The One Chosen (WIP; updated 9/5/2022)

Dude can’t even count the number of kids he has, so it’s no wonder he’s always overcompensating for something.


The duke would insist that he is, in fact, the only person who does count. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’ll see when the mc remembers everything and hopefully has an epic comeback.


I really hope you’ll provide an option to flay him alive for his pettiness. I want to be a petty vengeful bastard too. Or a simple option of killing him with no remorse Totem Force allowed the use of “excessive force”



I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I would have to veto anything as graphic as flaying… :sweat_smile:


Ramsay Bolton is that you?

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Who knows maybe we were the chosen one after all to kick his butt. Besides no one gave us a straight answer when the question was raised. Maybe our power was sleeping all along. That’s probably the case since we did trigger a reaction from the gate when we were tested


Maybe the real power was the friends we made along the way

But for real i don’t think it wouldn’t be suprising if you could “pass” the chosen one title to someone else, you can say that Charlie is actually the Chosen One sometimes and you can even call yourself Charles now and then


Actually I think this is going the opposite direction.

A chosen of fate. A chosen of destiny.

Fate and destiny are usually used as synonyms nowadays, the words didn’t really mean the same thing.

Fate is predetermined and one has no choice in the matter.

Destiny? Destiny is also predetermined but one has a hand in it, destiny is shaped by one’s own choices.

The MC isn’t so much chosen as choosing.

Quotes from the game-

“Destiny? Whatever. You’re going to live life how you choose.”

“Who are you?”" …The chosen one." “If you say so.”

“But for someone of your power level to shake them? You would have had to be very determined to pull that off.”

“I am whoever I choose to be.”

In short, I think the MC is the wildcard in the deck.


I like all this rampant speculation. :smile:

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True since even the villains said we wasn’t supposed to even be there. Yet we somehow survived the attacks with no power. Now I hope I can prove my friend’s demise isn’t inevitable.

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Well I thought with a pure intelligence build we could get first place in the magic science fair, but alas that did not happen.

Is the artificial portable location unbeatable or did I just do badly at the “guess what the author wants us to choose” game?

Anyway, as requested-
Adam Greene:
Physical: 0
Mental: 74
Social: 0
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 58
Mundane: 39
Lawful: 52

Ædmund: 63
Charlie: 60
Dahlia: 67
Helena: 66
Kevin: 63
Max: 64
Teri: 63
Xiulan: 75
Dating Xiulan and Dahlia.
Artie: 60
Professor Karline: 66
Ædmund chaos stat: 5
Extra stat: 60

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I should note that I will never force you to “guess the right answer” for something plot-critical… but if it’s just for an achievement and bragging rights (like this is :sweat_smile:), I don’t see the issue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Best Science Fair automaton...

That said, there’s no single way to win. You have to balance both the science and the appearance to win, and a lot of the options do depend on your stats. If you have high int, the best options are the fractal arms, along with the pretty body and clay (which you should be using automatically) will get you the win, even before you get to the display. If you have low int, you can still win with high cha if you have the pincers and the literature review (and you visited the automata factory on Atlantis), but there currently isn’t any way to win with low int and cha. I might end up making it possible to win no matter what your stats are in a later update, though.


Well I hope I could accidentally set fire on Duke’s house.

Marilyneth Winterwind:
Physical: 8
Mental: 14
Social: 52
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 62
Mundane: 41
Lawful: 30

Ædmund: 65
Charlie: 55
Dahlia: 65
Helena: 64
Kevin: 58
Max: 45
Teri: 65
Xiulan: 65
Dating Ædmund.
Artie: 58
Professor Karline: 47
Ædmund chaos stat: 11
Extra stat: 58


I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT with all my hearth, ty for working so hard and bring us this story!! PS I will waiting patiently until I can burn not only the duke state, but himself :slight_smile:

Please report these values to the writer:
Asher Guerra:
Physical: 2
Mental: 50
Social: 22
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 54
Mundane: 44
Lawful: 47

Ædmund: 61
Charlie: 81
Dahlia: 64
Helena: 65
Kevin: 76
Max: 63
Teri: 69
Xiulan: 67
Dating Charlie and Kevin.
Artie: 57
Professor Karline: 67
Ædmund chaos stat: 7
Extra stat: 63

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THIS IS A BUG. PLEASE REPORT THIS TO THE AUTHOR: “24524: Too many subjects! Number = 4.”. (I got this bug when i loaded my save it asked me for a 4th subject when i already had 3 then it said this and reset the courses i took)

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Eric Luck:
Physical: 2
Mental: 70
Social: 2
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 58
Mundane: 38
Lawful: 65

Ædmund: 59
Charlie: 61
Dahlia: 62
Helena: 66
Kevin: 67
Max: 68
Teri: 70
Xiulan: 64
Dating Max and Teri.
Artie: 62
Professor Karline: 69
Ædmund chaos stat: 4
Extra stat: 65

Great game, can’t wait to get a continuation of this. And that ending? :ok_hand:. Amazing, wouldnt have seen it coming in my wildest dreams.


Forgot to mention here earlier, but last week I uploaded the first scene of the next chapter to Patreon. If you want to support me, please consider checking it out. Thanks!


Such a tease adding new chapter but I’ll have to wait play it different time since I can’t play that version. I’ll just keep playing the different routes before it in the open beta


Please report these values to the writer:
Physical: 4
Mental: 44
Social: 26
Total: 74 (New save.)

Hopeful: 52
Mundane: 44
Lawful: 45

Ædmund: 70
Charlie: 64
Dahlia: 59
Helena: 63
Kevin: 67
Max: 76
Teri: 71
Xiulan: 65
Dating Max and Teri.
Artie: 58
Professor Karline: 66
Ædmund chaos stat: 9
Extra stat: 56

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