The Northern Passage (WIP)

Hello, I really love this and am hyped about where the story is going :smiley:

Did catch a bug, regarding Noel’s pronouns, on my latest playthrough. She was set as she/her the time:

You squint against the light in the hallway, seeing Noel standing there.

“Good afternoon, hunter,” Noel says with a smirk. You give him a cold look, stepping back into the room, still rubbing at your eyes.

Noel staps halfway inside, clasping her hands in front of her.


Thought of another possible reason for the MC to not to go behind Lea’s back: it’s just not very practical or advisable. You two are supposed to be partners for life. This isn’t something you can hide short of going rogue like Noel apparently did (and hunters have handlers for good reason)-- even if the whole thing somehow goes off without a hitch (law of drama says that’s never going to happen), Lea is going to notice your sudden windfall. It’s really not a good idea to deliberately damage an already-precarious relationship with someone you need to trust with your life for the foreseeable future.


I can’t believe I haven’t read this wip until now it’s fantastic. Such a meaty, immersive chapter and taut with emotion. I adored all the characters as well, they have depths and secrets which makes this wip all the more compelling and well, real. (mm I can taste the aaaaangst)

I also can’t help but admit that I’ve been shamelessly flirting with all the ros. Yes, all of them. Help me, I can’t choose :weary:

Anyways, I’ll be here in the corner rereading it for the umpteenth time today, no shame.



Minor update today. Fixed the dialogue in the scene with Clementine, as well as added in a few more interaction options with Noel, Merry, and Lea. Also found a bug in the prologue that has gone unnoticed, which was a dialogue option not showing up at camp with Lea during the fight, if you turn Clem away on the road. So that’s now been fixed as well.

This was a pretty quick one so there may be minor errors in the writing, I will continue to refine this piece as well as edit it again once I finish the entirety of chapter one for the next big narrative update. I just wanted to fix this a bit before moving on to the rest of chapter one :slight_smile:


very fun game! i liked interacting with the RO’s :slight_smile:

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This is really awesome, so far love the world building and the characters are very engaging and I’m curious about what’s going to happen next. Really excited about this game, looking forward to the next update.

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Housekeeping update 10/30/20!

No new content today, just some code fixes. I corrected the issue with Lea and Noel’s pronouns, as well as tweaked more of the stats, though they’re still not done unfortunately…I’ll get there eventually lol. And updated the content warnings, to include alcohol and smoking, because I completely forgot last time.

And instead of the [FLIRT] indication, I have added in little hearts to the flirt/romance options. Because it’s cute and I love it.

I also added in the option to input your own pronouns for a non-binary hunter. Otherwise, still chipping away at Chapter 1. No real estimated completion date, but if I get to that point I’ll be sure to post it here.

Thanks for reading!