The Only Heir of Arton [WIP]

Centuries ago, the groups of people united by kinship and descent have created their clans. Every clan has different beliefs and leaders. Some of them are peaceful while the others believe the war is the only way solve matters.

Your clan, Arton used to be one of the peaceful clans. Your people always believed the peace is the only solution. Unfortunately, some clans took advantage of it and attacked your home. They killed every member of your family, and burnt your villages. You were only six years old when they attacked. Fortunately, your father’s old friend, Lord Alan saved you. He took you with him to Roselake where his clan is situated on. You’ve became one of the strongest warriors of the clan of Anteron.

The people of Anteran were in peace until everything took a dark turn. The clans of East attacked Roselake, killed so many people and took the others as prisoners. You’re one of those prisoners.

Your real journey starts after you escape from their prison.

  • You can play as good person or evil person.
  • You can choose your gender and sexuality.
  • You can unite all the clans of west under your control if you make right decisions.
  • You can try to save the people of Anteran or betray them.
  • You can marry a Lord/Lady for alliance.


Lord Alan of Anteran - He’s the one who saved you from the battle of Arton. He’s a strong leader. He loves you as much as he loves his children.
Lady Donella of Anteran - She’s the wife of Lord Alan. She’s very gentle and kind person.
Rhona of Anteran (RO) - She’s the first-born child of Lord Alan and Lady Donella. Your relationship with her is not so good.
Oliver of Anteran (RO) - He’s the second-born child of Lord Alan and Lady Donella. Your relationship with him is very good. Unlike his sister, he has always been kind to you.
Aila of Anteran - She’s the third-born child of Lord Alan and Lady Donella. Your relationship with her is complicated.
Aaron of Anteran - He’s the fourth-born child of Lord Alan and Lady Donella. He’s the youngest member of the family.
Jocelyn (RO) - She’s a mysterious young woman who is found in forest injured.


I’m sorry if the summary is confusing :smiley: The game is mostly about romance, wars, politics etc…There are different people with different powers and beliefs in the game. New ROs will be added as you know them better.

Thanks for paying attention.


Can you Incorporate the choice of names and gender in story and give some options for names for people who want to play right away rather than typing anything

When the lady donella said I am very good in swords the was a shock for me and it felt as if I am playing this game with someone else’s body

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I mentioned that you will be play as strong warrior.


  • Tha’st enough for today.” You tell her.

Is that Intentional? If not it’s either That or That’s

  • Just like this father, Oliver’s very kind and gentle man.


This interesting so far, so there going to be attack at king absence?

Thank you for fixing my typos :slight_smile:

And yes.

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I see, will look forward of how this will goes :slightly_smiling_face:

How will you be dictating what is good vs evil? Can we be a relatively peaceful member but maliciously conniving? Yknow, instead of the ol brute evil warrior and all.~ :smiling_imp:

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MC’s evil if they betray the others and be on the enemy’s side, break people’s hearts, kill innocent people etc.

But a bit of prologue would be good.

Oh, sorry I forgot to mention that in the game. My bad.


Can’t wait for more!

This sounds awesome I’m definitely killing Rhona she annoying

This looks interesting so far, but one thing that I would suggest for the basic information such as gender and name is to either make it flow into the story or to do it before the story begins. As it is, it feels weird. You could fit it in with the line beforehand such as “Others found themselves jealous of the… gender choice who survived the battle. ‘Hey, you know that little -insert gender-… name choice?’ you heard someone whisper behind you” or something along those lines. I think it would help the flow.


I said it in second post :expressionless: but I am glad we share same thoughts :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I just wanted to also suggest a way to fit it in well, incase the author was stuck.

As for other stuff, I also found a oddly worded passage that I’d recommend changing.

Lord Alan has never let you to have dinner with the warrior. He always sees you as a family. That’s why you eat together with them.

I’d change it to "Lord Alan does not allow you to dine with the warriors. He has always seen you as family. That’s why you eat with the whatever you call the family, I’m not sure if “royal family” would be the correct term.


Nice demo, Im looking forward to see how this progresses.

I’m going to betray the family and kill them hi Augustine haha



This looks interesting so far.

I haven’t played the demo yet but do we have to be the strongest warrior can we be a mage instead ??? A Archer perhaps just asking :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face: