The One Chosen (WIP; updated 16/2/2023)

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Morgan Raines:
Physical: 22
Mental: 26
Social: 32
Total: 80 (New save.)

Hopeful: 50
Mundane: 43
Lawful: 54

Ædmund: 69
Charlie: 63
Dahlia: 63
Helena: 67
Kevin: 63
Max: 68
Teri: 61
Xiulan: 63
Artie: 58
Professor Karline: 53
Ædmund chaos stat: 2
Extra stat: 62
Won: Yes.
Inherited: Yes.

I had a lot of fun playing this, even if I am a no good stinky earth mage I hate them so much! Any reason why earths are so looked down upon? :cry:

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Mainly because Earth is associated with more menial jobs, and the setting is pretty classist… :sweat_smile:

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Menial jobs like being a sexy rockstar? :confused: Of course my mc takes Eddie as being representative for Earths. :wink:

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Nah, that’s Water. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Maybe Fire, depending on the exact genre and style of play. Not that Mr Quickly would approve either way. :sweat_smile:

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Just started reading through thr comments and although the early ones are from a while ago, I felt the need to respond. People whining, quite rudely and aggressively in some instances, about things like school uniforms and ties… leave it up to the author. He’s doing a great job. If he envisages uniforms and ties, let it be. I understand that some people may not like the idea of school uniforms but that’s hardly relevant. For any story to be any good, there will be things in it that we don’t like. Some will be major things that the protagonist has to overcome. Others will be less important things, of the type that we all have to learn how to deal with, both in rl and in a fictional world. Not everything is buttercups and roses and we don"t always have things how we want them. What’s more, what we want differs from person to person. At present, peoples comments appear to amount to little more than, ‘I don"t like ties, therefore you shouldn’t have ties in the story!’ etc. I’m sure the writer appreciates input but trying to micromanage every bit of their story not only undermines their artistic vision and sows doubt, it’s also ultimately pointless, as what one person hates, another will love and vice versa. Many others will be indifferent to that same thing. If you do have a criticism or worry, at least couch it in terms that explain why you feel it doesn’t work in the story, or why something else would., rather than just saying ‘I personally don’t like that so it has to go’! Also, a little politeness and respect towards a writer revealing their project publicly, wouldn’t go amiss. :slight_smile:


So if we make Eddie cool, does that mean we’ve changed his element to fire or something now? :thinking: :crazy_face:


Please report these values to the writer:
Masha Raines:
Physical: 16
Mental: 38
Social: 26
Total: 80 (New save.)

Hopeful: 48
Mundane: 35
Lawful: 50

Ædmund: 64
Charlie: 54
Dahlia: 64
Helena: 68
Kevin: 65
Max: 70
Teri: 65
Xiulan: 66
Dating Max.
Artie: 64
Professor Karline: 57
Ædmund chaos stat: 7
Extra stat: 60
Won: Yes.
Inherited: No.

this was really fun to play! the story is very interesting and all the characters are great.(I don’t wanna play favorites but i love my little grumpy antisocial zombie child sm lol) I finished it all in one sitting and now i can’t wait for next chapters! anyway this is my first playthrough results and I just wanna ask what does the win and inherited in the last stat screen referring to?