The Magicless (Wip: Small update Tuesday 20 August 2019)

Asking the real questions. :rofl:


Well, what can I say? I don’t really want to take away the pleasure of discovering what I’m preparing for you, but well… If you base yourself on the part of the prophecy where I said, “It will bring chaos, desolation and sadness to the divine ground.” Know that the prophecy is not entirely true. It’s just another scheme by peoples to cover a bigger plot that treathen the whole world. So there will be not mass slaughters well not one you will commit. About the themes, i don’t really know what to say about that so sorry! XD Lastly the contents? Hmm…There will be wars, romance, lies, knife in the back, revenge…etc and maybe other that i don’t know of yet. I’m not really the planer XD

My dreams of completely unnecessary violence are left for another day.

But alright sounds good, Political Intrigue Drama Romance.


The demo is pretty short, but I’m interested with how the story going so far :slightly_smiling_face:

As for your question in the game:

How relevant is this man to MC? If not too much, I think you should pre-determined it. Even if he very much involved in MC’s life, I don’t think it’s necessary to have choices to determine a NPC nature. I’d be satisfied enough with only determining MC’s choices in the game :+1:

Will be looking forward for the update!

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OK thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:



This game bring good feeling it at has feel of anime movie called broken blade

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Do we get to be evil at least? Not randomly slaughtering people but at least killing a few?

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I wanna commit regicide.

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Well you will be able to kill in the wars that mean the military people but not the innocent one.

Never heard of that anime. I will Take a look at it thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t wanna spoil but maybe, maybe not XD You will see :grin:

Hello, friends. I was reading the readers’ comments on the play store and I saw that many were asking for French translations. I thought all night about a way to include two parts (French and English) in this book. I found one more or less easy to do and I wanted to do it but first I wanted to know your opinions on it. I have already read the rules of Choice of games and I have not found any that were explicitly against this idea. The only one I found is the one that says that for the moment they are not in a position to publish a book in another language but since I myself will include a choice allowing readers to switch between French or English then I don’t think there would be a problem with that.
If it turn out to be hard to do then i will give priority to the english part wich i will write first and then focus on the french one. Hopefully, i will finish it one day and move on to publish it if not then i will only write the english part. Let me know your toughts about that. Have a good day :slight_smile:

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More languages can be good in a sense but it can also be a can of worms all by itself. The moment you decide to add one, everyone and their nanny is going to ask for theirs to be included… and there are a lot of them, this not to mention the most commonly spoken ones worldwide.

What I mean is, translation projects are entirely possible but they are a huge undertaking and kind of expensive if you decide to hire someone to do it professionally. Each one implies re-writing the entire game from scratch, minus the code. There’s a reason why CoC decided to avoid that altogether - sometimes the amount of people that hinge their purchases on a game having their language or not aren’t that common or enough to cover the costs the whole thing requires to make it accessible to them. This is especially true for niche games, where sales can’t even compete with AAA and their budgets.

Besides, most people nowadays learn English in school (kind of mandatory actually, especially in europe) so having it translated in their language is more of a fan-service thing than a necessity.

EDIT: Before someone asks, no, I’m not an english native-speaker myself either. :wink:


The baby part the pic won’t show for some reason

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Actually it’s where the démo end at the moment. I’m still writing the next update. I will publish tomorrow or today.


From the summary I’m getting a sense of rakudai kishi no eiyuutan where the main character is from a family of great mage knights but was born with little to know magic power. It’s a good read I recommend.

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Hello, friends. So I’m sorry if I couldn’t post the new update. I’m traveling in my home village right now and I didn’t bring my computer with me. I’ll update it as soon as I get back on Monday. Goodbye, everyone.:kissing_heart:


is it updated


B-TOOM just said in the comment above yours that they couldn’t update the game because they are traveling…

Just for future reference, you may want to add a date to the title every time you update the game. This will help people know when was the last time the game received new content.


Not yet sorry XD I’m travelling with my father and he said we will get back tomorrow (Tuesday) so i will not be able to update it today too. Sorry I’m just postponing the update date, know that I really want to do it but I can’t change my father’s mind XD. But i will do it tomorrow, that’s a promise.


Hello, friends. It’s just a small update. I didn’t wanted to break my promise so here it isXD. I hope you’ll like it. :slight_smile: I will update again as soon as i have got much more for you. Have a good day.