The One Chosen (WIP; updated 4/2/2021)

Ok that was good. What a twist. I can’t say much without spoilers but that update was epic especially towards the end. I can’t wait to see what happens next


Strength: 22
Intelligence: 34
Charisma: 2
Total: 58 (New save.)

Hopeful: 37
Mundane: 53
Heroic: 46
Lawful: 30

Ædmund: 46
Charlie: 50
Dahlia: 62
Helena: 64
Kevin: 63
Max: 53
Teri: 65
Xiulan: 61
Artie: 50
Professor Karline: 41
Ædmund bonus stat: 1

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Please report these values to the writer:
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 40
Charisma: 16
Total: 58 (New save.)

Hopeful: 54
Mundane: 40
Heroic: 52
Lawful: 66

Ædmund: 72
Charlie: 52
Dahlia: 52
Helena: 60
Kevin: 58
Max: 56
Teri: 62
Xiulan: 56
Artie: 54
Professor Karline: 65
Ædmund bonus stat: 3
As asked for.

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So I played the game again, at a decent hour this time, and I gotta say I like how its written. Its very easy to read and follow along. Not to complicated, though I figure that won’t last the more we learn magic wise…and oh boy the magic!!! I like the different branches and how they’ve been separated. Its very creative.

My only problem is how sad the mc’s life has been. An unwanted child that doesn’t really have anything but past trauma. Of course how bitter/accepting they are depends on the player but it makes me wonder. I have a theory about what they could be but :woman_shrugging:

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Also what happens if you choose to leave? Do they just wipe your n my emory and leave you on the streets to die?

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I’m almost afraid to pick that option. So I’m not sure but that guy hates your guts and u out of picture


You can’t. Even if you choose to leave, the mc will claim to want to stay against their own internal wishes. It’s like something hijacks them.

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Yeah, I was trying to go for the Roald Dahl style over-the-top bad backstory, but I think I made it too real… :sweat_smile:

Yeah; I was stuck between letting the player leave (and thus get an early game over) or forcing people to choose the way that made the story work… :sweat_smile: So I opted for mind control as the third option. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I love it. It adds an extra layer of mystery to what’s going on. And with the other mind control that’s seen in the book, it fits with the narrative. Not like a deus ex machina.


I’m one who used to like the harshness elements, only I never thought Roald Dahl but homeless foster/street kid with a touch of realism. I liked that actually and for an actually homeless/foster/street kid who has been in the “system” all of their lives the mc was still a relatively mild example.
Even if you have toned it down since I am keeping the original background as headcanon, including my mc’s smoking vice, which neatly explains why he almost always carries a lighter around.

Although, I suppose, he is just about a good enough mage to do without the lighter, but he’d still keep it out of force of habit. :sweat_smile:

As long as we get to do something about it sometime it can work.
And now I suspect Alder, all the mind-control scenes only really happen after Alder, so are we Alder/the Elves mole in the magical community now? :worried:


Strength: 16
Intelligence: 46
Charisma: 2
Total: 64 (Old save.)
ERROR: stat mismatch in Chapter 16.

Hopeful: 55
Mundane: 40
Heroic: 50
Lawful: 63

Ædmund: 66
Charlie: 38
Dahlia: 52
Helena: 56
Kevin: 52
Max: 63
Teri: 54
Xiulan: 58
Artie: 52
Professor Karline: 62
Ædmund bonus stat: 2


Strength: 14
Intelligence: 34
Charisma: 10
Total: 58 (New save.)

Hopeful: 50
Mundane: 47
Heroic: 54
Lawful: 55

Ædmund: 67
Charles: 46
Dahlia: 52
Helena: 56
Kevin: 56
Max: 66
Teri: 58
Xiulan: 56
Artie: 52
Professor Karline: 58
Ædmund bonus stat: 1

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