The Nebula (WIP)

So, while working on Birth of a Hero I have from time to time started a major re-work on my first WIP (which has existed in a semi-zombie state since 2015… even longer if you take into account that the first version was written using a different platform, and which I started in 2013!). The “core” of the game is practically finished, yet I feel that a major re-write is necessary to incorporate many of the things I’ve learnt while developing later games. The “pre-demo” here includes some new ideas on how to make the game start in a more interesting way than the previous one.

I guess the game is partially inspired by Warhammer 40,000, Star Trek, Blade Runner, and the old gamebook Starship Traveller (actually, when I first started I wanted to make something similar to that, and then slowly deviated…)

More comments will follow later, but my main idea is to proceed in a similar way than what I did with Birth of a Hero, and only make half the game available for public testing (with the other half available to those that provide some feedback).

Note that the entire game is currently ~95,000 words, though what I am posting here is really just a tiny bit, while I re-work the rest.

The year is 14,668 A.A.C. (After de colonization of Alpha Centaury), 134th year of the reign of Emperor Trajan V of the 8th Empire of Terra. Humanity has colonized large sections of the galaxy, with the Empire held together by a network of colossal Warp Gates allowing speeds hundreds of times greater than the usual warp jumps attainable by ship Navigators.

Humans represent the only citizens of the Empire, with other races considered as non-citizens or worse. Liberty is severely curtailed, with the freedom to alter one’s body or sex contrasting with a prohibition of any other form of genetic modification to enhance intelligence or telepathic abilities. This contrasts with earlier periods of expansion, in which heavy genetic manipulation divided the human race into a multitude or races and sub-races to better adapt to inhospitable planets.

Several civil wars against Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and genetically-altered telepathic humans lead to the downfall of the 1st and 3rd Empires. As a consequence, any being with telepathic, genetically, implant-enhanced intelligence above IQ 180 or A.I.'s are persecuted by the Inquisition. Political dissent of any form is not tolerated, something enforced by the ultra-powerful Commissariat. As a result, corruption has largely been eliminated, though at the expense of efficiency.

Aside from the Inquisition and Commissariat, the Empire is held together by the Imperial Navy, one of the largest known fleets in the galaxy. You are a promising young starship captain assigned to one particularly isolated border sector of the Empire, only connected to its main body through a single Warp Gate.

In this game you take the role of a starship captain in the Imperial Navy on a mission to investigate a recent threat. The game allows you great liberty to explore a galaxy made up of a multitude of star systems, each with their own planets, moons and asteroids around them.

You can attempt to pursue your mission as quickly as you want, or take the time to explore the various locations, so this is a bit more of a “free-roaming” non-linear game, quite different to other games around here I think. I tried to give a few hints towards the start of the game to give some sense of direction, but ultimately its up to people what to do.


To do list:

-Add various skin-colour tonalities

Future paths

-Lead rebellion


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The premise and demo remind me of Blade Runner lol and choices (little that they are) also reflect the feeling I want my character to have.

Sidenote: Zorkinians reminds me of Zork (text adventure game) lol


Interesting premise, hope you will continue. Just wondering though, as you established the last two human options to be albinos, will the first 3 options also have pre determined skin colour or will we select our own?


Looks interesting will be watching.


The world seems interesting and the detailed stats and character creation speak for themselves
Looking forward to seeing more of this


@adrao It’s Alpha Centauri btw :slight_smile:


Dose anyone else get a liberal perspective of warhammer 40k from this?


I get a “The Titan” vibe from it.


I am intrigued by this idea! Best of luck with your WIP! :grin:


Oh! This seems interesting. A star captain in a not so Federationy humanity. On the frontier with probably no backup. This should be fun!


Whoa that was an abrupt ending!! I like what I have read so far. :+1:


Do you plan to have a choice where you lead or to be part of a rebellion against the empire

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@MIGSey one of the things that I need to re-code entirely is character appearance (in my original WIP there was none, and this is something I learnt that many players like). Adding skin-colour could be a possibility.

@LordOfLA thanks for spotting the typo!

@Exeldgamer, I forgot to mention that part of my inspiration is the work of Iain M. Banks (Culture series), hence why characters can live long, change gender/sex through their lives, etc. But, I wanted to put a “dark” spin on it, as in what would have happened if there had been a war with A.I.'s, etc. So, I guess its a mixture of many things, and as you say Warhammer 40k is one of them (the distant Emperor on his throne, etc…)

@Yuh-boy_Anto, never seen the Titan, do you recommend it?

@FutbolDude21586, sorry for that. Actually, the first path of the game is almost entirely coded and written to the very end, but it needs extensive re-writing… so I’ll be posting slowly as I re-write the game. Hopefully it should be quicker than writing the game from scratch (famous last words…)

@BABYCRY, this is one of the (many) different possibilities I have in my head. However, what I have coded so far would be the “mission” route, allowing the player to fulfill his primary mission. But, I feel the game shouldn’t be complete without such a possibility (after all, I am deliberately setting the possibility of the MC being rebellious against the essence of the Empire…)

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Hm, this seems interesting! Also it would be fun to be having a rebel character as well. I also think it would be fun to not rebel, but grudgingly have to keep doing your job, maybe being forced to sacrifice your principles at times to keep your command (and probably also your head).


Sounds good hope captain not hard tho

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Actually yeah i do recommend it. Its about man kind trying to find a way to the moon titan. However, the planet cannot support humans, soooo they ask for soldiers to test a drug that modifies human dna to survive on titan. Its on netflix 7.5 out of 10 for me.

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Yes, basically my hope is to offer the MC a difficult choice towards the end. Lets see if I manage!

@Yuh-boy_Anto, sounds interesting! Will try to watch it next time I have a chance! :slight_smile:

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I’m glad this one has been revived :smiley: