The Nellis Noble Magical Academy(WIP) - Update 6/14/2020 Post #239

Dude or girl lol I love the update I didn’t find any bugs super cool

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Are all the ROs bisexual? if not can someone who is what? I can’t find the info anywhere :sweat_smile:

Yes. The link is at the very top in my first post and here.
I would appreciate any asks you have, especially character reactions.

Awwww, thanks, you’re very kind to me. :slight_smile:
Very well, the next update may very well be extensive with everything included. To which I’ll do my best to make satisfying. I can’t wait to see how you guys feel when you discover which RO’s are the more manipulative ones.

Girl or non-binary title is acceptable, and thank you.

Here’s the sexuality of each RO presented so far.

Alex: Pansexual

Eliza: Pansexual

Hussein: Heterosexual

Ramona: Homosexual

Ilsa: Bisexual

Sexuality of RO’s who will be introduced later.

Sifer: Pansexual

Martin: Pansexual

Kelsie: Homosexual

Lucas: Heterosexual


4 out of 9 ROs can only be romanced by F!MC seems a bit unbalanced if you play NB or M MC


Didn’t realize the balance issue until now. I’ll probably do the vote again to see if you guys still prefer unique sexualities or just default to pansexual RO’s. Otherwise this issue is going to be starting me in the face and I’ll spend too much time trying to figure out a way to fix it instead of writing.

Hi everyone, making a new post here to address the issue of imbalance regarding the RO sexuality. I’m glad this was brought to my attention as since I responded with my previous post I’ve been thinking about how to address it.

I realized that some writing decisions I should stick with and stay true to but others I should be flexible and compromising with. Writing with the choice script program means creating a satisfying game as much as story and that means balance. So, I separated the RO’s whose sexuality I had set in stone from those whose character I was still developing. What I came up with in the end wasn’t completely perfect but it was much more balanced.

Alex: Pansexual

Eliza: Pansexual

Hussein: Heterosexual

Ramona: Homosexual

Ilsa: Bisexual (Non-Binary and Male attracted)

Sifer: Bisexual (Non-Binary and Female attracted)

Kelsie: Heterosexual

Martin: Asexual (Panromantic)

Lucas: Homosexual

The improvement I can see coming in at a later date would be to have a RO who is exclusive to Non-Binary MC’s.

Anyway, I’m glad this was brought to my attention. I hope you all will continue to bring up your problems, concerns, etc. when they arise so that I may address them in the best way possible. I love hearing from all of you and interaction with readers is what most keeps me motivated as I continue to create Nellis Noble Magical Academy.

Anyway, I decided to have the free time dedicated to character bonding so that there will be an exclusive scene for the MC to raise a skill stat. I don’t want the MC being penalized for having no stat boosts once the next classes come into play.


Could someone explain the essence stat please.

It’s the stat that contributes to the MC’s success in the life and death magic schools. It’s the soul stat so to speak that determines the connection to nature and the cycle of life and death. Related to spirituality, creativity and emotion.

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Not fond of all the automatic dialogue MC gets, seems regardless of my personality and choices I’m automatically opening up to some people. If I made a point of ignoring everyone and heading to my room, it’s kinda odd that the next day I’m going “Hey, I’m NAMEHERE” and telling someone how my class went even if I’m an apathetic son of a mortician.

Also, might be a bit odd but could you add a choice for MC to not even bother with decorating their room?

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My apologies for how my writing decisions have led to your playthrough style being rather unsatisfying and not fitting under the circumstances of the story. I hoped that through the narrative it would be made clear that a MC who starts as anti social realizes that not being sociable with their dorm/school mates is going to be a lot of trouble long term in light of immediate impressions and reactions.

Each room decoration style contributes to a specific stat that boosts performance in some forms of magic as a reflection of the MC. An option of no decoration or personalization would mean no association to a particular stat and I don’t want to penalize players for unknowingly not boosting their skills.

I do want to facilitate as much role play as possible but I can’t accommodate for every personality type, and I will need to write for MC’s who have a leaning to explore their school and socialize with others. I think I have an idea of what the MC you’re going for is like but I may well be mistaken. Of course I would like it if you could further elaborate so I may know if this is information I could use to make the game better or avoid potential writing mistakes.


Is anyone experiencing error messages? I’m trying to figure out if the game has a code issue right now or if Choicescript is being strange.


I haven’t found any

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Yup. I get up to the point where you choose whether to hang out with a roommate or explore the forest/shore, and get the message “chapterone line 999: bad label finish” which then freezes the game. All options prompt this error, but each one down the list increments the line number by 2 (so Alex’s choice is 999, Eliza’s is 1001, Ramona’s is 1003, etc.)
This was replicated with a different character on a different device; same result.

I also found a different error trying to replicate it. When Ramona is getting flustered about her crush, option #2 (help her out by getting her out of there) results in the error message “chapterone line 872: It is illegal to fall out of a *choice statement; you must *goto or *finish before the end of the indented block”. That one is exclusive to that single choice and occurred with a male farmer MC, but not a female noble MC.

I saved images of both the error messages, but I’m apparently not cool and pretty enough to post them.


I got a the last error you mentioned when typing in a last name but it worked fine when I tried again. Though I did also get the error you mentioned when trying to hang out with a dorm mate

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Thank you guys. I fixed up the code and it passed the quick-test so it should work alright now.

I’m sorry, what?

They mean that the tyrannical regime of system won’t let them post pictures, since they have Trust Level 0 (Basic), which basically means that the system doesn’t trust them enough. Or doesn’t think they’re cool and pretty enough.

Yo @CatBasedDiet, hang around for a bit, check some other topics, mindlessly praise other people and you should be able to advance through this unfair social hierarchy :joy:


Oh yeah, I forgot about the bullshit system.


Last year when I was making the first, now discontinued version of this game I asked if anyone had specific questions they wanted MC to ask each RO during their meeting I took most of them to create the basis for selectable questions in their interaction. I plan on still using some of those questions, as a few of the older ones already are answered in story up to this current point. However, now that the group interested in this game has changed and expanded I want to open the floor again to know what everyone would like for the MC to ask each RO (All or individually).

I will take the most common questions that flow most smoothly with the first bonding scene with the RO and assign them according to what type of MC it makes sense with, or just worded differently if it applies to the curiosities of any MC.


Some proofreading thoughts from the first few pages. I haven’t read all earlier posts, so any of this might be a duplicate:
On the select-a-gender page, the gender-neutral options reads “You are a attractive individual,” so perhaps find a synonym that doesn’t start with a vowel.
On the “You happen to be?” page–the sentence starting with “Hoping” and the one after it are both fragments, it should be inheritor instead of inheretor, and I think you meant morticians rather than Mortician’s (unless that’s someone’s name).
Next page–the first sentence is a run-on. Places that need commas: “prosper, there is also” and “ideals, most notably”. Also, the last sentence of that page is a fragment.
Hope that helps!