The Narcissistic Necromancer [Prologue]



@Sarahstuber Would you like the story to be moved to adult content? :slight_smile:


Maybe not just yet, since there’s nothing mature in the demo at the moment. But when we get to certain points in the story, if my readers feel like it’s a good idea, we can do that. Thanks though! :slight_smile:

Well, it was actually pre-emptively put in the adult section by a mod. I just hope this will still be able to get a lot of feedback. :frowning:


It is pretty good from what I read, can’t wait for future updates.


By the way everyone, I kinda wanna clarify something…I narrated the whole goblin tribe battle rather than displaying it with choices and narrative consciously and for important reasons, not because I’m a lazy bum. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s intended to be mysterious, with lasting effects throughout the story, and where issues will often arise because so many characters have different perspectives on it. I guess what I’m saying is, I know this is my first story, but have a liiittle faith in me please. :sweat_smile::innocent:


I remember this one time I tried to use that excuse… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like what I see here, and I’m going to try to keep up to date with this one. And in case you were worried about your story losing a lot of readers by having been placed in AC(adult content because I AM a lazy bum), well…having so few projects in AC, your wip is more likely to stick out (and is how I came across it) so while it is less accessible to the forum, you also do stick out more. And once we inform other forum goers who to subscribe to the AC portion of the forum, I’m sure you’ll get even more.

And now…

Faith granted.


Aw, thanks!! :grin:

Quick question! I see that my game is now in both the User Games and Adult Section. Does that mean it’s even more hidden, or is the “User Games” more of a tag?

Because I know there are Hosted Games in the Adult Section. I don’t want this to be a User Game, I want it to be a HG WIP. :cry:

Also, just to be clear on the rules…if the game contains violence, profanity, disturbing elements, and erotica, it’s considered Young Adult, but if it only had sexual abuse, it would then be in Adult? I’m asking because I want to know what the rules are and they don’t seem to be very clear at all.

Just the mention of sexual abuse instantly got my WIP moved from HG WIP to User Game and Adult Section, even though there’s currently nothing mature in the demo, and no one has a had a chance to see whether the content warrants any of that.

I’m not trying to argue, I’m just new so I’m confused. :confused:


Great question - it is the WiP area for any choicescript game considered “Adult”. So it acts more like a tag than anything else.

Here are the descriptors of the two sections:

Adult - This category is for discussing adult content

Adult, User Games - This is for discussion of ChoiceScript games with adult content developed outside of Choice of Games or Heart’s Choice.

So basically this User Games section is for Hosted Games that contain adult content. Choices of Games and Heart’s Choice games are handled in their own areas.

As far as visibility goes: It is my understanding that anyone signing up for the Adult area would see the User games section as well.

I don’t know the circumstances of what content in your WiP was the determining factor for your WiP to be moved here. For that, you should contact a moderator or staff member who can look into this for you.


I moved this to the Adult section due to the description. As far as I know, there’s currently no path to publication for Adult HG games. The active label for Erotica is Heart’s Choice which involves pitching titles and being accepted to the editorial process.

If anyone knows differently please let me know if


I am still curious, as some games were recently moved into the adult sections when they were already accepted for publication by Hosted Games. Since they don’t publish adult titles isn’t that acceptance into the publishing queue for Hosted Games also a confirmation that there is no adult content in the game?
After all doesn’t Hosted Games already make that value judgement when accepting works for publication?

I was under the impression that in the other thread Gower was acting like a forum moderator and moving the thread because maybe our discussion of the game had become too graphic, steamy, smutty or otherwise not fit for the eyes of minors. Which might mean some games are going to need two discussion threads in the future, one adult and one not. :thinking:


Oh okay! Well, TNN will be about 250k words, and 250k of that will contain the violence/profanity/sexual content/disturbing elements, whereas maybe 1k will contain sexual abuse. So if I submit this to HG and they feel it’s absolutely necessary, I can delete that 1k words to bring TNN back down to Young Adult. But I think that would weaken the story a little. :confused:

Btw I’m definitely not trying to offend anyone. Thanks for being helpful, guys. :slight_smile:


But isn’t one of the adult section games being published right now…


I honestly don’t think you need to tone it down at all. The wip Price for Freedom is in the adult section and it is being published. Honestly the only thing that you might want to avoid is promoting racism, and sexual abuse. (Though from what I can tell you can have those as long as you are not actively promoting it.


Thanks! That makes sense.


I’m only going on this description.

Going on the guidelines I’ve read, HG does not publish Erotica. Maybe the other games being published are adult non-erotica. I’ll modify my early post.


Oh! I didn’t know that. I thought there was that kind of stuff in Heart of the House and The Magician’s Burden, and maybe a few other published CSGs I’m not aware of. Am I using the wrong word? :confused: I mean there are going to be sexual scenes but they won’t be excessively graphic.


@Sarahstuber maybe you’re using the term erotica to mean sexual scenes? Apple has long been the limiting factor on what authors can publish. However, they have been loosening their restrictions lately. Heart of the House has sexual themes but they do not classify as Erotica. The scenes are sort of fade-to-black. Magician’s Burden is more than that but still not erotica.

FYI, I am currently coding a smutty erotica for Heart’s Choice, so you can tell I have no problem with mature themes. :slight_smile:


Would we be able to put this back in the Young Adult section if I just changed the word “erotica” to “sexual content” instead? Maybe erotica has a stronger connotation but what I’m planning won’t be any more mature than the content those two games have.

Sorry if it seems like I’m trying to cause trouble. :worried:


No trouble. I’ll try to get clarification from The Powers That Be.



So, since this is my first story, I really underestimated how much work writing was. :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face: I was feeling very inspired, and I had all night to write the other day, so I figured I could crank out 10k words if I just focused and worked hard. Yeahhh, nope.

So far I’ve got about 5k for Chapter 1, and I’ll probably go at a steady pace of 1k per day. So you can expect to see the next update in around 10 days. :sweat_smile:

Any verdict since TNN won’t contain erotica and the demo doesn’t have any mature content?


I suppose if it doesn’t get moved that just means you can go all in on the mature elements.