The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATED ON 5/12/2020! - Now with new Pinterest account!

I got confused at…computer screen, what are the characters wearing? Like in nowadays or much advanced, or…ancient costume?

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Awesome WIP. I love the concept and I desperately need more of it. I’ll help out when I can.


No clue. Probably like it is nowadays? I don’t think it has been specified.

Thanks for all the feedback everybody! Not gonna lie, was pretty nervous about putting this out into the forumsphere, but glad it seems to be well received!

So I won’t keep blowing up this topic, I’ll try and answer and respond to everything here, haha.

Just went back and switched some stuff around. Let me know if it reads better!

The closest to this is the aloof route (the first one). They will eventually warm-up, just the severity of the warming up depends upon your choices. Also, the motorcycle is a good choice, I’ll add it! Finally, clothing options will happen in future chapters.

Fixed! Thanks for catching that.

Fixed that! Thanks!

I’ll add that in the next update!

Ha, I totally understand! When I was debating whether or not to offer something like this in my game, I worried that it might seem like a chore or work to create not only yourself, but another character as well.

I might cut down on the appearance options if others feel the same!

Okay, thank you so much! I found myself switching while writing every so often. Since it’s typical to be in 2nd present tense, I’ll do that.

Modern clothing. Odessa is a modern country, but they still have royal customs, ways of dressing (but usually reserved for special occasions, such as the telecast, the portrait you looked at, etc).

You’ll be able to choose what you want to wear in future chapters! No wearing corsets or heavy gowns unless you want to, haha.

Thanks again you guys!


I’m going to write my thoughts here as I play:

  • Someone mentioned it earlier, but when you say that you left home with nobody, Odi’s gender is set.
  • The level of customization is a blast!
  • With that said, I think it’s a little too much for the Heir. I’m okay with the gender, and the personality (to some extent) since the idea is that we’re nearly perfect for each other, but the name and appearance is a bit too much and makes the Heir a bit too malleable. They don’t feel like a solid character because of that. I would suggest setting the name to something that is gender-neutral and maybe making at least one or two parts of the appearance set, like eye-color or something.
  • I know he’s probably a minor character but I’d love to romance Lyon. The guy who’s job it was to connect us to the Heir? Falling in love with us while knowing we’re the perfect match? The angst.

All in all, this demo is cute! I feel like I’m watching some weird sitcom. Can’t wait for more!


I am thoroughly intrigued and invested! Customization is plentiful, and while I do like being able to customize the heir, it could be a bit of a task to write their character if you provide lots of options for their personality. Overall looks great and good luck!


Already interested and can’t wait for more. The appearance and personality customization for the Heir is awesome, don’t think we’ve ever had a game where we can customize a RO. Usually if your not a fan of ROs in certain games your stuck with that, customization makes sense here since we’re supposed to be 99% compatible with them and if we’re not interested in them wouldn’t really make sense.
I know a few people are worried how it might affect the Heirs character, but maybe probably wait at least until we meet the Heir and have a conversation with them. Maybe you can have an option for a Default Heir if it’s not too much work.


This game is so interesting am already hook, I personally love the options to creat the heir because their supposed to be almost a perfect match so it would make somewhat since for us to be able to customize the heir, plus it also lets us imagine our own cannon love intrest , but that’s personality how I feel and this game is awesome :smile:


I thought creating the heir and the personality of him/her was a unique and great idea I played it multiple times just see the different ways the heir was written. I thought it was awesome. Keep up the great work :grin:


I totally agree with you! For me personally. I would like some option at least in appearance if we gonna fight for their love.


Although I do find, after thinking on it some more, it could be done more naturally than ‘You see the heir, what is their gender, skin colour, hair colour, personality, etc.’. Given the dating site aspect it might be better to have the player list their preferred characteristics in their profile, and then have the heir reflect those characteristics.

For when making the profile if you say you are seeking a male, the heir will be one.


