The One Chosen (WIP; updated 13/5/2021)

Okay, this might sound a bit repetitive, but in the next chapter you’ll have the ability to ask questions of… well, someone who has even more answers than the previous guy you asked. So, if you have any questions at all, from “Can there be multiple Chosen Ones?” to “Why did the chicken cross the road?” (both already options :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), please let me know. Once again, I can’t promise that every suggested question will get in, but they’re very useful for helping me thing of things I might have missed.


I’ll refer you to my previous question who let us out hopefully this is the person who will have the answer


Okay how about…shouldn’t a “chosen one” have some actual powers?
I mean if Artie is powerful enough to not so surreptitiously manipulate stuff to force a sports match in Atlantis to a draw then what the heck is our power.
Unless the mc’s kind of “chosen one” power is as the “chosen” sacrifice…in which case…forget it. I mean ever since the possibility of two chosen ones was sprung my mc is well read enough even from the public libraries to know that in fantasy there tend to be two types of chosen ones, the ones who do cool stuff with cool powers and the ones who exist only as a sacrifice of sorts and since we are not the former sort my mc is beginning to dread the possibility of maybe being the latter. :unamused: :worried:


I’m afraid I’m not entirely sure how I could fit that question in. :thinking: (Besides, the answer would just be “yes”, with no further explanation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


It’s less of a question and more of a fear of being the chosen sacrifice. So maybe you can fit it into the internal monologue of some mc’s instead. :thinking:

I mean my mc is not going to be a sacrifice so it really is time to begin to work around the no powers thing and start really setting, for my mc at least, his magical supercomputer project into a much higher gear and see about the possibility of learning to craft his own enchanted guns and learn to fight with them. :persevere:
I mean my mc is going to teach a possibly magical computer to do his probability bending for him or die trying, at least that is better than dying as an unpaid sacrifice for the glory of Artie. :worried:


well … considering that they have already tried to trick us into fulfilling a “destiny” maybe and just maybe artie is a fake chosen one and he knows that he is fake, maybe everything related to a second chosen one It is part of the prophecy, but they do not tell the Mc to make him feel that he is powerless and that gonna forces him to show himself that he can do it and he will become more powerful or maybe I’m just crazy (maybe something random happens like “artie it turns out to be karakan” or better yet "the mc is karakan ")

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Penelope Stark:
Strength: 50
Intelligence: 6
Charisma: 6
Total: 62 (New save.)

Hopeful: 38
Mundane: 64
Lawful: 44

Ædmund: 58
Charles: 60
Dahlia: 57
Helena: 57
Kevin: 59
Max: 67
Teri: 56
Xiulan: 58
Artie: 58
Professor Karline: 50
Ædmund bonus stat: 1

I played as a feral dumpster baby who mostly just went along with things for lunch and sent rude letters to every adult they could, minus one friendly letter for the Dread Lord. 10/10 would literally try to fist fight wizards again.

On a serious note I played a much older version of the game and wasn’t super into it, I don’t know if I changed or if the game changed, but I really enjoyed this most recent build of the game. I’m going to play a much more active character next, but even playing a feral goblin who is only here to steal from Aeddies fridge and to inform his elder sibling that I will HAVE MY REVENGE (cue evil laugh) I really enjoyed myself.

I really liked the writing and pacing of the story. I like the mind control elements of the game because it genuinely makes you feel like a child where your choices aren’t really important to the adults in the room.

If I had one criticism it would be things can be a bit long winded and I had the tendency to skim the information, but I think that’s more of a personal taste thing that anything wrong with your writing.


If you’re still looking for ideas:
My MC would ask “Am I a Chosen One too?” - that would probably be the first question on his mind, especially after the last opportunity to ask questions. Like, it would come to his mind prior to even considering asking that same questions about if there can be two Chosen Ones.
If the person doesn’t know, he’d probably ask “Is there a way for me to know if I’m a Chosen One?”.


Another question I came up with who is haunting my dreams and taunting me? Is it the demon king or something worse?


I mean you say that, but wouldn’t you far prefer to ask a question that can more easily be answered in a technically correct, but completely meaningless manner? :innocent:

That was the Slave, the demon who infected your ankle, and then took over Larabelle.


Nope :rofl:


Well, I guess I’ll just have to be extra devious… :innocent:

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Now I’m picturing my MC asking “Am I a Chosen One too?”, and the person answering “Ho ho ho, do you want some tea?”, and then moving on.