The One Chosen (WIP; updated 20/4/2021)

Not sure if this question has already been answered as there’s a lot of text to scroll through but is the option to side with the demon lord possible?

Also why did he not return my valentines day letter! So rude, I’m over here flirting up a storm with the all powerful Demon Lord and he doesn’t even give me a letter! I will be throughly crushed if when he comes back I can’t romance him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Romance wise I’m just not feeling it with the characters. None of them really click for me.
As of this moment I’m playing an evil character who really doesn’t want to be there and has decided to foil the plan to prevent the rise of the demon lord in anyway he can. For now this is my playstyle once I’ve finished the route I’ll probably play through it again to see other routes but I quite like the way the game plays when I’m a bit hostile and wicked. Especially because it seems the most normal after we’ve been kidnapped, forced to attend a magic school, put in harms way to do the prophecies, and had to in some cases submit to a truth probe because you’re damn right I lied about what I did or didn’t do.
Character wise:
Charles/charlie seems fun but I wouldn’t date him.
Max is too shy for me, if I were playing a good way I’d see him as more of a brotherly figure than romance.
X is in the game, can’t say anything other than that cause I avoid them like the plague.
Helena seems alright but I prefer not really interacting if I can.
T is annoying for me, too narcissistic for me too.
I don’t care for Ae, more of a bearing a grudge kinda thing.
D I also can’t say anything about as I haven’t bothered with them much.
Artie is just a straight up can’t wait for him to fail, hate his guts because I enjoy his suffering.
I have no idea who the professor is but the duchess is alright.
And the elf. Alder? Adler? I’m intrigued by him. Not gonna lie. Second to the Demon Lord for my affections however.
And the Duke… I admire a man as cunning as that one. Third to my affections of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


In all my route, I usually end up romancing Helena. Still say I want to at some point be able to wheel necromancy, though I always enjoy stuff like that anyway. Especially if it doesn’t involve manipulating unwilling souls.


I’m not entirely sure how to answer this… :sweat_smile: Partly because I don’t want to spoil stuff, and partly because I’m not really even sure myself… I will say that there will definitely be more “evil” endings, and more “anti-magic” ones, but… well, there definitely won’t be any Demon Lord romance, that’s for sure. :kissing_heart::imp:

He really hasn’t done anything to you… :sweat_smile:

Necromancy is certainly something that I’m considering, although I probably won’t base an entire route around it. :thinking:


Please report these values to the writer:
Strength: 2
Intelligence: 2
Charisma: 54
Total: 58 (New save.)

Hopeful: 67
Mundane: 37
Heroic: 58
Lawful: 62

Ædmund: 61
Charlie: 56
Dahlia: 57
Helena: 62
Kevin: 56
Max: 52
Teri: 64
Xiulan: 78
Artie: 54
Professor Karline: 63
Ædmund bonus stat: 1
The beta said i should report this.

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Will we be able to go rouge like taking revenge on aethergard and the duchess etc etc by killing them


While there will definitely chances to get some form of revenge on certain individuals (not saying who, though), there will not be a dedicated revenge route, no.


Please report these values to the writer:
Strength: 14
Intelligence: 30
Charisma: 14
Total: 58 (New save.)

Hopeful: 65
Mundane: 36
Heroic: 56
Lawful: 64

Ædmund: 58
Charlie: 62
Dahlia: 64
Helena: 65
Kevin: 58
Max: 58
Teri: 63
Xiulan: 71
Artie: 54
Professor Karline: 64
Ædmund bonus stat: 2

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Oooh. Looking forward to seeing how this ends then.
Shame about the no romance for the demon lord though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Guess I’ll just have to settle for the elf or the guy who hates my guts. Not that I mind hehehehe. :kissing_heart:

Look he has Ae in his name and I remember someone at some point in the story with Ae in their name wronged me in some way. I bear grudges to all Ae’s equally. :laughing:


shudder that’s damn creepy…

That’s Ædmund’s sibling, they mind controls you to bring you into the magic world if you resisted … Your grudges are like Kin Punishment :smirk_cat::smile_cat::joy_cat:

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I am getting a little worried by how many people (well, two, but that’s still more than I’d like) are getting confused between the two of them… :sweat_smile:

Right… I think it’s cause after Ædmund’ sibling’s character haven’t ever mention and has no appearance after they left.

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Well, they haven’t really had cause to… :sweat_smile: Aethelgard’s not at or employed by your school, and since they resigned as the Duchess’s grosvenor, they’ve had no reason to interact with you specifically… :thinking: I guess it is almost Aedmund’s birthday; maybe they could show up for the party… :thinking:

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Yesss please?!
I adore them actually, and I’d love to see more of them!


That would freshen up everyone’s memories ‘bout Æthelgard, Ædmund’ sibling.

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I know the Ae’s are siblings which is what this is about. It’s all part of the plan of revenge.

I’m building a fake relationship with the only one I can reach so when time comes I can rip both their hearts out at once.
After all revenge is a dish best served cold. And revenge they don’t see coming? Even better.

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Aww…Eddie is too cute for that. :hugs:
My mc is just content with being a positive influence on Eddie. :smiling_imp:

Aethel is a bit of bastard to be sure…but then so is my mc and at least for the moment he isn’t sleeping under a bridge any longer.


Hey, just had a shower thought in the middle of the night.

Can the MC become a villain?! I mean, THE FALLEN HERO

Sorry for that straight-forward and ridiculous question :rofl:

Since the MC has a lot of problems ( have been shunned by magic-society because they aren’t the chosen one anymore ) and a tragic backstory, I wish this could lead to the villainous path.
Especially if the villainous stat is high (my villainous stat is high because I chose to burn my foster-father’s house :rofl:)

Imagine the irony, once who stated as a hero turned as a dark lord :rofl:

But, I don’t mind if there wouldn’t be a villainous path, this is just a crazy thought I got from nowhere.


Goddamn it, you’re mad-lad! There is no way anything could be crazier than this.

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I mean I’ve asked on other threads about romancing a “bad guy” a few times, my favourite currently is the guy who murdered my parents in cold blood and forced me and my sister into exile. Gotta love a man with a plan.

So taking into account all of my posts about romancing the big bad evils in stories or my rivals, a demon lord is just another notch in the bedpost so to speak. Hehehehe. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I didn’t reply to this for a while because I wasn’t entirely sure how to… :sweat_smile: I will say that there will be no way to hurt Aedmund in order to gain revenge against Aethelgard. (Admittedly, there will almost certainly be ways to hurt Aedmund just in general – just as there would be with any other character – and you can headcanon that it’s for revenge against Aethelgard, if you want.)

To be honest, I haven’t got more than vague ideas for “villain” routes… :sweat_smile: and most of those are more self-serving than outright evil…

I do like the idea… especially since a Dark Lord probably wouldn’t be much worse than the magical world’s current system of government… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m actually considering cutting that stat; I really haven’t used it that much at all. :sweat_smile:

I’ll just be clear: There will never be a Mr Birton romance. :unamused:

The actual, literal demons? :thinking: Eh, I just can’t see it ending well… :sweat_smile: