The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATED ON 6/4/2021!

Yes, any heir can be romanced by any MC, but some will be easier to romance than others based on your personality. I can’t find the original post, but thankfully I have a screenshot for just such an occasion. I have blurred it in case people would rather not know.


Oh, lucky me - the heir is aloof and my MC is shy.

But aloof + aloof… two bricks trying to get along :rofl:


I’m lucky too. I chose the sarcastic heir and I always play and sarcastic rude assholes. Because they’re the most fun.


flirty, sarcastic, or sometimes charming xD (for heir; my MC usually sticks with flirty or sarcastic)
and rude; because it’s fun xD


Sorry but do you use day then month then year or are you using month day and then year for the date at the top i can’t tell and it’s driving me nuts :joy: sorry if it’s obvious I just can’t tell

Tandra generally uses Month, Day, Year. So the last official update from her was the 4th of June, earlier this year :grin:


Hello! I absolutely love the story so far. I’m specially interested in Bex because i love one Fae :sob: i do have a question though. I usually code dive and at the part where the other contestants arrive, there’s this part with “if bex 55>”. But even though i used both of the options that raise their relationship percentage previously, somehow I’m still stuck with 52% relationship. Idk why that’s happening :frowning: but great game though, looking forward to the next updates!


At the moment there are some stat checks that are impossible to achieve, but Tandra is working on fixing that and re-balancing those for the future. I don’t know when this might be fixed, but Tandra is aware of it :slightly_smiling_face:


This is so good so far! The premise is fun, and I enjoy the POV switches! Will be looking forward to future updates(/the full release? Not sure if the demo’s done):blush:

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Now this is a gem of a IN that I’ve never seen until now. Catch wait to what’s in store!

Any Patreon or anything else like that? Just found this and I like to support the development of ones I like.



Is the Tumblr page broken for anyone else? Whenever I try to open in in my browser, it freezes and I can’t click anything.


Yeah, I tried to go on it and it wouldn’t work.