The Marked (WIP)

I’m wondering, what exactly affects which affinities you can choose? I was hoping that could be made more evident perhaps. If anything maybe put a little info dump on the affinities in the stats page and include hints on how to get them?


But the mc is just a normal peasant, eh? What do they need a fancy affinity for? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which leads me to my one point of feedback my introverted mc is not going to take the word of some idiot fancy schoolboy over his own loving parents without proof and therefore would feel no need to confront his parents.

And besides given the fact that the mc can compete on an even playing field with his classmates who have been attending schools since they were like five years old, while the mc started only months ago, that makes my mc himself suspect that if he is anything out of the ordinary it must be a prodigy. Fortunately that one seems easier to hide than the others as I suspect the borderline between “normal” geniuses and prodigies is likely a bit fuzzy at the best of times.

One last thing, what is this world’s tech level, because the formal school setting with those uniforms makes me suspect at least early modern/ Napoleonic equivalent?

Lol I actually have in one idea that the MC isn’t normal peasant but we need to see more. yeah for that impression i got in part but as think about it were probally closer to a medieval setting at least in the home town area yet how far from one to the other kinda on the fence on since there is a huge gap of time so yeah another reason. I want to see more plus.
@Peonyb I get this feeling I’m missing some references or at the very least has inspiration from something is this something you can speak on or would it lead into spoiler grounds?

Your options are determined by your personality choice and nature stats (deceitful/genuine, emotion/control, wicked/virtuous). I’ve chosen to show this through the MC’s interactions with/observations of the Marked in town rather than make it more overt. I want to encourage people to play true to their MC rather than try to get specific Affinities.

The other options are only made non-selectable because I haven’t finished writing them. But, no matter which personality your MC has, they will always be given multiple options in approaching situations. The text will always be flavored according to their personality though and the characters may react differently depending on their relationship/perception of the MC.

I view it almost as if the Tudor period was made fantastical and advanced by magical technology. I know that must sound strange!

I wish I could say! Honestly, I believe it is a combination of different sci-if and fantasy themes I’ve enjoyed over time!


Well that does complicate men’s fashion and I have no idea what a tudor school uniform would even be like as fancy clothes for guys in that period tended to be really fancy and peasant garb, by comparison really drab.
Moreover as far as I know school uniforms only really came in vogue with the first mass produced garments in the early modern age, or maybe magitech takes care of that here?

Agreed. Right now I am leaning towards mostly normal peasant though but maybe one with a rich relative, as I was thinking maybe one of his mother’s or father’s siblings managed to marry into money or strike it rich as a merchant or something and maybe that aunt or uncle is where his parents are getting the money for the fancy school from? :thinking:
Either that or the mc is an illegitimate bastard, which would probably make it that only one of his parents is a biological parent and in that case they would be getting the money for his education from their former lover.

Anyway my mc would vastly prefer option 1, as it would be nice to not have to hate a rich parent this time around.

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I love that you know so much about this! I’ll admit that when I say Tudor, I’m mostly thinking of it visually (with some other similarities!). The in-game world is very different and so it doesn’t follow the same rules/histories that we are familiar with.


The choices limited by personality are too limited in my opinion.

First runthrough I was limited to water or force.

Second runthrough again limited to two choices, fire or using the destiny potion I could afford on a strength/guardian run.

I would be one thing if the choices were intuitive, but as it is now I’d be randomly choosing options until the game would give me air or whatever, and that’s not a recipe for fun.


I deliberately made the Affinity options dependent on specific stats/personalities (which can be mix matched) because Affinities are representative of a Mark’s true nature. I didn’t feel it would make much sense for a controlled, broody MC to have an Affinity like fire, which represents those who are expressive and open, you know?


I made some minor additions to the stats to increase the chances of gaining more options for the Affinities. I hope it helps without unbalancing anything (if it does just let me know and i’ll reduce it).


But the game tells us that fire affinity people are emotional.

Brooders are emotional people. Brooding is a sign of unhappiness, anger and sadness are most definitely emotions. Brooding and moody can in fact be used as synonyms. “He’s brooding over there because he’s in one of his moods again.”

