The Marked (WIP)

Well…umm…I took that as my first instinct. Maybe add something to do on the farm or talk with dad on that path? :sweat_smile: :thinking:

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I would also like to add that I got the fire affinity with a Control MC by picking the charismatic personality type, but if fire affinities are emotional then I don’t see why I should have gotten it.

Alright, I can do something similar for the eye colors. And it isn’t just you! I’ve had a few comments about it. Thank you for the feedback!

The second to last option is the light Affinity.

Yes, the MC is unable to be a prodigy for story purposes, I’m sorry!

Each personality automatically unlocks one Affinity option and then the emotion/control, virtuous/wicked, deceitful/genuine stats open additional ones. For charming personalities it unlocks fire by default. I could edit that and make Affinities based strictly on stats, but that means less choices. If you feel a specific option doesn’t fit, but are given another one that does, then you’re free to choose the best one for your MC.


sorry for the questions but i ended up choosing the light affinity and it says that they heal and have precognition if i remember correctly, are there any offensive abilities someone with light affinity can do?

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Aww…as that is what my mc himself suspected he may be, if he is indeed anything besides an ordinary peasant kid. Besides if he was one of the other two, shouldn’t he have manifested his superpowers by now? At least a prodigy could keep themselves or be kept hidden due to the likely fuzzy boundaries between them and “normal” geniuses.
Of course I don’t know what the typical age for manifesting powers is, but I suspect it is way earlier than 17.
I suppose the mc is just an ordinary genius or at least way above average intelligence to be competing almost level with people who have been attending schools since they were little kids when he started far, far later.


I wanted to mention how impressed I was with the opening graphic - my lack of tech savvy / graphic design know-how always leaves me so excited when I open stories that start with eye-catching visual such as this! I, personally, adore having the affinities ties to our personality. (It reminds me of Fatehaven and how much fun I had creating different characters and navigating different choices to experiment with every magic type. :grin:)

I ended the demo with four affinities available to me: Fire, Ice, Air, and Light. I immediately went for light, but the resulting change in my stats page / the text of the choice had me wondering if this would be a problematic decision for my emotional MC? Would this make wielding the affinity more challenging in the narrative, or would I be good to go with light and overflowing emotions?


Don’t be sorry! I’m having fun answering questions and a lot of the points people are bringing are really making me think about my story (so it’s very helpful!) Honestly, I’ve been debating this for a bit. I feel that if I restricted light Affinities from having offensive abilities it would hinder them and make them more reliant on others which probably wouldn’t be too fun to play. So, I’m leaning more towards them being able to use their essence offensively. Since they push their essence into others when healing (kind of like how dark Affinities draw the essence of others into themselves), I’m thinking that could be used in a more ahh aggressive manner?

Yes, there’s a reason the MC has yet to awaken!:grin:

Though the MC may not be on a prodigy’s level, they can still be smart if they took well to their studies (which occurs if you chose the “read” activity). I didn’t want to restrict the MCs too much!

Aw thank you so much! I was really excited about that and I tried my best with it lol.

There will be variances in the text depending on whether the MC is emotional or controlled when wielding their Affinity and things may not always pan out the way you’ve planned, but I won’t punish the MC for it.


it seems like people with light affinities are more suited as a support or possibly a defender, if light affinities can channel their essence into a shield of some sort

i was originally thinking the typical light solarbeam used a lot with light wielders in stories but since light and dark powers here dont necessarily mean they wield actual light or darkness, so that’s out of the question. im stumped and all im thinking about is runes.

i would say though that the flavor texts for the different personalities of the mcs are immaculate and is so fun to re-read and choose a different option. i cant wait how that would affect with comes to romance :smirk:

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So they couldn’t have the benefits of an earlier manifestation, like more years of education?
But can have all the drawbacks or duties while having enjoyed none of the normal marked privileges?
To be honest I suspect that too late manifestation will come at the most inconvenient time and in a way that can’t be hidden or else my mc would simply lie, keep it hidden and carry on like he always has.

Since it seems plot mandated that he cannot he will probably really hate his lame, late powers whatever they may be.

But, on average, it seems to trend towards younger ages, at least that is the strong impression I get. Else why bother setting up an education system for marked that tends to begin in early childhood? “Normal” late manifesters are probably early teens like 11-13, not almost adults at 17, like our mc.

Sure the mc would still have been indigent, whereas the main privilege of most marked seems to be generations of hoarded, aka generational wealth, but what we seem to have missed out on is many more years of subsidised education.

And embarrassing, yeah, that was my guess as well. Otherwise my mc would just lie and ignore the whole thing.

@idonotlikeusernames ya know I think that just might be the case the awakening coming at a time that it’s very public. As far as duties and privileges part that’s all a matter of perspective I think and what little I can infer from what seen in the demo… Well I think it varys from person to person and when they awakened.

@Peonyb speaking of if the registry in the temple is suppost to have all the marked listed…then why doesn’t it have all the ones we know of listed? Lol I’m curious and got to thinking about the ones not mentioned. Yet I’ve thought of something and I suspect others have as well but it might be spoilerly to even ask pet alone have you give a answer too publicly…and it concerns our character.

