The One Chosen (WIP; updated 9/5/2022)

Physical: 20
Mental: 12
Social: 42
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 58
Mundane: 58
Lawful: 63

Ædmund: 81
Charles: 60
Dahlia: 62
Helena: 67
Kevin: 58
Max: 63
Teri: 67
Xiulan: 62
Dating Ædmund.
Artie: 56
Professor Karline: 64
Ædmund chaos stat: 8
Extra stat: 56

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Lyra Raines:
Physical: 26
Mental: 14
Social: 34
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 56
Mundane: 37
Lawful: 57

Ædmund: 69
Charles: 62
Dahlia: 68
Helena: 62
Kevin: 64
Max: 62
Teri: 63
Xiulan: 67
Dating Ædmund.
Artie: 62
Professor Karline: 65
Ædmund chaos stat: 5
Extra stat: 60

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I hope you have been well and are not working too hard/ stressed out ParrotWatcher. ( I still love coming back to this Interactive Fiction.)

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Thanks. I’m currently still trying to fund my visual novel on Kickstarter, although it’s not going very well right now (so if you like the sound of gay British schoolboys in a Lovecraftian horror setting, please check it out). Otherwise, I am still working on The One Chosen; I’m quite active on Tumblr, too, mainly answering questions about the characters, so you can look there for more character information.


Shirzax Aaronson:
Physical: 52
Mental: 22
Social: 0
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 46
Mundane: 65
Lawful: 34

Ædmund: 66
Charles: 64
Dahlia: 64
Helena: 66
Kevin: 69
Max: 60
Teri: 62
Xiulan: 60
Dating Charles.
Artie: 57
Professor Karline: 49
Ædmund chaos stat: 6
Extra stat: 52

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So every RO is in political marriage, but we can still romance them right?

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They’re not in political marriages? :confused: If you mean the poly options, that just means that you can date two of them at the same time (in those specific pairings).

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Damn, i didn’t know what poly exactly is, sorry. But would like to know why they’re okay with poly relationship before playing.

I don’t really know how to answer that… :sweat_smile: They just are? But it’s not something that would come up unless you actively pursued a poly relationship with the characters in question.


I’ve just uploaded the full next chapter of The One Chosen to Patreon. The new version contains 295,000 words, with an average playthrough length of over 132,000 words, and will be available on the forum on the fifteenth of August. If you can, please consider supporting me here. Thanks!


Ner Wanless:
Physical: 64
Mental: 4
Social: 6
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 57
Mundane: 27
Lawful: 52

Ædmund: 75
Charlie: 83
Dahlia: 61
Helena: 65
Kevin: 71
Max: 64
Teri: 66
Xiulan: 66
Dating Charlie.
Artie: 63
Professor Karline: 67
Ædmund chaos stat: 9
Extra stat: 67


im genuinely in shambles after that ending

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Sorry… :sweat_smile: If it’s any consolation, the next update will be out on the 15th, but you can see it early on my Patreon if you can’t wait. Thanks!