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I definitely think this can be done, but I would still make it your choice to choose it or not. As many people said below, it’s not realistic that even if somebody who wants to act the extreme opposite of how they normally act, would necessarily do so, or would it be the smartest thing to do in that situation.

For example:


A contestant laughs in your face, looking you up and down.

“Did you seriously think that the royal would fall for you? I mean look at you! Why would he want to settle for you when he can have the best…which is me, by the way. How about you just drop out?”

What do you say in response?

If we’re using the shy scenario:

  • I say nothing, nervously fiddling with my clothes and hope that they will run out of steam soon.
  • I surprise myself and decide to be just as snarky back.

That way, you still have a choice, but the reactions might vary differently depending upon your other stats. If you have a decent relationship with the contestants, the Royal Family, the media, etc, if you decide to say nothing, they might come to your defense. On the other hand, if you do decide to chew the contestant out, they might cheer you on, say things like “oh shit” or “oh wow, didn’t think they had it in them” or might not care.

Some people that you don’t have a good relationship with might call you out on your bluff and it could work and harm you and help them, or vice versa.

I wouldn’t immediately force your character to just explode. I think having those two options (if I implement something like this) will satisfy most. Let me know your thoughts on this. It’s a bit early to think about this, but I think I could make it happen if I want to.

Coming soon… :wink:


Hi friends!

I had a lovely long weekend relaxing and not thinking about this WIP. I’m glad you guys were talking and kept it semi active while I was away! :smile:

I hope to have a new update out sometime soon. Maybe by the end of this week or next week. In the meantime, I’m thinking about pushing an achievements update, as I’ve thought of a lot more that can be added to previous scenes lately.

I’ll keep you all updated!


Found a grammar problem, playing as a male with female interests (it says him instead of her for the princess).

One thing I did notice is that this reads more for a female main character instead of a male character. Is that going to be the focus of the book? Just asking for clarity.

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Don’t post errors here or the author might lock the demo. There is already a team who is running through the demo and reporting any issues.


Oops, my bad, I had thought earlier the author had asked for any bugs or problems to be posted. I’ll refrain, sorry!

I don’t feel super comfortable speaking for @tandra88 but since she did give us some “authority” over this thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I think I should clarify some things:

  • Those of us in the team are mainly looking over new updates before they are made public for everyone. We may go over existing stuff (for instance, I suggested that a menu at the start of the game be made smaller) but that’s really not our focus. What we are meant to do is to make sure that the new stuff is bug-free.

  • So, posting a legitimate bug, once, is not going to get the demo locked again. In fact, we mostly run on the understanding that the existing content you all have access to is okay, so it’s helpful to speak up when it isn’t.

  • It would take forever to get this game ready for release if it were only those few of us on the team giving feedback and reporting bugs. We might not have found that one bug if someone didn’t mention it here, especially since we are mostly expected to look for big, game-breaking stuff so that those issues can be fixed before the game gets to you. We don’t look at the little things so much.

  • This being said, what got the demo locked in the first place was people reporting the same bug over and over again, so please, please, PLEASE don’t do that. The author is reading all posts on this thread so she’ll know about it. And, of course, don’t report a bug after she has posted she is aware of it and working on getting it fixed; she knows it’s there, people, please check her posts before reporting.

I’m writing this just in case, because I think it’s very unlikely to happen anyways with the current system. In my opinion, people are more likely to go “OMG I can’t play what’s up with that??” than massively post a minor pronoun issue most have looked past or overlooked.

TL;DR: It’s still allowed (and useful!) to report any bugs you find in the playable content that have gotten past us, just, you know, once is enough so please keep that in mind. :heart:


I think my favorite choice area is when you’re agreeing to compete via bribery.

Some of the character types I’ve played through, are generally not nice people, and this option really helps for character immersion. Normally, maybe the flighty type wouldn’t stick around for the show, but hey! Now they have a reason to.

I think you’re heading in this direction, but since I’m not sure, it’d definitely be interesting to play through the game as an MC who’s essentially a manipulative jerk, as I definitely get that impression with some of the options revolving around this choice.


Don’t call it bribery, call it incentive!


Thanks for finding this! Sometimes I accidentally type in player instead of royal, which is why these come up.

Do you mean that particular section or the entire demo. It’s my objective to have it read the same regardless of your gender. I’m a cisgender female, but I want to be sure that other people read it and feel like it’s not through a feminine lens.

HAHAHA, thank you! I’m actually fine with errors like this because we can’t catch everything. Errors like the ones that used to be repeated over and over is what I was aiming at eliminating.

I don’t mind at all. Refer to @Myrtle’s post if you ever are confused. :smile: She summed it up nicely!

Yes, I am! There will be plenty of opportunity to sabotage just about anything…including yourself. One achievement in the game is to actually have everybody in the game hate you, LOL.



I think it’s awesome that people can play in so many different ways. I usually intend to…and then play the same kind of MC over and over, lol.


Same. I try to go through these kinds of games as everyone’s best friend.


When you play a game (HoG/Cog) for the first time, is your MC’s responses the same you would say or do you play with a personality in mind???

I always intend to select the options I would choose (even the pathetic/spineless ones :sweat_smile:)


100% what I would do in whatever situation the MC is in. Which usually involves playing a passive/pacifist or intelligent character where possible.


For me it would be sarcasm and puns for everyone (if possible).



Personally I play as myself! When replaying a game, I’ll do choices that are outside of my comfort zone a bit, but never too drastic from my actual personality.

So as I’m writing and coding for this game, if there’s not an option that I would personally pick there, I rewrite the scene or the options to include it. However, I tend to play as a rather smart/sarcastic person and those options are always there in other games!


I definitely go with my gut reaction IRL! I tend to play an idealized version of myself in games.

Occasionally I can do a mean playthrough, but it makes me feel bad.


First playthrough is always what I would do in those situations. Then I have a couple of characters for subsequent playthroughs.


I try to, but I never get to do it. I end up choosing the friendly answer because some games make me feel guilty for choosing quiet/stoic options as they usually make the character feel too cold.

Which is why I like this game so much lol


I just finished the demo and so far this is amazing! I really like the personalities of the characters so far, and I love how it jumps to different perspectives to show drama unfolding in other parts of the story. It really makes me feel like my character is actually part of a greater story, and that I’m not just playing a game, but actually reading a book. I don’t see a lot of choice games do that kind of thing and now I really wish more did!

Plus, I also loved how my choices really felt like they had an impact. Usually in games where there’s a ton of customization options, a lot of responses can feel like copy paste answers with just what you put in. But here it feels like every customization option and little choices about different characters really made a difference in the story, which is really impressive! I can’t wait to see this develop futher and will definetly be buying this when it fully releases.


I usually roleplay my characters :sweat_smile: as in I make different OCs for a lot of these games and play as them!
if I played as myself I’d be the same, all the friendly options, all the time :stuck_out_tongue: