The One Chosen (WIP; updated 16/2/2023)

While I could go further, I think anymore would get us too of topic.


No problem pm me If you want I love talking about role playing. And the demo will be even more awesome when includes blunt choices sarcastic choices and try to steal choices like. I am totally pro try to steal intel in the house i am into … Imagine if we could copy the father working … we could use that later in our advantage


Don’t worry that’s also my mc’s take on the situation if his life conspires the screw him over again on this chosen one business well…if power isn’t handed to him on a silver platter after all he’ll damned well dedicate himself to seizing it. And the demon lord is indeed the most obvious target for that scheme, after all that power is merely going to waste in its current, sealed vessel when my mc could make much better use of it.

Yep, my strategy is “dark hermione” too, befriend the real chosen one and some of their “scooby gang” and make damned sure my mc’s wits, brains and theoretical knowledge become indispensable to them and make them rely on him. For that it even helps to be seen as a brilliant, eccentric, but also harmless and powerless “nerd”…until it is too late. :smiling_imp:


I am going for A dark charismatic perfect kid image like Acharismatic Harry all smiles and honey words and be all famous meanwhile using my brain to obtaining secrets and gossips and manipulate my “friends” is basically the same actually just i am based in be a posh popular mean girl and both of you as a more nerd style but the goal is same. Butnof course we have to think in people focused in physical prowes and destruction magic that wants intimidate people. Orsomething like less secretive


Or maybe they’ll let you get away with it… just to get other students angry at your favoured status… :smirk:


I get the image of a puppy head in a demon body so i can’t stop laughing at dog face evil… Maybe we go there an is lassie lol


I wasn’t particullary keen to try Totem Force (not because I think that it wouldn’t be a good game, just that the story didn’t seem particularly appealing to me) but I was willing to see what other works you might write in the future… At first, when I was reading the description I didn’t think that I would like this story either, but the spoiler puts a nice twist on it.

To be honest, I’ve always wanted to read a Chosen One story that wasn’t told from the perspective of said Chosen One… this might not be exactly that, but it’s different enough to seem more interesting than usual

Once I have more time, I’ll examine it more closely, and I’ll be looking forward to see how it develops.


Okay, so I’ve been thinking about @idonotlikeusernames’s request to let the MC smoke or drink. :thinking: What are people’s feelings on this? Do you think it would make the story too mature, and would people be for or against its inclusion?

Also, I should note that I’ve been rethinking the ROs in the story. This won’t affect the demo, but some of the posts I’ve previously made about ROs may be incorrect (for example: there will now be a nonbinary RO right from the start, among other changes).


I wouldn’t mind it, if anything we can say it’s how the mc coped with Mr Birton.


And all the other shit in their sham of a “life”.


Well, the MC is still a teenager so I don’t think it’s ideal to have the options to smoke or drink.

But if the option shows up I’ll just pass, as I’m against both. As long the game doesn’t forces my MC to do either (gotta say I LOVE Samurai of Hyuga but it gets my nerves that I can’t change the fact that my MC is a drunk dumbass), I’m okay either way, each one knows their lives (and their MC’s).


Don’t worry, if included, it would very definitely be something you can opt into or out of.


Another option could be later when pc be older someone offers them alcohol or smoke and that could be a scene of rejecting or ending in a vice. that could be interesting and add something that is common in teens and people can relate. However i don’t recommend that for minors 16 due Apple basically

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Aw, I was just gonna leak that… :smiling_imp:

But yeah, probably still looking like nine ROs, but now at least two nbs :thinking: If I’ve got it right :sweat_smile:


The problem with that is how the heck will my mc have gotten through the shit in his life so far without smoking? A “kiddie” vice just isn’t going to cut it with all the shit the mc here has been through.


Well carrying a lighter would make future arson easier. :slight_smile:


I have been in real life similar situations and never drink or smoke or having any drug. I am abstemious. One could live without drugs no matter what it happens.

Now there are other maniacs that your character can have that are Apple friendly something like addition to smartphones videogames… kleptomania or anything similar . Because alcoholism hard drugs or smoke in many countries is make game mature WITHOUT reason. Is im my opinion limit the public and potential buyers for nothing as game isn’t for adults only in its premises


Genuine question… isn’t it supposed to be a mature story?

The first scene opens with the MC homeless, sleeping on the streets, and stealing to survive. We learn they’ve run away from a physically and verbally abusive foster home. The narrative describes, with specific examples, how their foster father abused and neglected them to the point they’re, I quote, “practically broken”.

That’s a bit of a strange choice for an opening if you’re not trying to signal “this will be a mature story”.

More to the point, I’d be all for including an option to allow the MC to smoke/drink, especially an option that allows them to smoke/drink as a maladaptive coping mechanism.

I’m down to play characters with traumatic backstories, but I’d like to be able to explore the effects of said backstory in game, especially since canonically, the MC is affected by it. Otherwise, I’d be concerned the dark past would come off feeling like a gratuitously dark past.


@ParrotWatcher if you will add alcoholism drug ussage and smoke to a KID OF 14 YEARS OLD The game automatically pass to adult game so I recommend you change to adult only section

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One could live without both legs no matter what happens, doesn’t mean most people would want to. :unamused:

I’ve already said before those are distinctly middle-class vices, none of the crap foster parents and certainly not mr. Birton would ever let the mc have their own “smart” phone much less indulge and finance a (PC) gaming habit. I mean in real life I only really became a gamer after I started working. Computers, “smart” phones and video games are expensive, to say nothing of internet and data plan costs and not something an extremely deprived youth like the mc could afford to indulge in.

RPG and gaming is my own escapist vice, but I couldn’t afford it when mom and I were actually poor.
From what you’ve told me you had your dad, I had my mom, the mc here has had exactly nobody to stop them from “maladapting”.
For good measure I also only started drinking at college. But I had enough people and my mom around to keep me from the worst aspects of maladapting. The mc here hasn’t and neither have many of the real world kids I’ve seen pass through the firm. Most on their inevitable way to prison. :unamused:

It certainly seems that way to me too.

And like the kids I’ve seen in real life who do this (and worse) it is exactly that an adult vice and maladaptive coping mechanism acquired from having to grow up and “man up” far too fast without any meaningful adult support or guidance.

That is exactly my concern too. I want to be able to roleplay some of the effects in a way that I think would add both verisimilitude and suit my character.

I don’t see why, some of this is actually used for drama in daytime soap opera’s too, at least over here. :thinking: The only thing is that over the last decade over here underage drinking and smoking as devices for drama have been increasingly replaced by underage use of pot and cocaine, but I would like to point out that for poor people conventional cigarettes and alcohol are still far more easily accessible and the increase in problematic underage use of pot and cocaine is mostly in upper middle class and higher socio-economic scale households. Which is, unsurprisingly, the environment a lot of the fresh new media executives and script writers hail from. :unamused: But if you’re looking for a vice for one of the richer ro’s on the other hand. :sweat_smile:
That said I like the darker and more mature aspects, as compared to Totem Force and I do hope they stay. It isn’t worse than say Dickens or a Grimm Fairytale, but neither would I read either, excepting perhaps a mildly censored version of Christmas Carol to little kids.