The Onryō of Osaka. [WIP] (Act 1 - Part 1 released, 16865 words.)

Hiya everyone! I’ve begun working on my new WIP, The Onryō of Osaka.

You play as a vigilante in Japan, working to get revenge on your sworn enemy - The Busujima Family Yakuza group. Along with your guy-in-the-chair, Kage, you complete many missions to bring them down. One day, on your most ambitious mission yet, you are killed.

But death is only the beginning…

In Yomi, the land of the dead, Izanami-No-Mikoto feels sympathy for you, and sends you back to the world of the living as an Onryō, a spirit with one purpose, Vengeance.

Now, as an Onryō with the power of rewinding time every time you die, to the last point you woke up, the fight to take down the Busujima Family has truly begun!

The game will be split into several “Acts”, and each act will have three different parts. I will update the demo everytime a new part is available.

Currently available:
Act 1 part 1

Current word count:


Makoto - Codename: Kage


Kage has been your trusted guy-in-the chair ever since you began your quest for vengeance. Though they have a tendency to tell bad jokes, they can be trusted to be relied on for support during missions. The two of you have never met in person, but one day, a mission requires you to meet, and you are surprised to meet a 19-year old kid living in the attic of an Izakaya.

Makoto has two personalities. One, behind the screen as Kage, they are more outgoing and have a tendency to tell morbid jokes. While in person, as Makoto, they are more shy and reserved, the jokes still sometimes slip through though.

Messenger #27361 - Codename: Kit

(Gender flippable)

Kit is a Kitsune, a messenger of Inari Omikami. You met them one day at a Shinto Shrine, and they decided they liked you enough to follow you. In Japanese Folklore, Kitsunes can take human form, and Kit does just that. The MC eventually gets tired of referring to them by a number, (definitely not because they cannot remember it), and gives them a name. (You get to name your own LI!)

Having joined a society they know nothing about, Kit spends much of their time being confused. They have a tendency to act like a child running around an amusement park, (which attracts unwanted attention in downtown Osaka), and Makoto constantly teases them.

Ryoji/Ryuko Sasaki - Codename: Temae


Ryoji/Ryuko is a member of the Busujima Family, who is your informant. Generally indifferent to most things. Can they be trusted not to rat you out to the patriarch?

One might mistake them for being coldhearted, but behind the mask of a ruthless Yakuza member, lies a person whose heart is full of compassion.

Masa Matsuzaki - Codename: Jiji


Masa is a detective working for the Osaka police department who assists you with your not so legal methods. He believes in justice above all else, even if it means bending the law.

He has no concept of ‘jokes’, and often takes the stupid things Makoto says seriously. (Do not ask him about the Takoyaki incident.) It seems as though he lives only to work, and he often has to be physically dragged into the break room to rest.

Midori Yasukawa - Codename: Hoshi


Midori is a J-pop idol who runs away from her producers, and latches herself onto your group, saying she’s “bored”, after you interuppt a Yakuza meeting that just so happened to be taking place under a stage which she was performing a live concert on. Makoto is a big fan of hers.

With a bright and bubbly personality, Midori surprises everyone when she turns out to also be extremely sadistic. Enjoying the various missions you take her on with concerning levels of Joy.

Non-Romanceable Characters

Shakunetsu Busujima:


The patriarch of the Busujima Yakuza Family, and your ultimate target.

Hayumi Busujima:


Shakunetsu’s wife, and the mother of his 4 children. (Now deceased, may she rest in peace.)

Kaito Busujima:


The eldest son of Shakunetsu, and first in line to become the Patriarch when Shakunetsu dies or is otherwise ousted from power. This was apparently the subject of many debates between him, and his twin sister Toshiko. But the matter was supposedly settled behind closed doors, and Toshiko agreed to be second in line. He is “generally well liked and respected by even the toughest Yakuza members”. His charisma and natural leadership abilities have secured him a position of power within the family, despite his relatively “weak structure”, which he makes up for by always surrounding himself with, at minimum, 10 or more trusted bodyguards.

Toshiko Busujima:


Eldest daughter of Shakunetsu, and second in line to become patriarch when Shakunetsu dies or is otherwise ousted from power. This was apparently the subject of many debates between her, and her twin brother Kaito. But the matter was supposedly settled behind closed doors, and Toshiko agreed to be second in line. She is regarded as the family’s chief enforcer, and the family’s enemies shake in their boots when she is approaching. She has supposedly never lost a fight, but she does not seem to enjoy it, instead opting to spend much of her time alone, with her head in a book.

