The New Order (wip) post apocalyptic political game



That sounds good to me. Also I was wondering if you could Germanize ur terms a bit like Kaiser instead of king, Wermacht or Bundeswehr instead of army, Luftwaffe for Air force. I know this is a lot to ask but I feel that this can help with the immersion of ur story


no it’s perfectly fine so i will try to do that in the future, probably after I finish chapter 2. as it was suggested by a German to change Marcus Schmitt’s name to Moritz Schmitt. so yes the germanization will happen. also as it seems no one has figured out my secret cheat code I will give it to you and anyone else who sees the post this is the code

4th of July, capitalize it like I did.

you should also have this open in another tab too Binary Translater


We have passed the 4k mark on chapter 2. so yay and it saved and not corrupted so double yay. It not near anywhere where it was before, and by that I mean I no where near where it was before when the old file got to 4k. so yes

this insist a major progress report like the other ones so this is it but here a intrest check of sorts that I came up with I want to work on at some point.

Interest Check

in this game you are the head of a game development team, working on a project that you will deiced on what it is, like how you chose what movie you were making in Hollywood visionary. there will be 3 modes to it

Normal “Easy” - which you will head a indie team as the one founding of the studio you’re creating and this game will be your first. very Hollywood visionary like.

Medium “Normal” - in which it is very much like Normal except you’re the co-founder of the company while you stayed behind to lead the team your friend and co-founder became CEO of the company. he will meddle with you but is largely sympathetic and won’t do it much.

Hard “Hard” this one you are at a mid level company with 3 executives that will try to meddle with your game and within the team will be those who want to take your place.

  • I like this idea
  • I like the premise but not the modes
  • I don’t like this idea

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Also for the Interest check could someone come up with a name for it cause I can’t


So remember when I said this

Ya, I lied, but

Everyone who likes this thread Gather round cause the update is here and I will probably die of exhaustion in a few moment so yay. the chapter is not fully complete, as the bill acceptance system is not implemented. so it’s only the bill making system, this causes it to be a WIP status. if you don’t know what I mean by that then here you go

the update with the bill acceptance system will be in a few days and this time I’m not lying


So the update isn’t out yet mainly because I was working on my Hoi4 mod, but it’s is getting worked on and it will be out in 3 days. I hope I don’t get myself in trouble with myself by giving myself a deadline. Myself usage meter 3x
But here’s a cool screenshot for you guys. it’s the planed endings of the game right now.