Did you get broody and stoic confused?

So even after talking to the priestess in game this is how I figured out why it was my second playthrough that had access to fire.

After drilling the priestess about the elemental affinities I think I know how to get a grand total of two of them.

And since talking to the priestess is optional, this game is too coy by half. I’ve found the in-game hints quite insufficient.

You have the start of an interesting story here. And I want to see how playing an air mage is a different experience than a dark guardian later on.

Not enough to play “guess what was the author thinking?” though. Not the least bit interested in that.


You can be a broody MC and still get the fire Affinity via the emotion stat. I was giving an example of a “control” broody MC.

I’m sorry, I’m not really sure what to say to this comment.


@Peonyb caught a typo in the stats screen in the status section you have Leaning Should be Learning. Beyond that nothing to noticable typo wise at least so far as what I’ve come across.

@stsword I got something to say towards your critic of the current demo while I get where your coming from at least my understanding of it. I would like to point out the author is still in the process of writing the story and the the current greyed out paths. When they finish it will likely alleviate some of your concerns I’m sure. :smiley:

As a observer your critic is coming across rather aggressive and strong intended or not at least in my opinion.

I am not saying to change it or anything and the like but I felt compelled to point it out.

Hope you and everyone else is doing well and now away back to work I go.


i enjoyed what you have here. although im pretty sure it’s just me. the wording for the hair/eyes color is a little hard to understand. other than that, i like your system of relating our abilities with our personality. glad i decided to comeback to properly read this


While I can see where stsword is coming from–from the angle of controlled testing for continuity errors, or misnamed attributes–I rather like that the affinities are limited to set personality types. There’s some wiggle room for choice, which is plenty considering the planning that must have been put toward replay value.

It’s interesting to note the choice of being able to go straight home, rather than exploring shouldn’t probably be available, though; I can’t tell if there was any benefit to doing that at all. Beyond role-playing that my MC who would prefer to avoid the town because of being both shy, and inherently antisocial, as well as wanting to be home early enough to provide some help on the farm… beyond these specific traits, there doesn’t seem to be an appreciable value to doing so. If there were more formative personality points to be had in town, but not by avoiding it, then that is an unequal path to take. :thinking:

It’s not really a complaint–because world-building, and lore > personal preferences–but it’s too bad healing powers are locked behind piety, rather than innate kindness, or a desire to support someone. Once more of the opening choices open up, I look forward to seeing what I can come up with, build-wise. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you for the catch!

Is it the color descriptions themselves or the way the options are displayed? I don’t want to make it difficult for anyone!

This is a really good point and likely the route of the problem. I wanted to allow people to play however they want, whether it’s beneficial or not, but for some situations I may need to remove that option.

It’s not!:grin: The light Affinity is based on kindness and good deeds and you can obtain it through choices rather than piety. Piety is just another way to access a lower level of it.


@Peonyb I suspect it’s the color descriptions lol it’s very rare to see such at least in my experience for games and games in wip format.


@Valixon Ahh I guess I got a bit carried away lol, I’ll add it to my list of changes to make. Thank you!

@Peonyb lol no worries

its the color descriptions. at first glance when you dont select it, its very confusing considering its not a common word to use for the color. for hair i think saffron is the only one that’s confusing. while eyes are a different story.

i know they are just the usual grey, black, blue etc but the uncommon use of words to represent it throws me off. i choose quartz for this one and i looked up what color quartz is and its either purple or white or maybe even grey considering the internet showed me different types.

i do enjoy how you describe them since its i think pleasant to the eyes but i have never seen half of what the color of these words look like. i mean it looks like im the only one having trouble, i think ill be fine with going back a save. i think describing them like how the hair was described after you’ve chosen them helped with establishing what color/shade it is

ps. while its sad that i wont be able to get the dark affinity since it doesnt aline with my personality, i like ur system of that. a question though, which affinity is the second to the last option talking about?


@Peonyb had a question because I’m curious lol I know how we have the choice to be guardian mage… the question is this can we be a prodigy or are we locked to the other two for story purposes?