The New Order Updated Sept. 14 (Progress report #2 on Post 63)



The update is nearly complete :grin:


Yes!!! that was one of the first games i played on the forum since i love politics and i just can’t wait

Now i would ask how soon but that against forum rules so i can’t.

now i think i know the answer to this but should you be able to chose gender/name

  • fixed name and gender
  • chose gender/name
  • fixed names chose genders

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Alright after i finished Chapter 1 through choices i will work on a character creation


Although the demo is short im excited what happens next


This will be my first main update post. this is edited from some short post I made on June 3. for me, on the day I am editing this post it is June 28th

My Current Work section on the first post has been updated:

This section is just what I am Working on

This is the whole thing if you don’t want to scroll up for a few seconds

So as of right now the first choice for the bill has been made on the militarization side of things. Right now it is only a cosmetic choice but I will be working on one of the core mechanics of the game. the actual support for the bill I just have been dealing with a very annoying bug that happened due to stupidity on my part with forgetting to put in a set the variable. but that coding.

I am also added in a “cheat” mode, though it not really a cheat mode, it just an easter egg. but i’m adding in new sections to the stats. The next update will be out tomorrow on the 29th. it is called

The Romans are Coming

If you see this thread and are an artist and you want to help, please do this.

if you could put this image on some sort of shield like it would be a coat of arms. it does not need to fit, it would be better if it did not so there only the cross-section that would be perfect.


Happy 4th of July everybody. now a lot of you may not live in the u.s, but I do so Happy 4th of july. I have added in a cheat so here is a letter your character gets in the mail today

Dear MC
heres a riddle for you

4 adults walk into a bar
they sit down together and
have a few drinks

of all of them
frank says that his friend

Judy should stay with the group.
unless you and judy go to the movies says
luke, mad at judy for locking his girlfriend
yana in their apartment,

can you find the secret code.

I will reward you guys with the next code if you can find this one.


There is some promise here, though there are a few issues with flow and whatnot. Some things you could work on is give more worldbuilding/context and give more disciplined deceptions and make it flow it bit better. But other then that the game looks promising keep up the good work.


Also some things that you could add is more options for example what is your mc’s background/ motivation. Were you involved in the war? Other things is you could have options that allow you to specialize your character for example allow you to be a Nobel for something.


Thank you so much, plus I know my fourth of july post is on the 3rd of july. close enough.


@JordanQuimby I have no clue how I did not think of that, because that one of the things I love most about these types of games.

you are a Nobel but that just something not yet implemented. it will be in chapter 2 as that coming out soon. but I could put in some sort of I was Middle or working class. as for being involved in the war what war do you mean because I’m a little forgetful.


Somewhere in it the book tale about the Berlin rebels and the Roman something either or or both of those could be wars which you fought in. On top of that providing some backstory to those conflicts would be interesting and if you were involved the war it would add some more depth to the story.


While what I wrote only said there were the Bismarck rebels existed, in my head cannon they were only riots. but think more of the Detroit riots now that I think about it. I will expand on this in the first chapter that you play. I am currently expanding on it. and some changes to the character creation.


So Here we go. this has been along time coming. now I expected chapter 2 to be quick and easy to do. or at least get a good portion up, since I knew that that chapter would take a while to do. mainly because it introduce a main mechanic of the game. the bill system. but it took a lot longer then I thought. and as I writing this I got one bit left to do for the diplomacy path. then I have to do the acceptance/rejection of the bill to be put on the floor of the Reichs/Commune hall by the Kaiser or chairman. this upcoming update also add more info on Eric, your brother and the upcoming democratic update Don’t ask But please do :wink:

what will happen going forward, will be a less frequent update schedule. as in updates I mean the little minor ones I been doing, and to clarify updates mean the kind where it takes a while but it big. the way it was happing before was that there would be these mini hourly updates as I didn’t have CSIDE ,such a great help I truly recommend it, so I would have to update the dashingdon demo to test it. I also need to do two thing about he updates. 1) refresh the update as it is heavily outdated. 2) also I’m going to gamify the update title even more by changing it to semantic versioning cause SCREW DECIMALS use this link to learn more on semantic versioning

but the even cooler thing about this upcoming update is that it will be the largest ever. chapter 2 will be the largest chapter, the thing before was that chapter 1 the previous largest chapter was nearing 300 lines of code and was around 2.5k words long, that would have been either more or the same as the prologue and your character creation where as chapter 2 was just below 2.5k. now chapter 2 is around 3.1k and is not even 1/3 down. so yay.

also has no one figured out my 4th of July Riddle for the cheat system, if you have please announce it in the thread cause I want to see the reaction to the story I whipped up there. also as a little side thing just because Random Poll Time

  • I have played Paradox Games
  • I have not played Paradox Games

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and by Paradox games I mean games their development team mean (Hoi4 Ck2 Stellaris ect.)


All righty, here is a code to find out the cheat I placed in my riddle Crack this code and it will help you find the cheat. 01001100 01101111 01101111 01101011 00100000 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110100 01101001 01100011 01100001 01101100 01101100 01111001

and here is the code for a cheat (use the same methoad as above)
01010011 01101110 01100101 01100001 01101011 00100000 01010000 01100101 01100001 01101011


Hello everyone that has tried this WIP and have been waiting for an update, the horrible happened the other day, my chapter 2 at around 4k then I saved it and turn off my computer only to reopen it to find it corrupted and the only file that I have not corrupted of it is At 2.1k so meet my good friend the crying Corner


The Horror. The Horror


Truly is, my friend the crying corner was as real help lately. and I kinda think I’ve been talking about a fictional crying corner a bit to much. But yes it was a very sad moment. Also two things one is for this thread interialy and the other is for you.

  1. How would you guys think about of a lesser update still pretty big as it introduce a mecanic but smaller so I don’t have to experience that adgain.

  2. @DevilDog_1999 Semper Fidelis my good man Ooh-Rah


Thanks man I’ll be leaving for boot camp next month. Also any update is a good update


You’re welcome, you’re serving your country and that’s fantastic. my father was a marine so there a soft spot in my heart for that branch of the military.


guys so I’m here again, and just wanted to say that chapter 2 is around nearly around 3k so yay. I will probably have an update in a few days so don’t worry. I did notice that I forgot about 2 crucial sections of the diplomacy branch which will probably result In a over 10k long chapter when I’m done with it. as with the French section being about the same size as the Russian section and with that going on to be about 2k long which makes a 4k long section with a same sized one but it being for the socialist nation. making it about 10k long without the acceptance section. later so yah. this going to be the longest chapter I have ever done. also Jesus , I truly can’t spell. so you may get a good part of it in a few days