The One Chosen (WIP; updated 4/9/2021)

Yeah the cloud blend fine :ok_hand:

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Unfortunately it’s not blending in that they’d care about; it’s the lack of vegetation… :sweat_smile:

Well, that was the only non-royalty-free image I used, as it was from Google Street View… :sweat_smile: (Which is in part why it’s so much higher than eye-level…)

But then that would obscure the background… :sweat_smile:


Physical: 18
Mental: 32
Social: 12
Total: 62 (New save.)

Hopeful: 60
Mundane: 48
Lawful: 52

Ædmund: 65
Charlie: 56
Dahlia: 67
Helena: 63
Kevin: 63
Max: 63
Teri: 66
Xiulan: 67
Artie: 60
Professor Karline: 65
Ædmund bonus stat: 2

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