The Onryō of Osaka. [WIP] (Act 1 - Part 1 released, 16865 words.)

Stats :))

Guns: 5

Blades: 12

Unarmed: 11

Persuasion: 11

Agility: 20

Perception: 12

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Cant play some error in https.

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i think it’s a high quality game, but im not sure about some japanese words peppered in between. common expressions and nouns can be just translated to english. it’s just something i would do.

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I’ll second the notion that Kage should probably just call you “Rei”. That said, I actually like how Kaito and Izanami use “-kun” and “-chan” for MC; it makes those two come across as condescending, assuming you mean that for them.

Might I also suggest you use Wiktionary for when you want to check the validity of Japanese translations? It’s not exhaustive, and (being a dictionary) you can’t look up full sentences, but it’s pretty good about usage notes and such to make whatever words/phrases you use sound reasonable.


If you wanted to write longer sentences or multiple sentences, I would also suggest you either ask a Japanese speaking person in the forums or use deepL translate. Google translate is just not that good.

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I just start the game and I find the default surname options kinda weird.

Like, Two of the surname is in (Kazuki) Hiragana or (Narimoto) a mix of Hiragana and Kanji, while most (if not all) surname in Japanese is in Kanji.

On Narimoto , maybe you are looking for 成本?

For Kazuki(can be written as 和樹、一輝 or others in Kanji)it is even more weird since it is a given name instead of surname/family name.

It is honestly not a big deal, just a bit jarring.

Edit: I saw someone mention the female name is more like edge code name, I gonna agree with that , plus adding that neither Hakai(Destruction), Kaidan(Stair) or Kagesuki (literally Love Shadow, really?) is a Male NAME

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@Reinaldo_Pimentel, what is the error you are encountering?

And for everyone else, i would just like to say that I am working with someone who lives in Japan to create a full rewrite, to make the game more believable to be taking place in Japan, so I ask you all to excersice patience. Although I may release a quick update to the names, since that seems to be the main issue right now.


It says: Undefined array key “HTTPS” in: /hid/gamehead.php on line 14.

I refreshed the page on my smartphone and now it show the text but the warning is still there.

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That one seems to be an issue with itself, rather than the game. Moody isn’t at its most stable right now, so maybe forward the issue to Dashingon?

I was going to play the demo, but before I do I must ask: What is an Onryo? I’m not familar with Japanese mythology. All I know is that yokais are supposed to be various Japanese monsters from mythologies? :sweat_smile:

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There is a link to the Wikipedia page in an earlier post, but the general idea of an Onryō is:

An Onryō is a form of Yurei, or spirit/ghost from Yomi, the land of the dead. Specifically, an Onryō is the spirit of someone who died with a great grudge, or a thirst for revenge, and the spirit will use many means to torment or otherwise kill those they felt they had a grudge against.

But the Wikipedia page will explain it better than i ever could.

Edit: heres the link.


Hook, line, and sinker! image


Interesting concept. Can’t imagine them having much fun facing an immortal spirit tho!:joy:

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Hi everyone!

After several days, I have completed the rewrite that aimed to make the game more accurate to Japan. I spent around half an hour trying to come up with a funny name for the update, but couldn’t settle on one, so I’ll just tell you all of them and let you decide which you like best.

A few update names.

The Japanification update.

The De-Localization update.

“Beware weebs! We accurate” update.

But anyway, the update contains:

An improved selection of names for the MC to choose, other than a custom one.

Fixed the ways people, expecially Kage, referred to the MC in certain situations.

Improved the backstory options.

Backstory 1, murdered family: slightly rewrote the scene so that the MC witnesses it from inside of a cupboard, rather than sitting in the centre of your parents being murdered.

Backstory 2, Ex-Yakuza: Did a half rewrite. The first half was barely changed, but an entirely new scene was added for the second half.

Backstory 3, Ex-Police: Barely changed anything, except changing the location that the meeting takes place.

A full rewrite of the scene in Yomi was done, and a new character, which gave me nightmares while writing, was added, Hasuke.

Also, I’m very proud of that poem that Izanami-No-Mikoto says to the MC, please at least one person say it’s nice :pleading_face:

That’s all for the patch notes, (that I can remember). Big thanks to the two people who helped me out with this rewrite, who I won’t name unless they say they would like to be named. Have a great day!


I haven’t read the update yet, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you putting in the effort and finding help to make this game more accurate to Japan.
Those things would probably not be noticed if the reader is not that knowledgeable about Japanese culture and customs and language, but for those of us that are, it can be kinda immersion breaking.
So I just wanted to thank you and everyone who contributed :grin: