The One Chosen (WIP; updated 20/4/2021)

Please report these values to the writer:
Alex Clarke:
Strength: 44
Intelligence: 2
Charisma: 16
Total: 62 (New save.)

Hopeful: 67
Mundane: 41
Lawful: 60

Ædmund: 64
Charles: 64
Dahlia: 61
Helena: 77
Kevin: 65
Max: 57
Teri: 63
Xiulan: 65
Artie: 60
Professor Karline: 66
Ædmund bonus stat: 3

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so I was kinda surprised at Helena’s answer to my question about going out, she said they were “too young right now” but like… young for what, holding hands and going to the park? lol she also says she’d like to date, but not go in a date? I hope it doesn’t mean mc said something suggestive, because I really just wanted mc to go eat some ice-cream.


i came back to this topic late and owo… a possible mysterious new person who could answer our questions? count me in! i am very interested. would love to ask all the questions mentioned above to someone who knew the answers jfdjkgfjkgf


I have another one for ya. Eh hem. Who set us free at the beginning and why? While we technically escaped on our own somebody opened the shed door and I’d like to know who and why.


WoW, just wow, this is a good question.

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Well, assuming somebody did let you out (maybe the door just opened on its own? :innocent:)… but that question is really not one that the person you’ll be talking to would be able to answer.


Will it be answered in the game? :thinking: (I mean, at some other point.)


Yes, but quite a bit later.


Ooh, another thing. I know that I’ve been putting off having actual first dates with the characters for a while, and I kinda still want to keep doing that. From a plot perspective, I’ve just had one big, slow, hang-out-with-characters chapter (and the chapter I’m writing will have a bit of that too, with Aedmund’s birthday), and I feel that that could drag a bit too much (and also I’m a bit burned out on writing stuff like that… :sweat_smile:) Plus I would prefer to have a big date scene rather later in the story, and I don’t want to have two big date scenes, as they would end up being too similar.

On the other hand, I know people want to have official first dates with their ROs, and it certainly makes sense that now would be a good time to have them… :sweat_smile: So, I guess my question is: would people be all right with the first date being probably not more than a couple of paragraphs, with no real choices, or should I find some convoluted reason to keep putting it off until I can write about it in more detail? Note that both will get a big date scene later in the plot, but in the former it will be one of many dates, and in the latter it will be the first date even though you might have been together for several years by that point. :sweat_smile: I’m definitely favouring the former, but I want to hear what people think.

(I guess there’s technically a third option: sticking slightly longer date scenes into the Atlantis chapter, as if that wasn’t long enough already. That would get you more date scene, but I’d probably put off actually writing it for a while… :sweat_smile:)


I would actually go for the “some convoluted reason to keep putting it off”, but make an in-universe running gag of it.
Like, every time MC and their RO plan a date or even TRY planning one, something happens and they have to put it off :rofl:
At that point, the other characters would probably find that funny and everyone would rejoice once they finally manage to go on that coveted date!

I didn’t have time to play Atlantis yet, so I can’t say anything about that “third option”.


My anger is immeasurable, I got a new phone so I had to restart all of my games and make a new saves. Now I decided to this game again, I finally got to the valentine part of the game, buy I exited the game a bit to check something a when I came back, instead of loading my save I accidentally deleted it

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You could just have some off screen dates and have the characters mention it here and there. That way you stay in your comfort zone of one big date scene and you don’t piss off those who want to actually have a date with their ROs.

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While that sounds like it would be even less work for me, I think it would probably work less well than just having short date scenes (the option I’m favouring). :thinking:

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oooh I would love the whole soul seperated at birth thing. It could be so cool. Might explain a lot. because there is no way we aren’t both the chosen


Loving your wip so far. Really glad about not being a genuine chosen one, because desties suck.

The characters are all really fun. X is my favorite, tho teri is close, tho the duke is growing on me, like a demonic infection.

I’m kind of annoyed that it’s easy to build up my intelligence, but my character isn’t using any logic magic despite having a high score.

Musical magic needs more Cowbell!

Between it being two in the morning and not enough time to come to a decision, I can’t quite decide on dates, but I feel like an MC who confessed his attraction and started seeing a character romantically should have a paragraph where the stare during the beach day, get caught, and teased for it later by Teri.

Keep up the good work, and have a nice day.


A question I’d have is “What use does the Dark Lord have for the Chosen One? And as a follow up, how can I save Artie from that happening?”

That dream implied that the Dark Lord doesn’t see the Chosen One as an opponent, but an opportunity, a prize. “I was promised a Chosen One! Not a nobody.”

As does the traitorous cabal in school being Artie’s “friends.”

The Dark Lord doesn’t seem to want the Chosen One dead, but on his side. I assume that is about more than trying to subvert the prophecy.

But even if it is only about subverting the prophecy, knowing how they are trying to subvert the prophecy would be good to know.


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Yeah, I had originally been going to have a stat for each type of magic, but that got complicated too fast, so I cut it down to only three. Consequently, high-int characters can use Logical and Verbal magic… and in most fights that’s just been the latter. There will be good uses for Logical magic later on, though.

Well, I could certainly add a few lines like that if people are interested. :sweat_smile:

Hmm… :thinking: I’m not entirely sure whether this would make sense to somebody who didn’t know your dream… :sweat_smile: I guess maybe it could be reworded as “Could the Dark Lord subvert the prophecies and use the Chosen One for his own ends?”