The Northern Passage (WIP)

I’m super late to the party as usual, but this is such a wonderful WIP and I can’t believe that I’ve only stumbled on it now! The characters are all super fascinating, and you write in a really gritty-fantasy way that hooked me from the start, and I just love how complicated all the relationships with the ROs can get without said relationships turning toxic / unpalatable for the reader. The rivalry stat has me :eyes:

At the moment, I’ve kind of been thinking about Merry’s route - if MC flirts with her, she reciprocates pretty quickly, and given how mysterious she’s been so far, it makes me wonder whether it’s some sort of defense mechanism she’s putting up, and whether she’ll slow down if MC pushes her hard? She’s an interesting character so far, and I’m looking forward to reading the other routes (and having my stupid theory debunked lmao). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@pixelcerin thank u so much!! i’m glad ur loving all the characters :hugs:

@zee i will neither confirm nor deny ur theory…hehe… and thank you for the kind words!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I can’t wait for a Handler route cuz I love that character he or she has a good personality in my mind and my main character and the Handler bicker like an old married couple

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Just popping in to say a) I loved the Merry-centric update – the city is so interesting and the layout really captured my imagination. I love the way you write, because your descriptions really draw me in and make me create a movie in my head.

And b) I think about this story all the time. I try not to get my heart too wrapped up in WIP projects, because you never know what’s going to happen. But I can’t help it with this one, it has really captured my imagination, and I have 2 very strong MC characters already built in my head, and I can’t wait for more. Thank you!


Why can’t the hunter Go hunting for produce because the produce comes to them​:watermelon::firecracker: ( I give you one of my bad jokes I hope you enjoy I have more to go but I’m still writing perfect joke for the northern Passage because to me you earned it)

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Update 02/14:

Happy Valentine’s Day! Managed to polish this update up just in time. Behind the scenes, I’ve rehauled the relationship stats for Clementine - this means you will have to replay from the beginning, otherwise the scenes will not trigger correctly for you. I also added more save slots, changed Noel’s non-binary pronouns, adjusted some of the CC, and…added some achievements! May or may not be permanent; I really like the idea of achievements and honestly…just think they’re neat.

And, of course, Clementine’s branch in Blackwater is now available. The demo still ends just as the paths reconvene. Again, Lea’s and Noel’s branches will still appear as [ WIP ] in this build. No new content warnings .

New total word count: 188,514


I also agree with @pimenita, there were a few times when I thought the choices I made were not really my own. That was fun when I replayed trying to create a different personality for may character than my own, but it would be great if you could add more nuances to the protagonis’s way of being. You could go with what @pimenita said, or maybe you can think of a reason for the character to respond in a certain way in certain situations, regardless of how they are, then reveal it later.

But all in all, I had lots of fun playing it and I;m waiting for more:)