The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATED ON 11/17/2020! - Now with a Tumblr!

hellooooo COG forum!

as I’m sure you have all noticed, I’m much more active on tumblr these days. thanks again for all the messages and asks over there.

this weekend I wrote 5,000+ words on the demo, bringing the total to 280k+! :partying_face: I’m polishing up meeting up the contestants before I start getting into the logistics of the first challenge. if you replay the game a lot, this should be no issue…js!

I want the next update to be a pretty big update, so it might not be a while. I’m shooting for April, but I could surprise myself and complete it earlier!

I will have one more update following the first challenge update and then the public demo will completed (i.e. no more password :laughing:). I will open up applications for new beta testers before the last update drops and announce who the team and I select when I drop the last little update.

I’m still finalizing qualifications for testers, but I will be looking for newbie testers and veteran testers. I’m sure a decent portion will also come from tumblr. The application process won’t be like a job application LOL, but pretty detailed so I know you’re serious and not just wanting early access to the game.

let me know if you have any questions (either here or on tumblr). have a good one! :grin:


Oh thank God cause my resume is a bit dated lol


Hi! When asking Robin about the Princess, I picked the first option (something about her feelings about the Princess after their breakup) and got an error, so I figured I should let you know.

chp2_coffee line 99: bad label citychoice

Since it mentions “citychoice”, I picked Carmelita as the MC’s hometown if that helps :slight_smile:

edit: Also, just found a pronoun error in a scene.

"Ryr looks up from his phone, which most likely held the itinerary for today, and chuckles.

“Ross, how about you leave her alone? There’s enough on her plate today already.”"

I chose the he/him option but it says her in this scene. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

edit: Another scene

“Soon enough, Name takes his seat. Well, that was easy enough. Name did not seem terrified of all the attention, but maybe that was just a front. In either case, it was nice to seem her again.”

Also I think “seem” might be a typo? Anyways, really enjoying the game so far, so I will keep updating if I find anything else!

edit: Aw haha never mind, I did not realize the demo ends right after that scene I mentioned previously. Nooooooo :sob:


Hello, I don’t really know what you did to the demo, but the demo kinda broken right now. It just crashes when you choose heir’s gender “chapter1_datingprofile line 405: Non-existent variable ‘royal_man_woman_person’” just letting you know. Other than that, I really enjoy the demo and the characters, hope you having at least half as much fun writing, as me reading it. :blush:

Hi, I started playing this game and I’m not sure if choosing my roommate’s name changes the gender? The choice both lists Odi and Odanna as female and I’m not sure if one’s supposed to be male or not. Thought I’ll post about it anyways.

Odanna! (By selecting this, your roommate’s gender will be female.)

Odi! (By selecting this, your roommate’s gender will be female.)

I also got the same error message:

chapter1_datingprofile line 300: Non-existent variable 'royal_man_woman_person

maybe some parts of the code got messed up after several version updates?

The author has to remove the _ between royal and man