Akari Hanabusa:

The youngest of the Busjima Family’s 4 lieutenants. Akari is the Busujima’s “Entertainment director”, and spends much of her time managing the family’s illegal establishements, such as casinos, brothels, nightclubs, etc. She is notoriously bad with money, and spends anything she gets her hands on, almost immediately, on various “upgrades” to the various establishements she runs (Do not ask about the elephant incident). There are rumours that she uses her body as a bribe, and this method has supposedly brought the Osaka Police Chief onto the Busujima’s payroll.

Tsukasa Kamiyama:


Eldest of the Busujima Family’s 4 lieutenants, and a close friend of Shakunetsu. A notorious man of few words, Tsukasa is highly regarded as the most intelligent in the Family, acting under his principle of brains over brawn. Tsukasa is the Busujima family’s “chief economist”, and spends much of his time counting money, and allocating budget for Akari to spend as she pleases. He is not, however, afraid to get his hands dirty, and Kaito often brings him along as a hitman, freeing Kaito up to monolouge (something which Kaito is very fond of).

N700S model Shinkansen:


N700S Series Shinkansen - Wikipedia

I am working on this alongside my other WIP, Forgotten Mirrors.

Temporary link to demo: Temporary Link, I will be creating a new demo buld once is more stable.

Any feedback or bug reports or grammar issues or anything is appreciated! Have a great day!


15/03/2023 - Released Act 1 - Part 1

16/03/2023 - Released a patch that fixed an issue causing Kage to repeatedly send you away from carriage seven, even if you had a weapon. I also fixed a few grammar issues.

16/03/2023 -Released a second patch that fixed more ‘looping issues’. Fixed more grammar issues. Added case files for the 4 Busujima siblings to the stats menu.

17/03/2023 - Released an update which improved the available given names and family names availble to be chosen for your MC. Also made many other quick improvements like, fixing how Kage refers to the MC, and ensuring that the Kamisama are always referred to respectfully.

20/03/2023 - Released the first major update! Check post #54 for more details.


Oh hey another japanese culture story!, i am pretty sure this is gonna be awesome!


Premise and everything is already interesting as hell, also kitsune RO is always a win.


Why do you think I have this profile pic? :smile:


If that’s what Kit looks like, then my RO is decided.


Interesting. Is this fantasy? I see kitsune but am unsure.

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It is set in modern day, with inspiration from Japanese mythology and Folklore.

Kitsune’s are actually a large part of Japanese Mythology, and many historical figures were believed to actually be Kitsune.


What a hook! :rofl: The opening passage has me in tears!


Sounds interesting

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The weeb in me is demanding more even though I’m trying to practice patience as a human being


This is s~super hard to code then?
Godspeed, the best things in W.I.P. s are the hardest to code.
I LOVE what you did making a modern genre and Japan’s folklore.

Will there be a Thousand demon parade?

This is exciting!!!


Currently I am experiencing an issue that when I get the weapon it doesn’t register so I can’t continue the demo. Also the man who got knocked out in the smoking area is magically fine. Other wise I like the writing so far :+1:t2:


@ArtemisFowl The story will be grounded in reality for the first few parts, (for the most part, as this sure as hell isn’t realistic.) But in parts near the end, I have plans to ramp up the supernatural influence, so there’s no telling what might happen.

@Lucas_Gendron Which weapon did you choose? And what route did you take to complete the smoking area?


Yaaaas, I can’t wait for more. I adore the whole back from the dead and on a vengeance trope!! The Kitsune RO has also grabbed my attention.


Mmm yeah, I’m experiencing the same issue with the weapons. I’ve clicked on every weapon and Kage keeps sending me back whenever I go to carriage 7.


Oooooh, I’ve realised the issue. I actually had only set the game to recognise you as having the weapon if you went down the fake smoke path. :upside_down_face:

I’ll release a patch immediately.


Okay, I believe the issue is fixed now. I ran a quick test myself and it seems to be working.


I picked unarmed and got the brass knuckles but the choice to use them was unavailable

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That issue is fixed now! You can now punch the guards at first class to your hearts content!

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Got a question. Do you want feedback on accuracy? Such as trains use of electronic fare purchase here? Or specifically on that train, you can’t even go through the gates without proof of ticket, let alone get on the train. Nor would someone approach you for something like that. I’ve got some notes, but I do not want to waste anyone’s time if they are not needed/wanted.