The One Chosen (WIP; updated 9/5/2022)

Verity Valendeer:
Physical: 0
Mental: 18
Social: 56
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 48
Mundane: 59
Lawful: 55

Ædmund: 69
Charlie: 78
Dahlia: 61
Helena: 67
Kevin: 62
Max: 62
Teri: 64
Xiulan: 63
Dating Charlie.
Artie: 53
Professor Karline: 65
Ædmund chaos stat: 9
Extra stat: 58

I was NOT expecting that ending. Was the dog a demon in disguise?


As you requested:
Hikaru Arcadia:
Physical: 8
Mental: 54
Social: 12
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 52
Mundane: 47
Lawful: 59

Ædmund: 61
Charlie: 62
Dahlia: 71
Helena: 66
Kevin: 64
Max: 64
Teri: 60
Xiulan: 78
Dating Xiulan and Dahlia.
Artie: 60
Professor Karline: 62
Ædmund chaos stat: 3
Extra stat: 63
Great game :+1::+1:

So MC foster father was manipulated by his dog ( aka the demon) at the beginning of the game and is his dog the same as the one made Dahlia blind ???


Physical: 26
Mental: 30
Social: 18
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 54
Mundane: 42
Lawful: 65

Ædmund: 65
Charlie: 81
Dahlia: 62
Helena: 69
Kevin: 62
Max: 66
Teri: 58
Xiulan: 66
Dating Charlie.
Artie: 62
Professor Karline: 66
Ædmund chaos stat: 4
Extra stat: 62

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That still doesn’t make it any better for mc. All they known was pain all their life back then. The real question is why was demon even there to begin with since the mc is a normal person


Mc bacground is dubious it isnt clear who their parent is and old codger is no less mysterious…
They can be anyone or anything at this point


But the MC isn’t a normal person, the MC is apparently a person of free will in a world of predetermination.

Exactly the kind of thing a Demon Lord looking to kick over the metaphorical chessboard of prophecy would be interested in.


And that we did…fortunately that has at least saved Eddie, for now, who was apparently fated to make a heroic sacrifice that would have saved the chosen one otherwise.


Im kind of hoping he can avoid it. But something bad will happen like it did in the past when he refused to do it

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The thing is the mc is a non magical being so they really shouldn’t be there at all. The teacher even gave us a magical object to help us as it became more obvious


So what?

Normal people don’t have the power to break predeterminism.

Our classmates magical might as well be card tricks in comparison to breaking fate itself.


Just wanted to mention some user said that karakan meant dog in spanish or smth and the author said he didnt know that but he was gonna use this information in the story so maybe it was karakan himself or him making the mc see an illusion and even maybe the dog was like a vessel i think it was just an illusion by karakan


It would be a nice touch to the main villain. ( Not Charlie’s father). The mc origins needs lots of questions answered especially about the mcs parents. Are we ever gonna meet them

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All due respect I don’t think they are that important, it may even detract from the premise as in the mc being a creature of free will, for good or ill, in what was supposed to be a predetermined world of prophecy, destiny and “divine” bloodlines.
Though being able to overturn the chessboard of prophecy and “destiny” in the big picture has thus far done the mc little good when it comes to their own “small picture” personal power and development…considering the mc’s memories just got erased and we are now a criminal with the record to prove such in the real world. And in my experience criminal records are a bitch to get rid of, even if you can later get any original verdicts overturned.

Would be nice if that were up to mc themselves…mine has got zero desire to do so, except maybe to punch them in the face if at least one of them turns out to be a rich asshole…otherwise no desire at all. Even if on the other hand they gave up the mc because they were like desperately poor and homeless drug addicts themselves my mc may understand that one better intellectually but he’d still have zero desire to actually meet them.

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Oh my foolish dear dear boy! The answer has already shown up!

Somehow, Karakan returned and his first order of action was getting giggity with someone before he was banished to G̶a̶r̶y̶,̶ ̶I̶n̶d̶i̶a̶n̶a̶ Hell, during that period you were borned and your mother wasn’t present when you were conceived

The end.

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Physical: 10
Mental: 26
Social: 38
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 49
Mundane: 59
Lawful: 41

Ædmund: 67
Charles: 63
Dahlia: 61
Helena: 62
Kevin: 64
Max: 63
Teri: 68
Xiulan: 62
Dating Ædmund and Helena.
Artie: 60
Professor Karline: 52
Ædmund chaos stat: 8
Extra stat: 45

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Hey all; I recently started a Discord server, if you want to discuss the game (or my others) anywhere else. Feel free to check it out, if you want to. Thanks!


That’s Cara can which means dog face in Spanish

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Oh hey, if you like ParrotWatcher’s writing, you might be interested in checking out his new Kickstarter for his other project, Lovecraft Academy :smile: This is a Visual Novel, also set at a boarding school, with a mix of gay romance and creepy eldritch stuff—and the same style of humor you’ll recognize from The One Chosen!

Also, yeah, “cara” is Spanish for “face” and “can” is one word for “dog” (related to canine :smile:). It was a coincidence originally, but the match was certainly fun to use :grin:


i there a way to get an ending where your not being kicked out?

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Thanks for the mention, @TSSL. And yes, please check it out if it sounds interesting.

There is no way to prevent being kicked out, no, but this is still a work in progress, and I am currently writing the next chapter. This is “to be continued”, not “the end”.