The Odessa Dating Games (WIP) - UPDATED ON 11/17/2020! - Now with a Tumblr!

Funnily enough the flower I was drawn to for the shy heir just happened to be their favourite as well. Love them, the darling.


I’m so happy to see the big update finally released, and also the Tumblr! :partying_face: So exciting, I’m sure you must have been working a lot on this.

Re: the bigger scene files thing, I’m not really sure if it would help with bugs or not (for my own project I’m working with one scene file per chapter, like the COG guidelines say, and I feel like I’m always scrolling down trying to find stuff :joy:) but it did get me thinking… :thinking: Now I’m not sure if this has been mentioned before, so apologies if it has, but are you running randomtest? It’s really easy to do from CSIDE, and though it won’t catch every bug, it should get at least the most game-breaking ones that people tend to report over and over.

Anyway that’s my two cents haha :laughing: I’ll look forward to when I have some time this weekend to play through the whole game again and take in all the changes/fixes! :popcorn:


I just got this error when choosing the heir height!

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All of these are with a male MC and female cass that got flipped. Still trying to find the scene with the heir gender flip, lots of variety of choices is difficult for multiple speed playthroughs. :sweat_smile:


Hello @monroe_mcadoo, you can use the blur setting to avoid spoilers. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Omg omg omg. I am completely OBSESSED with this wip. I basically yelled at my phone when I got the message that was the end of the demo.

The story, the characters, the pacing is so well done!. This captured my interest immediately. I’m going for the heir hell yeah (though it was difficult deciding who i wanted to choose so kudos for that! All the li we’ve met so far are amazing!) I personally love all the options regarding personality you give us to choose from for both our character and the heir. The story feels so refreshing! I wasn’t expecting the tension between the fae and human worlds. (Honestly, I wasn’t expecting the fae at all so it was really a nice surprise plot wise!). The story is heading towards a super interesting place and I’m all about it. I’m pretty exited for how all this will turn out!!! Imma keep playing the demo to see what other paths I come across. Amazing wip!!!


For what it’s worth, I really like the demo. I just can’t get the image of Odessa, Ukraine, out of my head whenever I’m reading it. Great work so far.


Is Lyon romancable?

Also I want to comment how much I love Cass.

Based on @tandra88’s tumblr, I think so, yes!


Why is it, when I saw the choice to be from the I think it was the. Odessa guard? My mind emediatly put my MC in flack armor, with a lasgun?
Anyone else get that? or, have I just been reading way, way, way too much grimdark recently?


line 134: Invalid string, open quote with no close quote: "average height’

Possibly. :rofl:

I imagined based on their descriptions that they were wearing something akin to the dress uniforms of the guards around Buckingham palace, sans poofy hat-thing. Not the same colors necessarily, since the royal colors of Odessa are different, but possibly very stylistically similar.

I’m sure in more dangerous combat situations they wear something more like a fancier version of their military’s official combat gear. Fancier, but not at the expense of protection, or function.


I found some errors


I was playing a female mc

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Laser spears, that about sums up what I imagined

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What a wonderful idea! I already love dear Odanna. But I think one thing that kept drawing me away from the story was the tense you use. Sometimes its present tense; sometimes it’s past tense. Sometimes it switches up in the same sentence. Eg: “You have an app that gave you your money…”

There are a couple more screenshots that I’ve embedded.

At some point, Odanna goes from being a she to a they.

There’s some other stuff too “Build-a-Heir” just sounds wrong because it uses “a” instead of “an”, even if it rhymes with build a bear. When discussing University, the text says “You enroll in university as soon as you came of age”. Stuff like this got a bit distracting and detracted from the reading experience!

Also, my heir is dark skinned but his mom has red hair and his dad, strawberry blond hair? How did this work out? Perhaps the mom should be customised according to the heir’s appearance?


Perhaps they’re dark-skinned blondes? :woman_shrugging:

I know that Tandra has mentioned before in the testing group that she’s working on making verb tenses more consistent, so I’m sure she’ll appreciate your pointing out those instances she might have missed. :slightly_smiling_face:


As true as it is that dark hair, and eyes are dominant traits in human genetics, there are many cases of African heritage people with naturally blond hair, and blue eyes. In particular, on an island off the coast of Africa where many Swiss settlers intermingled with the local population. It’s a fascinating fun fact about the world. :smile:


Hey, it wouldn’t be the most unbelievable thing in a world where the person I match with looks exactly how I want them to look. ;-).

That’s so interesting to know! I did hear that mixed race babies can have really dark skin but sparkling blue eyes and other beautiful anomalies, but strawberry blond and red seem a little too white. But then again, now I’m imagining a dark skinned queen with flowing red hair and she looks beautiful


Actually, red hair appears in people of color too. :slight_smile:



I’m so completely in love with this game and FLAILED when I saw it updated. I’m going to be playing this for days :yellow_heart: