The Nellis Noble Magical Academy(WIP) - Update 20 August 2019

Oh, interesting. Do you find the other five schools of magic more interesting?

I’m testing and trying to add on the save system so there will likely be error messages for a bit.

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startup line 87 non exsisting comand - sm_menuaddon

Intelligence is just a stat I always focus on and I’m really interested in death magic, so…

o.o i was just gonna mention that same thing happened to me when i pressed the link to the game and it started saying startup line 87: Non-existent command ‘sm_menuaddon’

I added the smPlugin and smPluginMenuAddon script into my web folder and into my HTML index file. I’m experiencing similar issues to the ones recently brought up in the Saving System Plugin topic where I get a

message and then the error message kevin_Wr and John_Hindley mentioned popped up.

So I’m going to leave putting in the save system alone for now and focus on continuing to work on the meeting the dorm mates scene.

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Brief intro of the dorm mates up.

First to get it out of the way, I did spot one spelling error in the new section, you misspelled acquaintance as acquintance, that was the only one I noticed though. For the full quote, it’s from the noble dialogue option, in full: “Good evening everyone. It is quite pleasant to meet your acquintance, and I hope you shall all make for pleasant company.” you say.

Now onto other feedback, loving that the different backgrounds also effect our dialogue choices! I checked and there’s different things you can say if you’re a noble or a mortician that give different relationship boosts. I initially did the noble one, but maybe won’t in future because it alienates Ramona and Hussein a little.

I did have one suggestion, maybe the special background based options should boost relationships by 10% instead of 5%? You can already boost Ilsa 10% by flirting while you get 5% being polite. But all introductions with dorm mates have a max of 5% whatever you say. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, just a thought I had. Thanks again for your hard work.

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Will correct the spelling error as soon as I can get to my draft again.

Thank you for the compliments. As for the relationship percentage increase, that’s actually something I’m trying to figure out in regards to the code itself. For some reason the relationship stat only rises and falls in units of 5 which is a big problem because I want for it to cap off at 50 for this game so I gotta figure out how I can get the code to take in smaller numbers. So I will have things like actively flirting be somewhere from the 5-7 range in terms of increase. The general polite introduction be 1-2, and the responses relating to the MC and RO demonstrating a kindred spirit being 3-5.

I’m very interested in how you mentioned the noble greeting feels like it alienates Ramona and Hussein as I plan for each background to slightly influence character interaction and grant a certain advantage in interactions. Though no more than 1 or 2 +. Such as the farmer background making it a bit easier to chip past Hussein’s shell and making it a bit easier to hang out with Pearl. As with the noble option I wanted to give a bit of an insight as to the type of etiquette nobles are taught and how common people find it very pretentious. The mortician background having created the basis of a fun quip to get a unique response out of Ramona.

So I’m interested in what people are going to think moving forward and whether they’d opt for even negative behaviors in game. Such as acting like the stereotype of a vain stuck up noble.


That depends, can I look down on everyone and call those that get on my bad side mongrels.:thinking:

Sure, hell that would probably get you right to the fifty mark with Ilsa once you get to know her in private.

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As long as I can play as Gilgamesh, I’m good.

Well, I mean that I can’t guarantee.

Good story hope it can finish soon

Personally I chose the noble background because intelligence is my favourite stat and in the description said the blue blood had the best education. So I didn’t really pick it to be an elitist or a snobbish stereotype, so I probably wouldn’t pick options like that unless I was role playing a particular character who might do that. My normal play through typically has my character being charming or at least polite, so most times I wouldn’t play into a noble stereotype.

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I’m definitely liking this so far, got an interesting cast of characters :ok_hand:t5:

Thank you, guys.

Yeah, that’s also partially the purpose of that particular background. Of course, you’ll always be able to play as a proper noble and I’ll see what the general reaction is to the selection of behavior choices especially when Ilsa’s influence becomes involved.

Working on the first scene of getting to know and having a one on one with the dorm mates. Any questions in particular anyone would like the MC to ask the dorm mates for getting to know them?

What magic are you going to focus on?
Know any where I can some wine?
Some random stuff about them?


Where they’re are from.

If they had known about magic before arriving here.

What they do for fun in their free time. (Pretty important if I’m dorming with them. Anyone says they like to watch others sleep, I’m asking for a new room. lol)

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