The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATING IN MID-JULY!

I am so so sorry for you and your family’s loss.
You’re so strong and amazing to be able to motivate yourself and dedicate yourself to the series after everything you’ve been put through, take all the time you need and any breaks you need and make sure you focus on your mental health, always put yourself first.


Okay so I’m super intrigued because I always did wonder what it woukd be like to be in the Bachelor/Bachelorette series LMAO can’t wait to see what scenarios are gonna be appearing as the story progresses! Not sure if its been mentioned before (I’m on my phome so I havent searched this thread) There was one error o did come across when I was speaking to Melanie after the introduction scene. It was when you sso about the Fae > what do they look like? option

I’m glad you and your family are doing better!

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Regarding the talk with Melanie I also wanted to ask, why does our Fae loyalty stat go down (and Royalty up) if we agree/support her idea that she is Fae.

Like the “Wow, cool!” option lowers it but the disbelief option raises the Fae loyalty stat.

I thought the disbelief would lower it because it implies that the MC believes the royal family and what he was taught in school the ‘official’ version that they were wiped out

I might be wrong, but I interpreted it like this.

The history books taught that the Fae were wiped out completely. So when you meet some random person who has read some of the few books about the Fae, and claims that she is one, it is naturally a very weird scenario. Treating it like it is cool, a weird quirk, is arguably disrespectful given the history of the Fae. And accepting at face value that some random person thinks they are Fae because they read some books about the Fae is likely even more. They aren’t human, and would know long before they ever touched a book about the Fae that they were very different, and if they did learn of the Fae history, there is no way they’d tell anyone.

Whereas disbelieving Melanie would, based on my interpretation, indicate the MC recognises the seriousness of what has happened enough that the idea of any individual being Fae is exceedingly unlikely. By dismissing Melanie, the MC is likely demonstrating belief they were wiped out completely, or at least to the point that no Fae would ever admit to being one. Which we do know is the case for the Fae. This would, naturally, increase the likelihood of responding sympathetically to the Fae if/when they do learn the Fae are still around.

Believing Melanie means the MC probably doesn’t see the Fae as being in any particular danger all things considered, making them arguably less sympathetic to the Fae in the future if they have “met” other Fae who were completely unconcerned about their safety, with their only apprehension being thought of as weird.


I tried to go to the tumblr to see if there’s been any updates on how the update is going, but for some reason, my laptop refuses to load the page. Has anyone seen anything?

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The link and picture are two different posts


Perfect, thanks! I have no idea why I couldn’t get things to load :sob:

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I know this sounds stupid but it would be interesting if it turns out even though we have a 99% matching rate with the heir, when it comes to the MC someone else has the higher matching rate


Interesting? Dunno?:confused: 99% is high enough but if someone else has a higher matching than the MC which is 100% then why bother waste the prince time with competition? The prince might as well marry that person and the story can end there. Just my two cents thoughts.:smiley_cat:

Again it might be stupid, but still possible the only account they kept watch on the whole time was the heir who knows how someone else might match with you.

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Sorry if this has already been asked and answered I’m just curious is this going to a series or a one and done story?

Oh? You means the MC compatibility match with the NPC’s other than the prince? Yeah, it kind of interesting if they have a high compatible match with the MC. :thinking: lol the author might know. :sweat_smile:

Tandra has said a few times this is planned to be a one-off. No sequels have been mentioned at this time, and the plan looks like the game will wrap up most plot lines in some way.

Edit @Mdgakdg If that is the case, they’d probably match well with the heir and likely be another contestant. And might be perhaps 90%< on matching with the heir as well. Fun to think about but I doubt that is the case~


hello i think i found a choice that stop the game


Uhm… I have a problem with the demo. It’s said it was updated mid July but is the same old one.

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updating not updated

It was planned to be updated mid july. Given its now the 27th, things don’t appear to have worked out that way. That’s life though.


i have come to not expect much from any date set
saves me on many headaches ^_-


Oh well, that’s life as you said.

It says updating in mid July which means anywhere between July 8th to July 31st. Also that is just a rough estimate as to when the author plans to update the demo


The author is fairly active on Tumblr though, so that’s a good sign. My guess is maybe sometime in August?