japanese Mythology]

The premise is interesting, and I love the characters. Rewind as a mechanic with plot reason is cool too.

May I suggest adding a way to bypass the random door/cubicle or turn it into a puzzle players can solve? It’s frustrating to check stall doors one by one without clue and die because of that.

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In reference to the lockpick section in act one, I was thinking of changing that anyway. In real life, lockpicking isn’t random, so I was thinking of trying to make a “truer?” lockpicking minigame, although I’m not sure how I’d go about that in choicescript. I may end up just making it a dexterity check.

As for the cubicle doors, that I will not change. The player is literally told which stall it is in by Ryoji/Ryuko seconds before he/she knocks you out. It is up to you to remember it. If that seems evil, good, it is meant to be :smiling_imp:


Those that don’t pay attention will meet the consequences of theyr actions!


Neat thing you have going on here :open_mouth:

Stats by the end of the concert:

Deaths: 15
Targeting: 19
Dexterity: 13
Strength: 32
Persuasion: 20
Agility: 14
Perception: 34

I sorta just rammed into the strength check repeatedly until I passed; I was running a Perception-based build, with Persuasion as a dump stat, and as previously mentioned, the knife was bugged. I’m not missing anything, am I?


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed!

I realise that having what is supposed to be a stealth mission end in a mandatory combat-based stat check is not what I should have done. So in the coming days, I shall add more options for the final “showdown” with Tanaka.

And… OMG THE KNIFE IS STILL BUGGED? :sob: This knife variable will be the death of me, I swear…


Hiya all! Just dropping in for a status update.

I have spent an embarrassingly long time setting up a proper Tumblr page for the game, because I was politely informed that Tumblr was not intended to be used as “yet another social media account.” So, that can be found here:
New Tumblr Page!
(This is also going to be in the main topic post.)

In other news,

Here's some fox pics:

In actual news about the IF, I have been working on crushing all those damn bugs, though the disappearing knife continues to elude me, but I shall get it eventually. More choices will also be added to the concert section, in order to improve the balancing of the stats.

That is all, have a good day!


Nice, that kind of balance is always a plus. The game has grown so much since the first time I played, great job!


Good afternoon, the knife seems to disappear if you die, in the rewind loop you pick it up do things then after the meeting (keeping it vague) only option available is strangle (ofcourse I keep failing this as going for persuasion and agility/dexterity.)



I swear I’ve “fixed” this bug like 20 times already. I am already too aware of this bug, but thank you for informing me it is still occurring.




At this point just make it canon you lose the knife if you die.


Since I was asked, here you go :slight_smile:

Deaths: 1

Targeting: 30

Dexterity: 12

Strength: 15

Persuasion: 10

Agility: 11

Perception: 22


Stumbled upon this by pure chance, but found it unexpectedly enjoyable. Looking forward to the next update.

As requested, here are my ending stats:

Deaths: 8

Targeting: 23

Dexterity: 21

Strength: 32

Persuasion: 21

Agility: 21

Perception: 23

Note that my stats are all somewhat inflated as I deliberately avoided finishing the train until I got all my stats up to 15+ so I could act out my Japanese John Wick fantasy.

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I’m glad you enjoyed!

I actually do encourage going through each rewind section multiple times, if only to experience all the possible paths before deciding on your final choices, but your reason is just as valid XD

But now you leave me curious what difficulty you were playing on… :thinking:


Went ahead and chose easy for this playthrough, though I am looking forward to trying the other difficulties when I get the time.

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That is all.

Although I should probably give context for this edit: realised I forgot to include the secret RO in the RO list, so I added them.

While I’m at it, here’s a slightly extended profile for the secret RO to build hype and get you thinking.

Secret RO - Red String:

“You’re the war that I wage,”
“You’re the love that I hate.”
“Can you change me”
“From the monster you’ve made me?”
Starset - “Monster”

The red string has to connect to someone. Not a soulmate, per say. More like a soul sibling. Your “twin soul”. They are in important figure in the story of your life, as you are in theirs. The two of you may not reach the end of the line without each other. But if life was already written into stone, that would be rather cruel. While you must encounter this person, your relationship with them is still up to you.

Red String is a potential Yandere for the Onryō. They start out hating the MC, but with certain choices, this can become a sort of twisted hate-love situation. That is all the info I will give out for now. It’s a secret RO, so obviously I can’t reveal their identity. I will say, however that they are a character that has already been met in the demo.

That is all, have a good day!


A great song by an awesome band!


Hi everyone!

I am happy to announce the addition of Act Two: Part three. This involves the immediate aftermath of the concert infiltration, and also introduces Midori Yasukawa, bringing the RO roster to completion. (Except the secret RO, but again, they have already been met.)


  • A reworking of the lockpick section in Act One
  • Embarrass Kit in front of his/her father.
  • Watch from the sidelines or step in as Midori wraps Makoto around her little finger.
  • Attend a feast cooked by Watanabe!
  • The first real flirting options in the game.

If I might add, this is the first real flirting or otherwise romantic options with the RO’s that I have done. Any feedback on these parts especially would be greatly appreciated, as I am a lot less confidence in writing the romance than other parts. Thank you!

Have a great day!


Sorry, maybe it just me, but I pretty much didn’t feel anything. Flirting… It just doesn’t even seem like it to me. Maybe only Midori with her teasing resembles it, idk.

I am not an expert or anything, just wanted to tell what’s on my mind. It’s not helpful, I know. :disappointed:


Don’t apologise, I want brutalist criticisms like that.

I was trying to go for like, each RO has their own like “romance style”, where Midori is very fast paced, while Masa, Sasaki, and Makoto are more reserved in romance. And of course Kit just has no clue what is going on.

I do definitely need to refine it more, because it is becoming clear I have much to learn in writing the romances.