That’s what I originally wanted for light Affinities, but I don’t know if anyone would enjoy playing that way!

Oh I’m so glad you like it! I really wanted each personality to feel different in how they interact with others so I’m happy that’s showing.

I think maybe I haven’t elaborated enough in the text, so that’ll be something for me to work on, but the only benefit Marked are given (outside of shown favoritism by the crown), as a whole, is attendance to the Golden Academy in the Capital for learning and formal training when they become 18. Overall, the government supports education for all Navaarians (though some local governments don’t care too much for it) and funds it where possible. The current academy that the MC is attending is just one of those funded schools.

Ah, could I have missed someone on accident? The only one who I know that isn’t in it is the Guardian from the market, but he isn’t local. But I could be blanking out! Which one is missing? Unless you mean missing from the selectable list (which I should probably add to lol) rather than the graphic.

This is only the case for multigenerational Marked nobility who use their stature to continue marrying into other powerful families (the more generations, the more influence. Even second generation Marked have some prestige). Well known, these families are usually given positions of power within government rather than required to serve in other “lesser” ways such as teaching, security, etc.


Aka, the mc has zero and would probably have been better off keeping their curse to themselves.

Yep, my antisocial mc really would have been better off just inheriting the little farm I see he’d be a shit teacher and an even shittier soldier due to not being inclined to bow to every whim of so called superiors.

All who can pay high fees that is. Unless the kind of poverty the mc’s family has is somehow exceptional, but since you mentioned Tudor time period it doesn’t appear to be.

And the school. The mc always seems to be treated as if they were the instigator and bully if they go up against the known marked brat. :unamused:

Haha, yes. There are many Marked who are dissatisfied with the occupations they’ve been given and it isn’t all fairly assigned.

The few who live on the outskirts of town are small farmers. But the townspeople of Braum are mostly merchants, shop owners, etc. The fees are high for MC’s family who only really make enough to sustain themselves.

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@Peonyb lol bare in mind would half to play again to be absolutely certain but the guardian the one who is baron? Basically the current ruler of the town. I don’t think he is on it…hmm and possibly the silent lady that was with him when he was having the argument with the one mage teacher. That is if she is even one to begin with lol though we haven’t heard her name yet I think…though I suspect we’re going to learn it and more about her very soon since she is a guardian as well correct? Though not local I imagine also in regards to light affinity as a support type character I would still play it exspecially if done well lol

If memory serves I think there is what ona’s dad correct as another? Because he is a teacher as well? Lol like mentioned before will half to play again to know for sure cause it seems like the blacksmith two teachers and the three ROs our listed but no one else.

Also to the whole mc poverty but yeah I see that not as a fault of the whole nation but the way there area is ruled more then anything else and we’ll also are smarts come from our choices so variation can exist.

Oh, Hemdall! I’m struggling to add an image lol, but he’s on the left, right below Dani Pyrus who is the woman he was with.

I think, maybe I’ll give the option to choose between playing more support-like or offensively. I can see it being an issue for more passive MCs, but I also want to give people the ability to do more if they’d like to. Thank you for bring this up, I hadn’t really considered it before.

Onas’s dad is there as well (Victus Venali)! He isn’t a professor, but I’ll give more information on him in upcoming updates!

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I saw if you have light affinity you can idk see the future/precognitive. Can it be use in a fight?
If it can, I think you can use Sakunosuke Oda from Bungou Stray Dogs as a reference considering he have similar ability.

I also think if there’s time where the MC meet a light affinity enemy while having the same affinity, it would be interesting to see a battle between them. Just standing seeing/reading each other future lol like how Oda vs Gide.

Btw , why did when that scene where MC is thinking wether to ask his parents if they have a secret , I always get the “outright ask them” even though my character is Deceit, Control and Virtuos and his personality is Diplomatic?


Apparently because the other options have not been written. I am waiting axiously for the day when my mc isn’t forced to confront his parents solely based on the word of an idiot fancy schoolboy either. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes, that was what the spoiled mage brat schoolboy was making the fuss about in the first place, right?
Still whatever he gets it probably won’t be half as shitty as where they dump the mc.

Well I guess mc can look forward to effectively unpaid (“room and board” of bad food in a leaking drafty shanty, so slightly worse than if they had just stayed at the farm) “assignments” as cannon fodder then. :worried:

i mean my mc is fine being a support but i do see the dilemma of when he is alone and is faced with a mage. i think the light affinity wielders are better off to become a guardian but guardians kinda suck in this world ngl

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was rereading and saw this

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I haven’t heard of Bungou Stray Dogs so I had to look it up! I read that he could see 5-6 seconds ahead (which actually sounds pretty cool and I’d like to see how it was implemented), but for light Affinities, I viewed their ability more like visions of a semi-distant future. But that isn’t to say they couldn’t have had an earlier vision of a particular fight, which I think could be fun lol.

Yes, I haven’t finished writing those options yet, that is the only reason they are not selectable. It doesn’t have anything to do with your stats. I’m sorry about that!

Haha yeah, I don’t know, but you referring to Leon as an “idiot fancy schoolboy” and Onas as a “spoiled mage brat schoolboy” is so funny to me lol.

@yb_minhee Thank you for the SS! I missed that completely.