The One Chosen (WIP; updated 16/04/2024)

Someone born without natural magic.


And the public beta is updated! The current version contains 355,000 words, with an average playthrough length of around 155,000.

Please remember to comment if you have any questions or find any bugs, or even if there’s something you wish you could have done but weren’t allowed to (within reason). Thanks!


Calling the Duke Daddy H will never not be funny to me

Please report these values to the writer:
Anne West:
Physical: 10
Mental: 52
Social: 18
Total: 80 (New save.)

Hopeful: 60
Mundane: 40
Lawful: 62

Ædmund: 64
Charles: 56
Dahlia: 64
Helena: 68
Kevin: 64
Max: 65
Teri: 66
Xiulan: 60
Dating Teri.
Artie: 58
Professor Karline: 62
Ædmund chaos stat: 3
Duchess: 60
Won trial: Yes.
Inherited: No.
Elected: Yes.

I don’t know if I’m dense or just missing something, but why does Professor Karline answer “Why does he (the Duke) hate me so much?” with “We both know that?” (or something to that effect.) I don’t know that! Where would I have found out anything like that? Even as a reader I’ve come across nothing that tells me anything like that!