The New Lord (WIP)-Minor update July 11 See Post 95/95



So I made some minor grammar changes, and I made some more progress in meeting the other children!


little girl = baby girl ?


I wanted some alliteration, but I couldn’t decide between lass or girl. I ended up mushing the elements together. But, you’re right…I should just write the option as Baby Girl instead.


also got this error : Chapter2 line 111: Non-existent variable ‘adivinian_magic’


OH. Thanks for the input, it would be embarrassing if the main component of the game isn’t working.


also if I may suggest a tiny thing , may wanna write up there that you can be female/male . Because the Title is very misleading , I almost passed your demo .


Thank you so much for the optics advice! I chose lord because I thought that was more on the gender neutral side of things, but if that’s putting people off…


honestly…I have to look up what’s the female word for ‘Lord’…if there are any lol

No worrie , you can keep it or change it later if the title isn’t set in stone . But pointing out you can play as such and have such orientation and all is very helpful . It’s pretty much what choiceofgames are all about . I wish you all the best in your story btw :slight_smile:


Aww, that’s really sweet of you to say.


so Doh moment lol must be more tired then I though…

Here what Google say : Tadam!

I mean…this : The appellation “lord” is primarily applied to men, while for women the appellation “lady” is used.


Oh ok. Lord is usually for men and Lady is for women. I might brush up on regality I guess.


lol that’s why I never write medieval stuff , I have a hard time remembering who is who .


But it’s fun just wrecking all of the problematic elements of the Medieval Era and just…modernize it and/or wreck them.


ha ha…well maybe , but you have to have a good grasp of that Era to write about it . And I aint good at history and stuff like that .


Awwhhh, adorable first chapter!! I’ve never played as a Baby in a story before and the interactions between the relatives were very cute! I was intrigued by some of the powers that they had. Will we be able to play until the MC’s old age? I love stories like that! Or what age, exactly? Really looking forward to this! =)


My plan is to keep the vignette style until the MC is in the age range of 21-24. Then THE BIG BAD CONFLICT will happen. From there…I guess It will seem timeless. Afterwords, I might have an epilogue of sorts


WOOH! FINALLY GRADUATED HIGHSCHOOL. So, expect an update in the near future. From the amount of time it is taking me to code it, it might be an important one :wink:


congratulation! and can’t wait ! :smiley:


Woo I hope I will get to turn into animals as well just like saphirra


Are you a Filipino because Mapagmahal is a Tagalog word???