The Mysteries of Baroque -- BETA TESTERS NEEDED

In the city of Baroque, you are raised from the dead by a scientist intent on discovering the secrets of life and death. You play a revenant: an aristocrat mutilated and murdered by cultists in a dark ritual, then brought back to life by a mad scientist dabbling in forbidden secrets. But the electric energy coursing through your veins will only last so long. You soon find friends in an abandoned theater, and dig deep into the mysteries of your murder.

Email me, jason AT choiceofgames for access. DO NOT SEND ME A MESSAGE THROUGH THE FORUM MAIL SYSTEM. When you send your EMAIL, include your forumname, your real name, and the game you want to test.

(You cannot be testing two games at once. Send feedback on one and you can apply to another.)

I will send you a link, a username, and a password.

Return feedback TO ME. Preferably part of the same thread, rather than a new email.

I’m looking for “high level” and “low level” feedback. Not mid-level feedback.

Low-level = typos and continuity errors. A continuity error is when a character’s gender flips, or someone comes back from the dead, or you run into a plotline that just doesn’t make sense (because it’s probably a coding error).

For these low-level issues, SCREENSHOTS are VERY HELPFUL. If you see a problem, take a screenshot, or copy and paste the text that is in error, and email that. Also, the “BUG” button is great; but if you use BUG, make sure to say in your email who you are, so I can give you credit for the report.

“High level” feedback has to do with things like plot, pacing, and characters. “Scene A didn’t work for me because x, y, and z,” is useful feedback. “B character was entirely unsympathetic, because u, w, and v,” is also useful feedback.

“Mid-level” feedback describes things like grammar, style, or the use of commas. As I said above, I do not want mid-level feedback. In particular, DO NOT WRITE TO ME ABOUT COMMAS.

“I had a great time and saw only a few spelling errors,” is not useful feedback. In fact, it’s the sort of thing that results in you not being given access to future betas.

Some examples of useful feedback:

In Choice of the Dragon, you get to choose what type of wings you have: leather or scaled. Someone wrote in and asked about having feathered wings. Great suggestion! Done!

In “The Eagle’s Heir,” someone asked about Eugenie. They said that the romance moved too quickly–because she only appeared in the last third of the game–and wished they could have had an opportunity to meet her earlier. So the authors added an opportunity to meet her and start the romance earlier in the game (in a scene that already existed).

In “Demon Mark: A Russian Saga” several people commented on how the PC’s parents were unsympathetic, so the authors added a choice or two to deepen the relationship with the parents in the first chapter, to help better establish their characters.

Similarly, pointing out a specific choice and saying, “this is who I imagined my character was at this particular moment, and none of these options seemed right for me. I would have liked an option to do X instead,” is really helpful feedback.

Another useful piece of feedback: if you choose an #option and then the results of that #option don’t make sense. Like, if you thought an #option might test one stat, but it seems to have tested a different one.


Sounds fun. Looking forward to testing this.

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Overall idea of the game seems promising can’t wait to beta test

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New draft posted!

  • Fixed the Lord Thallo pronoun bug in Chapter 7
  • Fixed a bug in Chapter 4 which got a Doctor MC beaten up even after passing a check
  • Changed some dialogue in Chapter 1 to make it clear that the mob leader’s name is Wagner
  • Fixed a typo with the Engineering background in Chapter 1
  • Fixed a typo in the Lord Thallo confrontation in Chapter 7
  • Changed one of Holofernes’ lines of dialogue in Chapter 4 to clarify her meaning
  • Fixed a bug in which the game would state that Chloe was dead in Chapter 8 even if she’d been brought back to life
  • Added more possible rationales to the choice between Nicholas and Rochus in Chapter 4
  • Added an option (behind a Compassion check) to forgive Vincent
  • Made all basic stats checks easier
  • Clarified an option in Chapter 3 regarding the Devil’s Lantern investigation
  • Fixed a bug with the Mona storyline in Chapter 8
  • Put in more references to the claws augmentation and options involving them

Thanks for the Beta. I shall get started right away.

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New draft posted!

  • New scene added to Chapter 2 in which Chloe, Julian, and Mr. Merritt interact. Options hidden behind a Hedonist/Austerity check give the MC the opportunity to earn relationship points with either Chloe or Julian.
  • Fixed many a typo throughout the entire game
  • Angry response to MC’s own death now possible in Chapter 1
  • Edited the options for escaping Castle Barrow in Chapter 1, to make it clear that this is actually a second opportunity to get a stats boost rather than an actual stats check
  • A more neutral response to the coffee question in Chapter 3 is now possible
  • Changed the wording of Chapter 3’s Asylum-infiltration options to improve intentionality
  • Changed the Mona storyline in Chapter 3 somewhat to make her more suspicious if the MC lies to her
  • Made the ‘infiltrating Darvulia House’ checks in Chapter 4 a little harder
  • Made the investigation check in Oubliette in Chapter 4 a little harder
  • Made carrying out the Sin Eater ritual in Oubliette in Chapter 4 easier
  • Made carrying out the ritual to maim Vincent in Oubliette in Chapter 4 easier
  • Tweaked the information on Kadavergehorsam in Chapter 5 to give them a little more nuance and complexity
  • Made almost all of the checks in Chapter 5 a little harder
  • Made the ability check in Chapter 6 a little harder
  • Made the Plague Doctor check in Chapter 6 rather harder
  • Changed the options outside Mocata House so that players who gained Carmilla as an ally will always have the option of asking for her help
  • Added some new stuff to Chapters 7 and 8 so that there are now several different ways to defeat Succoth-Benoth, depending on the path the player takes and their abilities, and also tried to make the confrontation a bit more exciting and climactic.
  • Added a new option to the dialogue with Lucy in Chapter 4
  • There’s now a new augmentation: an internal drug pump that will boost your Performance but keep you constantly high (ie, Sanity penalty)
  • Made some changes to the Julian romance storyline in Chapter 6 so there’s a bit more to it
  • Changed the Holofernes romance storyline in Chapter 6 so Holofernes now takes more of the initiative
  • Many more references to MC’s career and augmentation

Fun facts about the origin of the term Kadavergehorsam. (Kadavergehorsam)


Huh, so it is an actual word. Whaddaya know (must have googled something wrong then). (It still sounds off to modern ears imho)
off to testing

New draft posted!

  • Changed the check to talk down the rioters in Chapter 8 from an Insight check to a Performance check

  • Changed the Rochus storyline in Chapter 8 so that failure doesn’t automatically result in Rochus’s death and the People’s Republic ending

  • Rewrote the ‘bring the inmates to outward sanity’ option in Chapter 3 to make it clearer that this is quite a horrible thing to do

  • Fixed a typo in the séance scene in Chapter 7

  • Changed the Monsalvat Palace storyline in Chapter 8 so that the MC’s choices make more of a practical difference to the outcome

  • Introduced some more career-specific stuff to the game generally

  • Fixed some typos and continuity errors

  • Fixed a bug with the Crimson Death check in Chapter 6

  • Fixed a bug with the Succoth-Benoth confrontation in Chapter 8

  • Added some more text to the game’s epilogue

  • Changed the Performance option for taking on Succoth-Benoth at the end. The MC now has a choice between imagining a piece of music, a painting, or a play as a way of fighting Succoth-Benoth.

  • Added a new line to Chapter 1, quickly describing/defining the Labyrinth