The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATED ON 11/17/2020! - Now with a Tumblr!

As far as I’m aware, Tandra hasn’t announced if it is the last yet, so I don’t know for sure. Just sharing my thoughts on what made sense to me. :woman_shrugging:


It’s daffodils. :wink: I believe each flower should correspond with only one heir now. The answer for each one is on my tumblr! If there’s still mistakes, feel free to let me know. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thanks for the suggestion! This reads much better.

It is now a priority to go back and fix the tenses. I’ve said previously that this would be on the back burner, but it comes up enough in the forums that I might as well just go ahead and do it now.

Thanks for sharing! I’ll go back through and dial it back a bit. :grin:

Thanks! I’ll fix these in the next update. I believe it is an exclamation mark error, which is my common mistake :laughing:

More sarcastic options? Now that I can do!

Thank you very much for playing! :heart:

The current plan is to get through Arrival Day, have the first challenge available to play and then something juicy happens after the first challenge that will definitely keep readers intrigued :wink: I plan for all of this to be in the standard “three chapter format” COG and HG does before hitting the paywall.

I’m very pleased that you’d pay even right now! What a great compliment! :grin:

I will without a doubt let you guys know when the final update comes out. I wouldn’t want to leave you guys hanging :laughing:

I’ll be opening up applications for more testers once we go into closed beta. :smiley: I expect this to be a rather large game and wouldn’t want to overwork the team I have currently (though they’re so nice, I don’t think they would even complain :laughing: :heart:)


Just finished my first playthrough. Very interesting and I really enjoyed playing it. Felt allittle weird naming my motorcycle though since my actual one doesn’t have a name lol. I kinda feel like I neglected the poor thing :joy:


Well, if you feel like you neglected your actual motorcycle. There is a fairly simple way to fix that. :slight_smile:


I own a black Honda CBR 1000RR so I will give this forum the honor of naming it lol


Anything in particular you like doing with it? Like starting to rain do you like riding? I know absolutely nothing about motorcycles by the way.


Just played through the demo this morning – it was lots of fun! I look forward to seeing more of it as it develops.

I found a couple of typos. (I should have grabbed screen shots, but I forgot, sorry!)

Bex meeting MC in the elevator:

“C’mon, Stella. Let’s explore Dia before you get called back to the palace for some crazy reason,” He says.”
Should be lower case h on he.
“Maybe Juliet was right. they did tend to think before acting too often.”
Should be a capital T at the start of the sentence.

Article on Robin Green in the magazine typo in responses

“If I wasn’t so interested in Prince augustus, I would want to get with her.”
Prince’s name should be capitalized.

Introduction to Cass, “why are you in Dia” response:

“You half expected your roommate to be joining you on Arrival Day, having deciding to play one last joke at your expense.”
The MC’s roommate is with her in my route? Either there is a flag missed somewhere or this sentence isn’t clear.


My favorite thing in the world is driving around right at the time of the year when the leaves change colors. Seeing all the colors of the leaves while the wind pulls at me makes me feel alive… that and popping wheelies or burnouts lol. Sadly I probably treat my bike better than my own body. The only other person allowed to touch it is one of the mechanics at the dealership I bought it from.

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Call it wheelie then. Or something to do with the fall, or a combination of the two.


My interpretation of that line was that the MC thinks the roommate might be joining as a contestant, and had been keeping it from you as a prank in order to surprise you once things got started.


Same. Granted, at this point, I’m basicly putting all my romantic. Points? What ever, into romancing the air, so… Bit out-of-touch with the rest of the RO Cast.

I agree that might be it! But since it made me stop and scratch my head, I thought it was worth mentioning as something to look at in the next edit. :slight_smile:

Name it Leafblower :joy:


Ah my one truest enemy :joy: I swear leaves and grass clippings have it out for me lol. From this point on I shall call her Leafblower the magnificent lol


One day, one day we’ll get a Q/A event and I shall hit with the hardest hitting question. So hard that I will have every answer in the book muwhahaha


@tandra88 from the demo I can say without a doubt that you have created a perfect balance of deverse choices to customise mc and hier, and personality depth to feel a connection with the various ro characters, and I can’t wait to see what you have planed for the rest of story.


Why not all mighty leaf blower the magnificent?
I mean, might as well go the whole way. Right? LOL.


Thanks for sharing. Don’t worry about screenshots, haha, words work just as well. I’ll get these fixed soon.

Yep, this is exactly the meaning! I’ll rewrite this a bit to clear it up though.

Thank you very much! :grin:


Hi, this was very enjoyable to play :slight_smile: Didn’t expect it from the premise but I love ho customizable and roleplayable it is. Can’t wait to play the full version!