The Northern Passage (WIP)

Nice, always love me some horror. Good luck mate


It would make you look a bad ass though.

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So good! I was already deeply in love with your story, but this update just made it even better. I remember reading some of the initial criticism and suggestions and it seems like you really did your best to make everyone happy; allowing us to reject Clem’s request and taking away the option about drinking the hunter’s brew were, in my opinion, really good changes. Also loved the new interactions between the hunter and Lea, those little moments before and after the wraith fight were great!


Aaaah I love the setting and mood of this! The horror is done so well it really feels like we’re in a frightening dangerous world :eyes: and the flirt options were sooo cute :heart: I may or may not have told Clem to beat it just so I could have some alone time with Lea, sorry buddy :joy: I imagine they’ll show up again so I hope they’re not too mad with me lol. I’m loving the hunter being confused why they’re suddenly so aware of Lea and Lea being shook as well, I’m already so invested in this relationship lol

I love horror and romance so getting both of those things at once has me pretty hyped, looking forward to more!


Hey! Minor update for 09/26/20!

I adjusted the code so the friendship/rivalry stats are more accurate now. I will probably tweak it more in the future because I am bad at math but for now they’re better than they were before!

And speaking of me being bad at math, I also fixed some code that I messed up because I can’t do basic addition LOL. It was causing a scene and some dialogue not to trigger with Lea at the very end of the demo, nothing super major but I definitely encourage everyone to replay before the next narrative update, because depending on if you trigger that scene it will change the opening of chapter one for you and have an impact on your time in Blackwater.

Finally, I also edited the dream sequence because it was really bothering me and I couldn’t leave it any longer. I expect I’ll do a few more of these minor updates to the prologue before the next big narrative update, which I’m aiming to do October 22nd, so a month from this last update now.

Thanks everyone for reading, and for your feedback and support!


does anyone have bad feeling that the mission were sent on is non-negotiable we do it or we die feel to it I just have that feeling and how we got to the end but I’m wondering how many people would it take to kill our main character even if they’re wounded my bet is 20


This is really good and the interactions between characters so far has been great! I don’t think I’m wording this right but everything seems to flow nicely so far! I didn’t see any errors or spelling mistakes in my play though so far btw :+1:


Update 10/13:

Major edits done throughout the prologue, and of course, we now have the opening of Chapter 1. We finally get to see the full main cast in action! I’m posting this earlier than originally planned because I am ahead of schedule at the moment for once. Going forward, I am planning for the next update to be the full release of Chapter 1, and will probably include more edits and also a more polished version of the opening scene. For now, though, I really wanted to get all the ROs out there, even with the briefest of introductions.

Stats page still only has relationships and is almost accurate, but expect it to get more balanced in the future.

Total word count: 107k~


When talking to a certain someone about a certain offer, would it be possible to have an option to decline because you don’t like that they suggested going behind Lea’s back (even if your relationship is rocky right now)? Maybe two, one for it being dishonorable and one for just not wanting to betray her like that?

While I’m at it, I’d like to say that I really like your game. The complicated relationship between Lea and the MC is fascinating, the MC’s personality generally feels flexible enough for individual interpretion while still being independent enough to surprise me, and the setting is the kind of thing I’ve always wanted to play with. It’s one of those ones where almost every time I check the forums, I’m hoping I’ll see it updated.


I agree with @Ixion_Xenia and I would also like it if we had the option to tell Clementine that we would only agree to the deal only if lea was in on it as well. Like no lea? Than no deal. Instead of agreeing and not agreeing cause of mc reasons. Mine was pretty attached to lea so such an option was only natural. Sticking with lea to ride and die with him.

Another if your taking ‘i would like another’ option suggestion:

To me all three options given felt extreme to me one way or another. More variation to react would’ve been welcomed. Especially give for my Detached mc. An option that was just pure indifference, no panicking or being stunned even tho the moment come out of no where.

I love this :heart: I run out of likes so hopefully once they return I’ll like the f$outaa this thread. :joy::sob:


@Ixion_Xenia thank you sooo much! i really appreciate it. i feel like i definitely struggle with the MC’s personality the most because i don’t want to railroad and i’m still figuring it out as i go so i love hearing that!

also ngl i didn’t even think of that as an option but i love it, i’m taking notes lol. i will definitely plan to add that in the future.

@Nagisa18 and same with ur suggestion as well! i’ll definitely work on both those scenes to give more variety for the MC.

always love the feedback i get here bc you all come up with stuff i completely miss while writing and i super love it. it’s fun to get different perspectives so i can give more personality to the hunter. and of course thanks for taking the time to read and post your thoughts it means a lot to me!


I was right never to trust the bard or make-believe bard tricky little sneak something off and I believe that person to spy


Well the new update is very good and in par with the previous chapter and the prologue. However, on a more personal note, I do think that when the MC is in the cabin the interactions with the pirate adn the healer that whole cabin scene, I felt a drastic change from the hardcore badass MC to a more companionable one. I’m not sayin it’s bad or anything but the whole badass schtick was very good, overall, awesome!
PS- clementine… offering backhand deals…how dare ye clementine?!

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This was fantastic, I like that we got to know the whole cast. They really have their own personalities. I got a good feeling for them. Clementines offer is interesting :face_with_monocle: I would like to help them but I really do not know them and going against Leah aaa I really don’t know… if we denied the offer do we get it again at a later occasion?

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@Paradox1 thank you!
as for the cabin scene, would you be interested in seeing more aggressive dialogue options? ngl i really struggled with the dialogue in that piece and i definitely have plans to edit and refine it in the future, as well as adding more “reflection” options throughout where the MC can comment in their mind about what’s happening, if that makes sense. i always seem to have an easier time finding the MCs voice in editing scenes rather than when i initially write scenes

@Isi_Talks hehe…perhaps :slight_smile: i will be adding in more dialogue options for that scene in the future too, just based on feedback i’ve gotten!


@kit some aggresive dialogue will be appreciated but it’s not wholly necessary. No need to go out of your way to include it but it’ll a nice option to the whole thing I feel like. Definitely past reflections sound awesome👍


I really loooove this, can’t wait for your next update! (Though i second the suggestion of having the option of agreeing with Clem’s deal only if Lea is in on it too.)
Keep up the good work, i think your writing is sublime and the story and its characters are perfectly un-perfect (if that makes sense?). <3


Finally a game that lets you smoke a good pipe perfect.


The writing here is honestly so good, I finished the demo in one sitting and was so engaged. The vibes are just. Chefs kiss. So excited to see what you have planned next!

I love all the characters, Lea and Clem especially, and I can’t wait to continue to be nice to them because I hate being mean lol.


I felt this was a very good read. Well-written, well-paced, and world/plot/character building has been done in a way that feels natural. From reading the comments, any thoughts I would have mentioned have already been mentioned. I look forward to updates.