The Night's Militant (Updated 05/12/2022) Codex Update and Save System!

im still liking it so far keep up the good work


Story a bit slow but nit necessarily bad. I loved detailed story.
But there is nothing happened yet so can’t give any thoughts yet.
Keep it up

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wow verygood :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Hello all!
Time for a weekly(ish) progress update!

So I’m down in the trenches of writing the second chapter. Unfortunately, my progress was delayed by a very busy personal week coupled with Mother’s Day shopping so I’m a little further behind than I’d like to be. I should be ready to update around the middle-end of next week!

For now, here’s some features to look forward to in the coming update!

-Further deepen your relationship with your mentor and commanding officer, as well as develop a bond with two new squadmates!

-For you lore lovers like me out there, immerse yourself in the world with codex entries obtained as you play!

-Engage in combat tailored to your style and weapon choice! (SO MANY NESTED IF STATEMENTS…)

-Meet your first RO, and learn a (tiny) bit about the second!

-Get yourself an equine companion! (Yay horsie! :slight_smile:

-Pranks? PRANKS.

-Save feature! (Probably… I will WILL the Godsdamned thing into existence if I have to…)

-And much more!

Thanks for your patience, you guys make it all worth it!


Yup, I’d still check it, but made me lose interest cause of gender locked MC and gender locked ROs… lol an IF without much of free [will] choices wouldn’t have much to be immersed in @Rav3nsblad3.



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Good morning, everyone! I hope you’re doing well!

So I’m rapidly realizing that Chapter 2 will be a bear, owing mostly to my own small experience with choicescript and the massive differetiation in fights based on weapons, sidearms, body types, and attributes (We’re talking a minimum of 20 wholly different scenes per fight, of which there are 3 major ones in the second chapter). Needless to say, I’m kind of at a loss for a reasonable time frame to expect it to be done. And the last thing I want to do is make promises I can’t keep.

However! I do want to give you guys more content/get a gauge on where our thoughts on the customization are. To the first end, I’m going to be releasing a codex mini-update (hopefully) this weekend, or mid week next week at the latest, to build out the world and give you insight into the inner workings of the institutions that be. To be clear, there won’t be any “new content” in terms of story progression quite yet, just codex lore blurbs about various things (in a widget within the stats screen ideally).

To the second part, I’m going to insert a poll in this post about customization. I’d greatly appreciate if you took the time to give feedback! Thanks, and Gods go with you!

Do you like the current level of customizable choices within the story?

  • Yes! Keep the current course, my friend!
  • Certainly not! I need more body customization options! (Please comment your suggestions!)
  • Certainly not! I need EVEN more weapons!(Please comment your suggestions!)
  • Certainly not! I’ve read the description and need more ROs/squadmates! (Please comment your suggestions!)
  • Certainly not! I need a different gender perspective! (Give me Twilight Sisters!)

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This is grear! Just try not to stick all your sentences together since it became really blocky sometime in, but good concept otherwise!


So the very first line of the prologue; the obsessive writer in me has a small note:

I think it a perfect moment for some alliteration

“The dark clouds that proffered this downpour of precipitation presaged the pestilence that was present in this city.”

Oh yeah that’s that good stuff that hits the rhythmic part of the brain

Don’t think I’m criticizing or ordering you to do it.

It was just a funny little thought that entered my head because “present” was so close to “rain” and my brain immediately jumped on the alliteration train when precipitation popped into into my thesaurus of a mind.

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I really like the demo and I personally feel that having a gender locked PC is ultimately a good idea, itll give you a chance to focus on that aspect of your story and it leaves open the possibility of a game from the female perspective. I did see you reply to another comment about locked sexuality options and I agree with you on that front but hopefully it does get changed sooner. I absolutely loved the detail in character creation and while I do hope the details do get refrenced more it does still help set the immersion. I do like the religion of the game and while the doctrine and belief system may not be to original (not a criticism its pretty much impossible to create a new religion from scratch) but the lore was clear, easy to understand and pretty original. Now for some criticism, whilst describing characters you used very generic descriptions although they did help to paint the picture and served their purpose they could use some variation or flair. I did notice that choosing a large character gives him less stamina but I feel that especially stamina should be reflected by the PC’s background and not so much his build. So from my understanding the society of this story is very seperate but equal for the genders and in societies like that there is generally a lot of prejudice from the more powerful side down at the less powerful (Just look at Jim Crow USA) so if you would like that in the your story I’d personally like to see that dynamic and if the PC joins in or condemns the behavior would add some more drama. Ultimately this is your story and you should write it how you want, criticism is always helpful but dont let it control YOUR game seeing as you are the one putting the time and care into this piece. Loved it so far keep up the great work man!


Thank you all so much for your wonderful insights! It makes me so happy when people want to discuss my story!

For sure! I’ll try to break up some of the bigger blocks; I know I can be a little wordy at times.

Oh my, your alliteration is absolutely amazing! Much more poetic than me!

I feel you, sometimes the brain likes it’s patterns c:

100% I aim to bring a LOT of your character options into the story in the second chapter. TBH I was really just dipping my feet into choicescript when I released the first chapter, and wanted to make sure I could get a project with minimal bugs before I got too crazy with the if statements XD

That’s a fair point. I’ll see what I can do to spruce things up and differentiate NPC intros. It’s still very much a rough draft, so insight like this is invaluable!

I see where you’re coming from and while some of the backgrounds certainly affect stamina, my thoughts around build were mostly from a balancing perspective. Stronger builds, especially with high strength will deal more damage and thus I counter-acted this with lower stamina. Not exactly an elegant solution, but hopefully a placeholder until I can develop a more logical system.

For sure! When the codex update comes out, this is definitely something I’ll touch on. Basically, the church advocates the view of separate in function, equal in value. However, your MC will definitely be able to weigh in on that, especially impious MCs.

On the topic of backgrounds, I think I’ll add that to the poll. I remember thinking 3 was a bit sparse when writing, so if you guys would like it, I’ll certainly work to bust out some more backdrops for your character!

EDIT: So I guess I can’t edit the poll after five minutes, so Ill just put a single option poll here to gauge interest for more backgrounds!

Background Poll
Should more backgrounds be added for your MCs?

  • YES
  • I’m fine with a mere 3

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Good evening, everybody!

Finally got all my codex entries done for the first chapter, cleaned up the stat screen a smidge, and I realized how easy the save system implementation was (big oof moment, that), so I added that as well, for any who wish to test various choices!

Hope you enjoy, and happy reading!


By the Gods this was glorious!!

I have long pondered if my wish of playing a templar-isque game of a military arm of a religious body in medieval times might ever come to fruition? Long have I waited to have my question answered and by Caesar, it seems that I have found it.

The writing is flowery yet practical, it immerses one, forcefully even, into the plot. The pacing is quite good, especially in the prologue which was perfect. The flow is well maintained, it did not feel as if it was rushed anywhere, with the perfect amount of questions being popped into the readers mind born of curiosity as I came to know the lore more ( the part by part implementation of the Codex is better than the infodump method imo).

I must complain of one problem. The ingrained doctrine of Vikings, Romans and the Witcher in me had made it quite a difficult job for me to choose a weapon that would enhance my badassery to stupendous levels. But I persevered.

The stats system is quite good. I do feel there’s enough there to make the player keep note of it in the future for engaging in scenarios while being neither too much stat focussed nor a stat-less bland page.


Pierce through illusions

Came to loathe

Indeed, I shall now douse myself in a wretched stupor as I play through this masterpiece in working for innumerable times and await ever eagerly for more.

Go forth and be victorious!


I am humbled by your high praise my friend. So glad you liked it!