The Narcissistic Necromancer [Teaser -- more to come soon!]



TNN has been moved back to the regular WIP category. :star_struck:


Out of curiosity does this affect your plans or will everything stay the same?


Everything will still be the same. There was just a but of confusion because I put “erotica” (much more intense, and not really an accurate description of what kind of scenes there will be) in the warning list instead of “sexual content.”

Btw, everyone, things are coming along at a steady pace. So far I have 10/20k for Chapter 1. Here are a couple of quotes from one of the ROs, the foul and big-mouthed Tanno. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • “It’s those fucking onions. They’d make a troll blubber like an impotent teenager! But since you’d like to know, this job is a huge pain in my ass. How would you like to start your morning by catching a big fat rat snuggled up to a sack of half-eaten potatoes?”
  • “Piece of fuck,” Tanno mutters under his breath. “Why don’t you go shit yourself.”