The Mystery of Doctor


I am so confused, and curious, who is Doctor?

He is always around, hiding in the shadows…
No one ever seen him, but he could always see us…
Whenever you start a WIP thread, he will always come…

To give you his medical opinion!

Who is Doctor?!


He is somekind of time traveler, robot human doctor and probably much more things.

But do you really have to make a thread about this? Like why isn’t there one about me? Nah, just kidding, but really, do you have to make this thread


I am seriously confused…


Really CONFUSED :-?


Doctor Doctor, Gimme the news


as you can see i opened this thread because i wanted to know a little more about you.
whenever you give feedback to people, you say: " that’s just my medical opinion. "
I’ts just so officially, i find it a bit confusing…


Well it all started back in 1889 bc…
I bet you’re a reporter aren’t you?


What if Vlad433 is the doctor? Only pretending not to be because us mortals are not asking the right questions.


Us mortals? I’m not a mortal… Pfff noob


Oh everytime same sarcarsm, seriously doctor are you a user with a lot of personality or are you from the administration?


1889 bc
Those were good times. I remeber the Astronomical Society of Pacific holding the first 1st SF convention.




@Vlad433 the Doc wanished into the shadows after all he is one with them the shadows. :-))


I am not from the administration…
The shadows are warm and comforting


oh i understand now, and if your not in the shadows wet Doctor why don’t make a game yourself? i’m not sure but i get the feeling you don’t want to be questioned further


I made a “Game” on LordIrish’s RP website, but that’s enough for me…


Doctor Who?


Nobody knows that’s the mystery…


It could be Lordirish…


Haha! I am amused by everything in here.