Bex is non-binary. :smile:

If the game was saved prior to October 8, I would restart the game (as in replay from the beginning) and see if the problem still persists. Many people have said that their files have become corrupted and that they had to do this to fix pronoun errors and what not. I changed the royal code throughout the whole game, so I suggest doing this to see if it fixes your problem.


I got this error when the heir was about to meet my mc

Hey everyone. No, you’re not dreaming. This is an update in the daytime hours!

Before I go into the changes, I want to ask that everybody who has a saved game right now that is before October 8, to delete it and replay until the current demo ends. Might be a pain now, but some of the errors that were previously reported do not show up when I playtest. I believe that after changing the royal code, it caused some games to get corrupted, if not all of them. I myself even had to delete my saved games in the playtest for this very reason.

Besides, replaying now in early Chapter 2 beats the hell out of replaying at Chapter 6. Now, if you replay the game and still get the same errors, I’ll take another look at my code, but for now, please replay as I’m sure your errors (like names and pronouns) will likely get fixed!

Now, to what’s new:

  • Fixed both the aloof and shy garden meetings, I believe. Nobody reported any other issues in other routes, so I’m going to assume everything is alright on that front.
  • Should be able to play as a woman who is interested in other women now! Fixed the missing r in the code.
  • Fixed error where you couldn’t advance after you say yes to the King’s bribe.
  • Fixed a few more jerk errors. I believe I’ve gotten them all, but hey, I do say that every time I update don’t I? :laughing:

Also @DollyTheSheep_23: fixed that error as well.



I just replayed the demo (with a new save file this time), but it still gave me the rude garden scene + the 3 questions.

Also, another thing that i’ve found is this part when i played as the heir who was getting ready, and the queen said “You look lovely, Name" in the beginning of the 2nd paragraph. Sorry, i wanted to take a screenshot, but chrome won’t let me

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The new clothing options haven’t yet been added, right? I mean I know you added the options but also said the game ended there.

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Will there be an option for poly regarding romance?


Because I’m a noob I could only post one photo, here’s where I think the end of the demo came in.

Ran into one error, the other is me hitting the end of the demo…I think?


Replayed the demo after deleting my saves to check all the heir options in chapter 2, got those two little bugs :bug: :bug:

  • image
    “You don’t think you and I are actually that compatible, do you?” choice. Rude!heir in the garden, MC can only speak in jerk mode.

  • image
    Sarcastic!heir only has three questions and after seeing all of them you get this error/warning:

Other things (that aren't bugs)

This phrase in the flirty!heir PoV change looked odd to me, probably because English isn’t my first language (buuut it didn’t make me misunderstand the scene).

The charming!heir is the only personality that eats the " before the Hello in aloof!MC’s greeting.

A comma inserted itself where it doesn’t belong (in the shy!MC response to the aloof!heir first meeting, to be more precise).

Now I noticed that I didn’t know rude!heir’s flower, so I choose the charming answer to discover… then googled foxglove flower meaning to see: “In folklore, it was said that picking a foxglove would offend fairies,” and it was exacly what charming!MC did. Was this on purpose? :eyes:


Alright, I’ll take a look at it! Thanks. If you have a Windows computer, you can use snipping tool to take screenshots. Just so you know in the future :smile:

Right, not yet. Those are still under construction. Probably sometime next week before I’ll get to those.

To be honest, I haven’t thought about it yet. So I’ll give a non-answer for now. I’m leaning towards no, but you never know where a story can go! I’ll let you know for sure as the story progresses.

Hmm, I think I believe I forgot to code the fake end I have set up. Thanks for letting me know! Thanks for finding the other error as well.

You rock! Thanks for finding these! :blush:

:smirk: Every heir has a different flower for a reason…


If you have a Mac, you use the “Grab” app or the shortkeys of Command + Shift + 4 (for selection) or 3 (for the entire screen)

For those who enjoy researching on flowers

aloof = camellia
shy = bellflower
jerk = foxglove
charming = larkspur
flirty= bee balms
sarcastic = hydrangea

I love flowers, doesn't everyone?

CAMELLIA Admiration; Perfection; Good Luck, Gift to a Man

So that’s either a “Never before have my eyes regarded so perfect a being as you are; my admiration for you knows no limits” or a “And you are supposed to win my heart? Ha! Good luck with that.”

Very useful information indeed. :grin:

And now I’m stuck wondering: should we take the sarcastic heir’s flower, well, sarcastically? :thinking: Do they actually mean the opposite of the flower meaning?


i think we need to consider the possible meanings in different contexts like the one cantabile found so my answer is yes.

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“A tremendous honor, your grace. I will cherish this gift to the day of my death.”


I think it’s still the same ending as before the last update?

It was a Sarcastic Heir. :smiley:

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It was just a coding update to handle errors, I believe. No additional content was added.

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Abe’s correct! The different flowers are there for hints about how your relationship could go, a visual representation about how the heir acts and more. Just some fun Easter eggs to think about as you’re playing!

For instance, hydrangeas (sarcastic heir) are very big in Japan and tend to be given to people they’ve hurt or insulted. However, in Victorian culture, they were given to their enemies.

I’m using mainly this website as inspiration, but there’s many flower meaning websites out there!

Yes, likely won’t be any new scenes until the end of this week :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! I decided to unplug and not work on anything (work or game related) and it was awesome!

Highly recommend taking time for yourself, regardless if you’re working on a game like I am, or something else entirely! I also was able to get inspired for some new scenes and feel 10x more passionate about this game than I already was!

So, I hope to continue to do bug fixes throughout the week and have new content up by Friday. :smile:


That’s good! I’m glad you were able to get even more motivated about this amazing Demo

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