I totally agree with this - I think having the heir happen to match our preferred characteristics makes the 99% tie more apparent, and would go a ways to making the heir seem more solid of a character as opposed to being a malleable entity that you have the power to change when you see them. Like, even though the end result is the same, having a degree of separation I think would help with the odd feeling.


Ok. I love it. I love it. I love it very much! God. It was well written and I just want to slow down when I read this, not wanting to press the ‘next’ button and get send to ‘you have reach the end’
Gahhh love it!! Keep up the good work! I really can’t wait for the next update ≧∇≦

Btw can we have a ‘save progress’ thing? I mean if you want. It just it will be pretty easy to keep track something like that


MC in a pickle. Hahahaha ฅ’ω’ฅ Love the game already


I’m not good with giving compliment but what i can say is your wip is Fun It’s kinda rare that a game brings a smile to my face when i’m playing. I’ll wait for more update and keep up with the game :pray:


I really like the idea - so far, it feels adorable and fluffy and feel-good, which hits all my buttons.

Quick note: when you’re reading the articles Bryce sends to Lyon, you get the achievement for reading all of them if you skip down to read the last one, and there’s no opportunity to read the rest of the articles.

Re: the heir customization - like others have mentioned, I feel a little torn on this one. I kind of like the idea, and being able to pick things like the personality makes sense with the 99% match thing, but choosing the name and all of the physical markers makes them feel a bit - insubstantial? I think I would at least give them a gender neutral name, and perhaps eye and hair colour, but let the player choose style and attitude. The personality choice options are really fun - I enjoyed the different reactions after you choose the heir’s personality, and how they interact with their family!


Yeah, choosing their name was a bit strange. I haven’t had to do that in an IF game before, most times where something like this happens there is a preset name for each gender that character could have.


The Grim and I is one of my fav HG games, it’s quite freshing to me that you can input your spouse’s name, though I have a slightly problem at naming, I have to browse all the name your baby websites…but this is still very great, oh I even could input my crush actor’s name

That aside, since the prince/ss is 99% match with us, so for my personal tastes, yep it makes sense the prince/ss is completely customizable, hey just think about it, I could romance a bunch of totally different princes from head to toe at every playthrough, awesome! And yeah I was afraid the heir would be a plain slate at first because the customization is so mighty, but eventually it turns out quite enjoyable, though I hope a sarcastic prince/ss would be less rude, sarcastic could be fun and carefree and not always mean.

And also, I suggest add an Interlude or something at that Lyon and Bryce scene, I almost thought Lyon was the prince and I was like who’s that? omg my prince’s name isn’t Lyon! it’s that a bug?! before I continued reading.


That is actually a good point regarding ‘Grim and I’, though your spouse didn’t change beyond name and gender.

I think this customisation level will be quite polarising. Either you love it or hate it.


Just finished the demo and I have to say I really do like every bit of what I read so far. As far as the customization goes, personally I love it. I said it before somewhere, but I like when CoG/HGs treat the games as a narrative that the writer and reader are making together in a way and the amount you can customize (for me atleast) is a big part of that, characters names and all.

I would say since it looks like some people dont really liking being able to name the heir, I think maybe you could list one name that you as the writer set for them, but also have the option for the reader to make it. I think the main thing to kind of satisfy everyone would be to have an option to just have a preset heir that you (the writer) came up with if they want.

Edit: and I just realized how redundant that was…

When it comes to personalities of the heir, I really like that aspect the most since there is so much potential replay value in that to experience the different ones, plus the combos you could have for playthroughs like maybe a rude heir with a nice MC or 2 mostly shy MC and heir…but this really depends on how much you feel like writing so I would say just make sure you dont fall into the trap of just making them seem too similar playthrough wise. Not saying they cant say, choose to go through some of the same story moments, just mean make sure they all have their own “flavor” if that makes sense.

Definately gonna keep my eye on this one and wish you the best! @tandra88