The meaning of life?


So when I was younger I realized something, I realized what the meaning to life was. If you remove all of the characteristics of a human, or any other species, all that’s left is the need for food, drink, and reproduction. (ADULT ONLY POINT) When a male is dying their body behaves to the last need, they all of a sudden have a need to reproduce and they get an erection until death, the same thing happens when you awake from sleep, as your body notices your inactivity and thinks you are dying and so it reacts accordingly. (ADULT ONLY POINT END) The point of reproduction is to continue your species so it will last as long as possible, and also to pass on YOUR genes so that hopefully your genes will become dominant and you will become an ancestor to all humans, therefore making your life important. What do you guys (and gals) think is the meaning of life?


Though this has some sense to it, it’s clearly just from a very basic evolutionary standpoint. I think the meaning of life should be to, in your own way, increase knowledge, pleasure and comfort for you and others to make the world a better place.


I am the meaning of life


to spread love and peace



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The meaning of life to be is to find a goal, else your lif would be useless, the meaning of life is also to understand what life is (Knowledge) (i don`t even think i spelled that right :p)


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This question has been asked so many times that there are probably as many answers. Among my favorites are:

1: there is no meaning to life, life was created just by accident and thus has no reason to exist.

2: to engage in scientific and cultural advancement.

3: so that the natural world can be observed, for what beauty does the sunset hold if there is no-one to behold it?

4: to evolve.

5: to participate in some as of yet unrealized grand design.

These of course exclude most of the religious or mythical explanations why humans attained life.


Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat?


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“If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do.” -Angel
Positive nihilism.


I don’t see why you guys think life, by itself, has a purpose.

Life was made from a series of chemicals that suddenly gained the ability to keep replicating themselves. We are still a part of those chemicals, the only difference being we got a lot more complex.

We have no purpose whatsoever, but while we are here, we can pretty much do whatever we want. I could MAKE my purpose in life to help the needy, to write more bestsellers than Shakespeare, worship a god, or dress up like a rubber chicken and kill all non-vegans.

If life has a purpose, then its purpose is to be abused by us for whatever we want to do. Life itself has no purpose; we create the purpose for life.


Maslow’s hiearchy of needs addresses this subject. Any human whose primary concerns are food, water and sex is operating at a fairly primitive level because those “needs” aren’t being sufficiently met, ie. simple survival is a struggle. Once those needs are reliably met, humans tend to focus on higher level needs.

I wouldn’t equate human desires with the purpose of life however. Without a survival instinct a species would quickly go extinct.


Life has no meaning, it’s as simple as that. You’re here, you exist, you’re gonna survive (or not), you’re gonna reproduce (or not) and one day you’ll be gone. End of story.

That, however, does not mean that people can’t find their very own purpose in this life.

Universal meaning of life and personal meaning of life are two very different things, I think.


Some of you do not understand the question, and others are just making witty comments that are irrelevant, (But still funny :P) The real question has nothing to do with humans, and yet it has everything to do with them. The real question being asked is as follows: What is the meaning of life for ALL forms of life? my opinion still stands as it can be applied to the lowest of life forms, for example cells reproduce, as well as consume other matter to stay alive, which, in turn, is for them to continue to reproduce. The question pertains to humans as we are a life form, and yet we are only a very small portion of them. Since we have evolved to “need” more than reproduction and food and drink, we think of life as meaning more, but the fact remains that A: We are not the Smartest beings in the world (ie dolphins) and B: other life forms don’t need the things we “need” like to have a roof over our heads. Of all life forms the 2 actual needs are sustenance and repopulation. Does that make them the meaning to life? Maybe, maybe not. Discuss.


Eating and breeding aren’t enough to get most people through the day. We want our lives to have more meaning than that of a bacterium. So whether or not we consider that lowest common denominator to be a “meaning” at all, most people want more.