The Nellis Noble Magical Academy(WIP) - Update 6/14/2020 Post #239

They mean that the tyrannical regime of system won’t let them post pictures, since they have Trust Level 0 (Basic), which basically means that the system doesn’t trust them enough. Or doesn’t think they’re cool and pretty enough.

Yo @CatBasedDiet, hang around for a bit, check some other topics, mindlessly praise other people and you should be able to advance through this unfair social hierarchy :joy:


Oh yeah, I forgot about the bullshit system.


Last year when I was making the first, now discontinued version of this game I asked if anyone had specific questions they wanted MC to ask each RO during their meeting I took most of them to create the basis for selectable questions in their interaction. I plan on still using some of those questions, as a few of the older ones already are answered in story up to this current point. However, now that the group interested in this game has changed and expanded I want to open the floor again to know what everyone would like for the MC to ask each RO (All or individually).

I will take the most common questions that flow most smoothly with the first bonding scene with the RO and assign them according to what type of MC it makes sense with, or just worded differently if it applies to the curiosities of any MC.


Some proofreading thoughts from the first few pages. I haven’t read all earlier posts, so any of this might be a duplicate:
On the select-a-gender page, the gender-neutral options reads “You are a attractive individual,” so perhaps find a synonym that doesn’t start with a vowel.
On the “You happen to be?” page–the sentence starting with “Hoping” and the one after it are both fragments, it should be inheritor instead of inheretor, and I think you meant morticians rather than Mortician’s (unless that’s someone’s name).
Next page–the first sentence is a run-on. Places that need commas: “prosper, there is also” and “ideals, most notably”. Also, the last sentence of that page is a fragment.
Hope that helps!


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Hi everyone. I’m sorry there hasn’t been an update recently. I do want to keep the forum alive and assure you all I am working on the game.


@TheAnalyst can you place a menu within the statistics section where it explains all the attributes and types of magic?

As a little subsection under the names themselves or do you all want an option within the stats labeled something like “Explanation of Stats”?

@TheAnalyst yes, that’s what I mean, I personally prefer “an option within the stats labeled”

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Not sure if this has been pointed out but when you meet Ilsa right at the bottom of the page she turns into Iola.

Oops. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll fix that right up.


got this when i tried to hangout with Eliza

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That is where it ends as of right now. I’m not sure how that got in at this incomplete stage, I’m sure it got in by mistake as I was trying to introduce corrections.

My apologies.