The Onryō of Osaka. [WIP] (Act Two fully released 31/1/2024. 136k Words.) Poll in post 181

Hahahahaha…that was new save btw because the old save didnt work and nope there no guys talking about difficulty choose after we die even if i was is easy mode i probally already survive the “go around it” choice in 1 attempt but this is not after 3 attempt it still failed

I’m so sorry, but I haven’t been able to replicate the issue on my end. I tried with 2 characters, one with Agility as a strength, and the other with it as a weakness. Both died at the “go around choice”, and both also got the scene to choose your difficulty.

Only thing I can suggest is that you completely restart from the beginning, and to not load any old saves, because one or two small patches I’ve done may have broken them. Sorry once more.

Sigh yeah that fine thank for the answer…
Quess that it huh

An anime inspired story? nice. Author pls give me harem ending thx

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Harem ending hmmmm :thinking:

When I first read your comment, I thought, “no, not even gonna consider it.”

But as I kept thinking about it, I began seriously considering it. But still, no. A harem is not something I wish to write into the story. Although this did get me thinking about poly routes. Masa and Ryoji/Ryuko would be an interesting pair, for example.

I shall think more on it.


What kind of anime story don’t have a harem Ending bruh. Just get me a harem where we get all the girls and I’m happy.

I’ll take a poly ending, as long as I can get my all the girls or as many of them as possible haha

Good luck on the story.

What are your influences on this story? Rezero?


I will confess I have never watched Re: Zero. But with the amount of people who keep telling me how similar it is, I think It should be something I put on my to-do list. Plus, it looks very good, and I think I’d enjoy it, based on the basic premise I read.

The actual inspirations lie in my interest in Japanese mythology, and complex mechanics, which led to my conceiving of the rewind power. Which upon posting, I discovered that it is an already popular anime power. It kind of felt like when you have a great idea, but you discover that someone has already invented that.

As for why the story is about the Yakuza though…

Three words:

Research Rabbit Hole.


Will there be headpatting and handholding?


For Kit, definitely.

For Makoto, I feel like he/she would enjoy it, but it would be one of those repressed things that they would never admit to.

For the other 3 RO’s, probably not. Although I think Midori would do it on you if you let her :wink:.


I love the concept,being able to come back to continue were you left off.Kinda feels like a time loop doing a murder investigation.I don’t know much about the culture your game is taken from ,but many animations I watched and got me interested taught my mind there is no limit to Japanese folklore and related.So I think you are gonna create something exciting with this.
I would love to play your demo when I got the chance .:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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There really is no limit to Japanese folklore. You could read one tale every day for your whole life, and by the time you were 80, you’d still have only scratched the surface. That’s why it’s so interesting to me, and hopefully others.

Thank you for the vote of confidence, and I hope you enjoy :3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


quick question, did you make your artworks by tracing? seems obvious but i don’t want to assume

Valid question, dw.

Quick answer, Kinda?

Longer answer.

When I first started drawing digitally about a year ago, I admit I traced outlines, but only for the rough outline. Since then, I can now draw it all myself, but I’ve retained an annoying habit where if a line is even a slight bit wonky, then I have to do it again. To mitigate this, on photoshop, which is the program I draw with, I turn the brush smoothing up to 100%, which gives the outlines that clean look, which I assume is why you thought they were traced.

Admittedly, though, my art pieces for this game are what they are. The only one I’m really proud of is Kit. Since then, though, I’ve gotten a bit better, so I’ll attach two more recent unrelated drawings of mine on the off chance that anyone cares.



I really like your art and would like to see more!

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I would love to share more, but I can’t really post it all here, this forum is for IF after all, not art.

I have considered making other pages, but I don’t want to have to make anyone pay for it, hence why I haven’t made a patreon, kofi, etc…

Would anyone want a discord server, or a Tumblr page? Or anything else? I’m open to suggestions. :blush:

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Tumblr sounds great to me personally.

You can post all sorts of stuff there, including your art. Which I would love to see more of!


Tumblr it is then, I shall set one up today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll be sure to follow👍🏻

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Ok, so after an embarrassing amount of time figuring out how to make a tumblr page, it is finally up. (Which i shall also put in the topic post.)

On the bright side, during the process, i discovered that the Japanese keyboard comes with premade emoticons!

( ^-^)ノ∠※。.:*:・'°☆
(  ̄ー ̄)ノ

I love these :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hiya all, peoples of the internet!


I am pleased to announce the release of Act 2: part one!


  • Meet Masa and Ryoji/Ryuko for the first time! Or be reuinited…

  • Have breakfast with Makoto And Watanabe.

  • Befriend an arsonist.

  • Finally get that promised train rant (ノ-_-)ノ~┻━┻

  • Get tickets to a concert.

  • And finally, be confused at Makoto’s antics, but that’s not anything new, is it?

I hope you all enjoy, and any feedback is appreciated!

As always, have a great day!