The Mystery of Lagina (WIP)

In order to upgrade your career, you bought a ticket for flight to USA. Everything took a dark turn when your plane crashed because of damaged propeller. You and the other survivors crashed into a strange and small town named Lagina which you have never heard of.

Then, you find out nothing is safe in Lagina.

Demo (40%)

  • You can choose your profession.
  • You can choose your gender.
  • You can choose your sexuality.
  • You can be the leader of group or go solo.

I was inspired by LOST, but this game has very different story. :slight_smile:


Sounds like what I am about to do in a month hahaha. Anyway, this is a great premise, sounds a little like lord of the flies/ castaway, which are great stories as well!

Excited to see your demo :slight_smile:


Have a nice flight! :slight_smile:

reads title

Whoa, ok!

reads description

Wait, what does any of this have to do with… Uhhh, Lagina.


As long as it has a better ending then Lost I’m all for it.


Well, there are several endings. Let’s see which one you will get :slight_smile:


Umm… Is there anything wrong? I didn’t get what you meant. :smiley:

Lagina is easily misread as a different English word starting with V.

If that wasn’t a connection you were intending to make, it might be worth thinking of a different name for your strange small place where nothing is safe. Otherwise, more readers might be distracted.


I happen to have the brain of a 12 year old.

Oh please… :smiley:

Awfully close that title there… I swear I had to do a double take… like a triple take.

Nothing? Nothing is safe here? For sure, for sure.
OK, nothing is safe in Lagina.

Woah, almost forgot to “fix” my autocorrect!

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Ooo dang… Im a sucker for LOST count me interested.

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Guys, stop that. :smiley: Forget about THAT word. Lagina is a surname. And I used it for the place. Yeah, it looks like something else, but focus on game, not the title. I won’t change title nor the name of place.

And, I’m so glad my last name is not Lagina. Everyone would make fun of me :slight_smile: That would be very disrespectful.


C’mon, how pervert you are you see Vagina instead of Lagina.


Don’t call them pervert. Yeah, I made a little strange name choice, I don’t blame them :slight_smile: But I won’t change it.


While I was not a fan of Lost, this game sounds very interesting and I cannot wait for the demo! :slight_smile:

Can we have romance and is a bit like lost

Thanks a lot as I never made the connection until you spelled it out lol.

I can’t wait this looks like this is going to be so much fun but how will I know when you’re done. or how will I read it